Pakistan Quiz Questions with Answers

Pakistan Quiz Questions With Answers

Pakistan Quiz Questions with Answers
1) What is the meaning of Pakistan?
d) Holy Land
2) Who is the first Governor General of Pakistan?
a) Mohammed Ali Jinnah
3) What was the major event of 1971?
a) Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan
4) When Musharraf overthrew the government of Nawaz Sharif what designation did he take?
d) Chief Executive
5) In which year did Pakistan win the Cricket World Cup?
c) 1992
6) When did Pakistan win Olympic gold medal in Hockey for the first time?
c) 1960
7) Which party was in power in North West Frontier Province at the time of independence?
b) Congress
8) When Sindh was annexed by the British what message was sent by Charles Napier to headquaters?
b) Peccavi
9) Where was General Pervez Musharraf born?
c) Delhi
10) Where is the tomb of Mughal Emperor Jahangir?
c) Lahore
11) Who succeeded Zia Ul Haque as President of Pakistan?
c) Ghulam Ishaq Khan
12) When did Pakistan become a Republic?
b) 23/3/1956
13) How many times did squash player Jansher Khan win World Open?
c) Eight
14) Who sang Mujko bhi zara lift kara de?
a) Adnan Sami
15) Who did the title role in the film Henna?
c) Zeba Bakhtiar
16) Which Indian Cardinal was from Karachi?
d) Valerian Gracias
17) Which is the national flower of Pakistan?
c) Jasmine
18) Who designed Pakistan’s national flag?
b) Ameer-ud-din Khidwai
19) Which military alliance had Pakistan as its member?
20) Who wrote Pakistan’s first national anthem?
c) Jagannath Azad
21) Which is the national language of Pakistan?
d) Urdu
22) How is Pakistan’s film industry known?
b) Lollywood
23) Which is the national animal of Pakistan?
a) Markhor
24) Which is the national bird of Pakistan?
c) Chakor
25) Which Pakistani Prime Minister received Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee when he arrived by bus to Lahore?
b) Nawaz Shariff

Pakistan Quiz Questions With Answers

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