SPCS Question paper of Lecturer English

SPCS Question Paper Of Lecturer English

Questions in the paper of Lecturer English

1. “Soldier’s pay” is the work of

2. “War and Peace” is written by

3. Metaphysical Poets belong to

4. “Adventures of the Wonder Land” is the work of

5. Off-spring of a horse is called

6. Sound of elephants is called

7. What is the basic difference between Simile and Metaphor?

8. Analogy. Hacked:Original

9. Antonym of Brawl is

10. Synonym of the word Caesarian is

11.Originally English Language is taken from

12. Synonym of the word “Promiscuous” is

13.originator of historical novel?

14.Synonymn of abate

15. emendation

16. syn:grandeur

17…………………..change in circumstances.

18.who is called mother of poor?

19. interested about

20. Absalum and abysilence

21.hottest planet

22.distance b/w sun and earth

23.shape of planets and satellites of sun

24.Commander in of infidels in battle badr

25.second kalima

26.last sonnet of keats

27.play on-words

28.natural beauty and imagination

29.English is family of …….language.

30.The position of earth from pnumbra

31.Crime and Punishment is wrtten by

32. Cogito ergo sum

33.what was the name of the first fort that Brits built in India?

34.what’s the date of Mairaj?

35.when was the capital changed from Calcutta to Delhi?

36.when is the prayer of Kasuf offered?

37. whats the old word for storehouse?

38. whats the word for the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named?

39. he left his father’s roof is a____?

40. headlights of the car____?

41. what was keats last poem?

42.whose title was Mother of the poor?

43.Hindu Muslims came in reflection

44.Separate electorates were presented in communal award 1932

SPCS Question Paper Of Lecturer English

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