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Computer Science Mcqs for PSC Exams

Computer Science Mcqs For PSC Exams


(1).object (also called_____) is a common data type that includes photograph, audio, vedio, or a document in other applications.

(a) Number (b) BLOB (c) Integer (d) binary (e) none of these


2. in database, a(n) ____ field is a group of related fields.

(a) Table (b) Key (c) Record (d) Primery field (e) Non of these


3. In a database, a(n) ____ field is a field that uniquely identifies each record in a file.

(a) Main (b) Identifying (c) Master (d) Key (e) none of these


4. If a lowest annual fee at a discount wherehouse is Rs.2025 and the highest is Rs.5550, a(n)______ on annual fee field ensure it is a value between Rs.2025 and Rs.5550.

(a) Range Check (b) compelteness check (c) consistency Check (d) alphabetic/numeric check (e) none of these


5. A DBMS uses the _____ to perform validation checks.

(a) Data Server (b) data smart (c) data wherehouse (d) data dictionary (e) none of these


6. _______ is a network technology that defines how messages are routed from one end of a network to other, ensuring the datat arrives correctly by dividing it into packets.

(a) HTML (b) XML (c) HTTP (d) TCP/IP (e) none of these


7. When a computer sends data over the internet, the data is divided into small pieces , or _______

(a) Bundles (b) packets (c) slices (d) baskets (e) none of these


8. The amount of data, instructions and information that can travel over a communication channel somtimes is called _______

(a) broadband (b) baseband (c) latency (d) bandwidth (e) none of these


9. fiber optic cables have all of the following advantages over cables that used wire except _______

(a) lower costs & easier installation and modification

(b) Faster data transmission & smaller size

(c) Less susceptible to noise from other divices

(d) Better security for signals during transmission

(e) none of these


10. A_____ is a network that connects compter and divices in a limited geographical area, such as home, school computer laboratory , or office building

(a) LAN (b) MAN (c) WAN (d) VAN (e) none of these


11. with _______ memory , the operating system allocates a portion of storage medium, usually the hard disk , to function as additional RAM

(a) Virtual (b) performance (c) device (d) Manged (e) none of these


12. If a new a device such as printer or scanner is attached to a computer, its _________ must be installed before the divice can be used

(a) Driver (b) platform (c) manager (d) kernel (e) none of these


13. A ________ is an icon on the desktop that provides a user with immediate access to a program or file.

(a) kernel (b) spooler (c) buffer (d) Shortcut (e) none of these


14. ________ a disk or reorgnizing it so the files are stored in contiguous sectors, speeds up disk access and thus performance of entire computer .

(a) Formating (b) Defregmenting (c) Spooling (d) compressing (e) none of these


15. the term cmputer _______ discribes potentially damging computer program that affects or infects a computer by altering the way the compter works without the users knowledge or permission .

(a) Hot spot (b) File compression Utillty (c) Virus (d) File conversion Utillity (e) none of these


16. In a diagram ( a DFD diagram was given ) _________ shows the input and output of information into or out from a prosses .

(a) Use Case (b) Data Flow (c) entity relationship (d) Class Diagram (e) none of these


17. Although used in all types of bussiness modeling the _____ has been adopted as a standard notation for object modeling.

(a) UML (b) CASE Tool (c) USE CASE Diagram (d) EMR (not sure) (e) none of these


18. For each input and output, a systems analyst tipicaly develops _______ which is a sample of the input or output and contains actual data.

(a) adoption (b) prototype (c) Mockup (d) feasibility Scheme (e) none of these


19. _________ is a working modle of propesed system .

(a0 Adoption (b) feasibilty Scheme (c) Mockup (d) Prototype (e) none of these


20. A unit test ________

(a) verifies that each individule program works by itself

(b) verifies that all programs in an application work togather properly

(c) verifies that an application works with other applications

(d) is performed by end-users and verifies that the new system works with actual data

(e) none of these

(i) AX register is also known as:

(a) Accumulator

(b) Collector

(c) Distributor

(d) Counter

(e) None of these


(ii) In the Base + Offset addressing, Offset address is also known as:

(a) Physical Address

(b) Logical Address

(c) Actual Address

(d) Instruction Address

(e) None of these


(iii) The technique for allowing a unit to check the status of another independently function unit is known as?

(a) Interrupt

(b) System call

(c) Polling

(d) Trape

(e) None of these


(iv) The method for storing data temporarily such that the input-output of the same job is overlapped with its own processing, is known as:

(a) Spooling

(b) Contention

(c) I/O wait

(d) Buffering

(e) None of these


(v) The DMA that uses Busses when CPU is not using them is termed as:

(a) Shared DMA

(b) Cycle Stealing

(c) Channel

(d) Transparent DMA

(e) None of these


(vi) _________ Scheduler deals with the decision as to whether to admit another new job to the system.

