(1) The way in which the message travels to the receiver is called:

(c) Channel

(2) Intrapersonal communication involves:

(a) An individual thinking or talking to himself

(3) Any message given by other than the literal interpretation of words is called:

(b) Non Verbal Communication

(4) A person (or group) who has control over what information is disseminated to the audience, is known as:

(b) Regulator

(5) The concept of “Global Village” was first introduced by :

(a) Marshal McLUHAN

(6) Broadcast media may be classified by:

(a) Type of signal output
(b) Target Audience

(7) To be considered a daily, a newspaper has to appear at least:

(d) Seven times a week

(8) The news of important public events appearing in the front sections of a newspaper, are called:

(a) Hard news

(9) The major function of Television is to provide:

(d) All the three

(10) The famous communication Model SMCRE was devised by:

(d) Schramm

(11) Radio is a:

(b) Hot medium

(12) The author of well known communication book “Process and Effects of Mass Communication” is:

(c) Wilbur Schramm

(13) The founding fathers of the mathematical or electronic theory of communication are:

(b) Shannon and Weaver

(14) ABC is the abbreviation of:

(d) Audit Bureau of Circulation

(15) APP is the news agency of:

(c) Pakistan

(16) The largest English newspaper of Pakistan is:

(a) Dawn

(17) The founder of Jang-Group of Newspapers is:

(b) Mir Khalil ur Rehman

(18) The editor of daily Nawa-e-Waqt is:

(a) Majeed Nizami

(19) The daily Dawn was founded by:

(b) Quaid-e-Azam

(20) Kuldip Nayer is a well known Indian:

(d) Journalist


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