PPSC General Knowledge Paper (2011-2012)

PPSC General Knowledge Paper (2011-2012)

PPSC General Knowledge Paper (2011-2012)

1. which of the following is a land locked country?
a)Nigeria b)Kenya c)Sri Lanka d)Uganda
2. Tehrir Square is located in:
3.Bin Ghazi is the city of:
4.Which is the sect of President of Syria Bashar-ul-Asad?
5.Theory of relativity was presented by:
Answer:Albert Ian stein
6.Isaac Newton Presented:
Answer:Laws of Gravitation and motion
7.Isaac Newton belonged to:

8.Asian Drama was written by:
9.Operation name of India’s Atomic test:
Answer:Smiling Buddha
10.Book “Indian Musalman” was written by:

Dr abdus salam awarded Nobel price in which year?
fastest rotating planet
which is the brightest planet
how many sahabaz got marterdom in badar?
capital of Zimbabwe?
myanmar is new name of?
very small integrated system called?
which device processes data by the click of keys

when Pakistan won 1St gold medal in summer Olympics
first Olympics were held in which month
first captain of Pakistan that was defeated in England in 1954
Indian Muslims was written by?
al chemia written by?

longest river in Africa?
river Nile originates from?
deepest place in Pacific ocean?
Spain and morrcow separated by?

India tested nuclear bomb the code name of the mission was?
special envoy of US for Pakistan and Afghanistan?
father of barack obama is of which nationality?
present secretary general of united nations is of which country?
where is tahreer square?
US Congress raised the debt limit for the government to?
which company has balance sheet more than government of US?

gdp growth of pakistan
Company with more cash reserves than usa govt
Brightest planet
Hq of wto
Hq of international court
Meaning of defacto
Farthest point from karachi coastal hoghway
Brightest planet
38th parallel line

what is the meaning of defacto?
shape of milkyway
cirstipher belong to?
issac newton belongs to?
suez canal connects red sea n mediterranean
which connect spain and morrocco?
which seperate malaysia and indonesia?
tolsey is the writter of war n peace
father of moodren eng fiction bernad russel
circumference of earth is 60000km
fartherest pont frm karachi on coastal area..?
lowari pass connect dir and chitral
kojak pas connect…?
george everest is the cammander of mountain unit
dead sea is ….below mediterranean sea?

who was not present in 1st cabinet of pak?
gen.ayub took the govt frm whom?
law of hereidtry is given by mendle

PPSC General Knowledge Paper (2011-2012)

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