Computer Science Mcqs for PSC Exams

Computer Science Mcqs For PSC Exams

1. Which perform modulation and Demodulation: (Modem NIC Hub Bridge).
2. Output of 7.5%3 in C is: (1 .5, .5, No output, Error )
3. Transition in Process state may be: ( ready running block, Block ready suspend, two option missing, perhaps correct one as well)
4. Computer can not load files if not present: ( loader, Operating System, Assembler, compiler)
5. Multiplexing involve which technique ( serial, parallel, Both, None)
6. Front end processor may called: ( Sorry forget the option),
7. 6110 in binary. ( there were many Numbers in 8 bits which logical incorrect. 1 byte can’t this number so correct answer was none of these)
8. Which tell the computer to do a job: ( Op code, Flip Flop, Buses, Address)
9. The And gate which perform both Positive and Negative operation is ( Nand, Nor)
10. Which is most suitable answer if a company wants to extend its LAN by connecting its Dept of Production lies in suburbs of the company: (Modem, wire, Router, Switch/Hub)?
11. The technique which help the computer in pattern recognition. (Sorry not remember).
12. A question was about Registers. I recalled my memory but couldn’t.
13. DBMS provide access to its users via (query language, SQL, C, )
14. AI programming with (Forton, Basic, Prolog, Assembly)
15. Which java file support GUI. (swing, IO, Lang)

Computer Science Mcqs For PSC Exams

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  1. kindly provide answer key, and more subject specialist notes for (computer science).
    I have applied for fpsc lectureship in comp science, kindly tell me when test will be conducted. i applied in June 2014 last date was 16 June 2014

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