1- What is ABC?

(c) Audit bureau of Circulation

2- The First Urdu Newspaper was?

(a) Jam-e-Jahan Numa

3- The first issue of the India Gazette published in …….?

(a) November 1780

4- What is embargo?

(b) A ban on publication before a specific date

5- Television programmes were started in Pakistan on:

(a) 1964

6- Who was the first editor of daily Nawa-e-Waqt?

(c) Hamid Nizami

7- Radio is what type of channel?

(b) Time consuming

8- What is yellow journalism?

(a) Exploitative sensational

9- What is typography?

(b) a choice of type to ensure image clarity

10- What is editorial?

(b) A point of view of the news paper

11- Press and Publication Ordinance was introduced on:

(c) 1963

12- What is Dummy?

(b) Make up of newspaper

13- What is lithography?

(a) A method of printing

14- What is by line?

(c) Reporter’s name given with printed story

15- Agenda setting is the main objective:

(c) is the subject of mass communication

16- PID?

(c) Press information department

17- Press and Publication ordinance?

(c) was implemented in 1963 during the Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan’s Government

18- Pakistan‘s per capita income?

(a) $ 800

19- What is considered as father of popular Journalism:

(c) E.M. Rogers

20- News is the description of the event by a book writer:

(a) True
(b) False


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