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Everyday Science Measuring Tools Mcqs

Everyday Science Measuring Tools Mcqs

1. Pressure: Barometer
2. Voltage: Voltmeter
3. Purity Of Milk: Lactometer
4. Temperature: Thermometer
5. Velocity Of Wind: Anemometer
6. Earthquake: Richter Scale
7. Degree Of Humidity: Hygrometer
8. Blood Pressure: Sphygmomanometer
9. Radioactivity: Geiger Counter
10. High Temperature: Pyrometer
11. Rainfall: Rain Guage
12. Earthquake Recording: Seismograph
13. Electric current: Ammeter
14. Altitude: Altimeter
15. Velocity And Direction Of Wind: Anemometer
16. Sensitivity Of Skin: Algeismeter
17.AtmosphericPressure: Aneriodograph/Barometer
18. Improvement Of Hearing Power: Audiometer
19. Quantity Of Heat: Calorimeter
20. Intensities Of Colours: Colorimeter
21. Longitude Of Vessel Over Sea: Chronometer
22. Detection Of Electric Charge: Electroscope
23. Voltage Difference: Electrometer
24. Depth Of The Ocean: Fathometer
25. Small Electric Current: Galvanometer
26. Relative Density of Liquids: Hydrometer

27. Change In Atmospheric Humidity: Hygroscope
28. Detection And Measurement Of Light: Photoelectric Cell
29. Salinity Of Water: Salinometer
30. Spectrum Analysis: Spectroscope
31. Hearing Of Heartbeat And Lung Sound: Stethoscope
32. Maintenance Of A Constant Temperature: Thermostat
33. Amplification Of Current: Transistor
34. Measurement OF Potential Difference Between Two Points: Voltammeter
35. Flow Of Air: Aerometer
36. Radiant Energy: Radiometer
37. Conversion Of Rays Into Mechanical energy: Radiograph
38. Measurement Of Intensity Of Light: Lucimeter
1. The energy of food is measured in Calories
2. The microscope is used to study Small and near objects
3. The S.I unit of temperature is Kelvin
4. The telescope is used for viewing Distant Objects
5. Decibel is a unit of Sound
6. The instrument used to measure Electric Current is Ammeter
7. The apparatus used in submarines to give a clear view of the object, on the surface of the ocean or
ground is known as Periscope
8. Richter Scale is used for measuring Intensity Of Earthquake
9. Fathometer is used to measure Ocean Depth
10. Hygrometer is used to measure Relative Humidity
11. Venturi Tube is used for Measuring Flow Of A Fluid
12. Coronagraph is used for Observing and often photographing the sun‘s corona
13. Microphone is used to convert sound waves into electric energy
14. Velocity of wind is measured by Anemometer
15. Altimeter is used to measure the approximate height above the ground
16. Light year is related to Distance
17. Pressure of gases is measured by Barometer
18. Altitude of the Sun is measured by Sextant
19. There are 981 Dynes in one gram weight
20. When listening to heart beat with stethoscope, one hears closing of valves
21. The unit of Current is Ampere
22. The unit of energy in MKS system is Joule
23. The intensity of an earthquake is measured by Seismograph
24. Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales give the same reading at -40 Degree
25. The instrument, which is used to measure temperature by radiation, is called Pyrometer
26. Centrifuge is used to separate mixtures of chemicals
27. Radio Telescope is used to receive radio waves from objects in space
28. Audiometer is used to measure intensity of sound
29. A chronometer is used to measure time
30. Electroscope detects the presence of electric current
31. Stroboscope is used to view rapidly moving objects
32. Taceometer is used to measure distance, elevations and bearings during survey
33. Retinoscope is an instrument used to determine Refractive power of lens
34. The final image produced by a simple microscope is Virtual and Erect
35. Photodiode is used for the detection of Light
36. A Polaroid is a device used for analysing polarized light

37. The spectrum of luminous bodies is studied by Spectrometer
38. Transformer is used for conversion of low voltage into high voltage and vice-versa
39. Ophthalmoscope is used to observe Retina
40. Sonar works on the principle of Absorption of sound

Everyday Science Measuring Tools Mcqs

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