(a) High Level

(b) Medium Level

(c) Low Level

(d) Short term

(e) None of these


(vii) When the process is in the states of Blocked Suspended or Ready Suspended, its relevant data is

stored in:

(a) Main Memory

(b) Hard Disk

(c) Magnetic Tape

(d) Buffer

(e) None of these


(viii) Priority, P = (Time Waiting + Run Time) / Run Time is used to calculate priority in __________ scheduling algorithm:

(a) Shortest Job First

(b) Priority Scheduling

(c) Longest Wait First

(d) Highest Response Ratio Next

(e) None of these


(ix) HDLC Protocol stands for:

(a) High-Level Data Link Control

(b) High Level Development Protocol

(c) Huge Level Data Link Control

(d) High Development Level Control

(e) None of these


(x) _________ is the generic name for a set of standards issued by the International CommunicationsStandards Body CCITT, designed to support Message Handling Systems; i.e. Electronic Mail.

(a) TCP/IP

(b) ISDN

(c) X.400

(d) X.25

(e) None of these


(xi) ________ layer is responsible for the transfer of a packet of data along one link in the network. It organizes data into frames and detects errors in transmission.

(a) Physical Layer

(b) Data Link Layer

(c) Network Layer

(d) Transport Layer

(e) None of these


(xii) Encryption is the conversion of data in some intelligible format into an unintelligible format called _________ to prevent the data from being understood if read by an unauthorized party.

(a) Clear Text

(b) Encrypted Text

(c) Cipher Text

(d) Coded Text

(e) None of these


(xiii) Binary search requires about ______ comparisons with an initial list of 1,000,000 elements.

(a) 10

(b) 20

(c) 35

(d) 100

(e) None of these


(xiv) A _________ header list is a header list where the last node contains the null pointer.

(a) Grounded

(b) Circular

(c) One way

(d) Rooted

(e) None of these


(xv) ________ are small applications that are accessed on an internet server, transported over the internet, automatically installed and run as part of a web document.

(a) Applets

(b) Java Bean

(c) Sockets

(d) Java Component

(e) None of these


(xvi) AWT stands for:

(a) Abstract Window Technique

(b) Abstract Window Toolkit

(c) Actual Window Technique

(d) Added Window Toolkit

(e) None of these


(xvii) GIF images can have only upto _______ colors.

(a) 128

(b) 256

(c) 512

(d) 1024

(e) None of these


(xviii) ________ is stored on a client and contains state information of the website visited.

(a) Cookies

(b) Servelet

(c) History

(d) Resident Page

(e) None of these


(xix) In software Engineering KPA denotes.

(a) Key Process Audit

(b) Key Process Area

(c) Key Process Analysis

(d) Key Problem Area

(e) None of these


(xx) The ________ Process Model defines a series of events that will trigger transitions from state to state for each of software engineering activities.

(a) Spiral

(b) Operational

(c) RAD

(d) Concurrent Development

(e) None of these

(1) If the highest frequency of a signal is 2100 Hz and lowest frequency of a signal is 200 Hz, sample rate will be:

(a) 4000 Hz

(b) 4600 Hz

(c) 4200 Hz

(d) 2300 Hz

(e) None of these


(2) A 56 K modem can download at a rate of _________ Kbps and upload at a rate of _________ Kbps.

(a) 33.6; 33.6

(b) 33.6; 56.6

(c) 56.6; 33.6

(d) 56.6; 56.6

(e) None of these


(3) A system call provides interface between:

(a) A process and a thread

(b) A thread and a user program

(c) A process and an operating system

(d) A process and a user program

(e) None of these


(4) CPU scheduling information about a process is held by:

(a) a PC

(b) the CPU Register

(c) the Cache

(d) a PCB

(e) None of these


(5) An example of Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) data structure is a:

(a) Class

(b) List

(c) Stack

(d) Tree

(e) None of these


(6) In Object Oriented Programming, overload methods:

(a) Can have the same types and number of parameters as another method with the same name in the same class as long as the return type is different.

(b) Cannot be used as methods that manipulate attributes

(c) Must always have different number of parameters

(d) Must have different number of parameters or if the number of parameters is the same a different sequence of parameter type

(e) None of these


(7) If you wanted to sort many large objects or structures, it would be most efficient to:

(a) Place them in an array and sort the array

(b) Place pointers to them in an array and sort the array

(c) Place them in a linked list and sort the linked list

(d) Place references to them in an array and sort the array

(e) None of these


(8) The type of the variable a pointer points to must be part of the pointer’s definition so that:

(a) Data types do not get mixed up when arithmetic is performed on them.

(b) Pointers can be added to one another to access structure members

(c) No one’s religious conviction will be offended

(d) The computer can perform overloading

(e) None of these


(9) If we have a tree of n nodes, its depth can be calculated as:

(a) Log2 (n+1) – 1

(b) Log2 n

(c) Log2 (n+1) – 1

(d) Log10 (n+1) – 1

(e) None of these


(10) Which one of the following methods does not change the original value of the argument in the calling function?

(a) Call by passing reference of the argument

(b) Call by passing the address of the argument

(c) Call by passing value of the argument

(d) Call by passing pointer of the argument

(e) None of these


Computer Science Mcqs For PSC Exams

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