Biology Mcqs for Lecturer & Subject Specialist Exams

Biology Mcqs For Lecturer & Subject Specialist Exams

1. What is the main purpose of white blood corpuscles?
A. To carry nutrients
B. To combat infection
C. To carry oxygen
D. To give strength
Answer is = B
2. Total volume of blood in a normal human being is
A. 5 – 6 liters
B. 3 – 4 liters
C. 8 – 10 liters
D. 10 – 12 liters
Answer is = A
3. Red blood corpuscles are formed in the
A. Liver
B. Bone marrow
C. Kidneys
D. Heart
Answer is = B
4. Blood does not coagulate inside the body to the presence of
A. Fi brin
B. Heparin
C. Haemoglobin
D. Plasma
Answer is = B
5. Lungs are situated in the
A. Abdominal cavity
B. Buccal cavity
C. Pericardinal cavity
D. Thoracic cavity
Answer is = D
6. How many numbers of bones in the human body of an adult ?
A. 210
B. 206
C. 250
D. 450
Answer is = B
7. The pancreas secretes
A. Insulin
B. Vatiman A
C. Bile juice
D. None
Answer is = A
8. The seat of memory in the human brain is located in the
A. Medulla oblongata
B. Cerebrum
C. Cortex
D. Cerebellum
Answer is = C
9. Tibia is a bone found in the
A. Arm
B. Skull
C. Leg
D. Face
Answer is = C
10. The main function of the kidney is
A. To control blood pressure
B. To control body temperature
C. To remove waste products from the body
D. To help in digestion of food
Answer is = C
11. The strongest muscle in the human body is found in
A. hands
B. neck
C. buttocks
D. legs
Answer is = C
12. What is gene?
A. Sleep inducing drug
B. Unit of heredity
C. A type of body cell
D. A kind of vitamin
Answer is = B
13. The function of haemoglobin is
A. To transport oxygen
B. Destruction of bacteria
C. Prevention of anaemia
D. Utilization of energy
Answer is = A
14. A vegetable containing sulphur is
A. Potato
B. Cabbage
C. Brinjal
D. Pumpkin
Answer is = B
15. Enzymes help in
A. Respiration
B. Digestion of food
C. Immune system
D. Reproduction
Answer is = B
16. Ptyalin is an enzyme produced in the
A. Salivary glands
B. Pituitary gland
C. Thyroid glands
D. Pancreas
Answer is = A
17. Heightened emotion is caused by
A. Pituitary gland
B. Thyroid glands
C. Adrenal glands
D. Salivary glands
Answer is = C
18. The shortest bone in the human body is
A. Vertebrae
B. Stapes
C. Phalages
D. Metacarpals
Answer is = B
19. A balanced diet contains
A. Animals protein
B. Macro and micro nutrients
C. Food nutrients for growth and maintenance
D. Butter and ghee
Answer is = C
20. Wisdom teeth normally grow between the age of
A. 34-40
B. 17-30
C. 45-55
D. 10-17
Answer is = A
21. ‘Dossier’ means
A. the do of medicine
B. the actual things
C. relevant paper
D. unarranged papers
Answer is = C
22. Lack of—————causes diabetes
A. Sugar
B. Insulin
C. Calcium
D. Vitamins
Answer is = B
23. Biopsy is done on
A. tissue taken from a dead body
B. tissue taken from living body
C. blood from veins
D. blood from arties
Answer is = B
24. Triple antigen vaccine is given children to protect them against
A. polio
B. whooping cough
C. tuberculosis
D. contagious diseases
Answer is = B
25. A man weighing 96 Kg consists of approximately ————-liters of water
A. 50 litters
B. 66.5 litters
C. 82 litters
D. 42 litters
Answer is = B
26. What does blood consists of?
60 % plasma, 40 % crop
65 % plasma, 40 % crop
62 % plasma, 40 % crop
68% plasma, 45 % crop
Answer is = A

Biology Mcqs For Lecturer & Subject Specialist Exams

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