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Important Topic of Pakistan Affairs , General Knowledge and Islamiat for PSC, PMS, & CSS Exams

Important Topic Of Pakistan Affairs , General Knowledge And Islamiat For PSC, PMS, & CSS Exams

Pakistan Affairs

Prepare the following topics and keep in mind ”How, When, What, Why and Who”.

1.Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
Date of birth, Date of Death, Educational Services (when established different institutions), Writings.
2. Hindi Urdu Controversy
3. Formation of Indian National Congress
When and by who?
4. Simla Deputation
When, comprised of how many members, who was head?
5.Partition of Bengal
when, population, who was viceroy of India, annulement of Partition.
6. Formation of All India Muslim League
when, who proposed the idea, first president, first secretary, who drafted constitution?
7. Lucknow Pact
when, where, President etc.
8. Khilafat Movement
when, Rowlett Act, Jallianwala Bagh incident, Non cooperation movement
8. 1920-1940
Delhi Proposals, Simon Commission, Nehru Report, 14 Points of Quaid e Azam, Allahabad Address, Round table Conferences, congress ministries (Pirpur Report, Shareef Report, Day of Deliverance etc.)
9. Pakistan Resolution
When, President, Moved by, seconded by from (Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan)
10. Constitutional Development
Minto-Morley Reforms, Montague- Chelmsford Reforms, Government of India Act, 1935, Cripps Mission Plan, Wavell Plan, Cabinet Mission Plan, 3rd June Plan.
First Prime Minister, First Governor Genaral, First Cabinet, First President, First Governor State Bank, First Chiefs of Army, PAF and Navy, First Captain Pakistan Cricket Team, Objectives Resolutions, Constitutions (1956, 1962, 1973), Latest Amendments, Martial Laws, Fall of Dhaka etc.
Quaid e Azam ( Born, Death, Buried, education, when joined Congress and Muslim League, When left congress)
Allama Iqbal (Born, Death, Buried, Education, writings, title of SIR, Teachers name etc)
Maulana Zafar Ali Khan ( Born, Death,Buried, newspapers)
Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar (Born, Death, Buried, newspapers)
Bahadur Shah Zafar (born, death, buried)
Kanpur Mosque Incident
Indus Water Treaty
Simla Agreement
Districts of Punjab
Area of Pakistan (by province)
GDP growth rate
Literacy rate
National (Flower, Bird, Animal, Game, Poet etc)
Current Cabinet
Current Governors
Current Chiefs (Army, PAF, Navy,ISI, Supreme Court etc)


General Knowledge

1. International Organizations
UNO (Including Organs), OIC, SAARC, ASEAN etc.
Members, Observers, General Secretary, Headquarter, 1st session)

Headquarters of following organizations.
ILO, IMF, World Bank, Amnesty International, ECO, WTO, Red Cross, NAM, WHO, IAEA, NATO, Interpool etc.

2. Countries
Presidents and Prime Ministers, Capitals, Currencies, News Agencies, Airlines, Old Names

3. Everyday Science
Inventions (Radio, Electric Bulb, Microscope, Telescope, Telephone etc) , Theory of Relativity, Laws of Motion, Laws of Inheritence, Discovery of Penicillin, most abundant element, Dengue virus, planets, Hepatitus C, Units and instruments, etc

4. Largest Tallest, Smallest
Rivers, Mountains, oceans, Ports, Islands,etc

5. Games
Current Champions of different games
Gold medals for Pakistan in hockey

6. Current Affairs
Pakistani Ambassadors (USA, UK, UN)
USA Ambassador to Pakistan
USA special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan,
CIA chief
USA secretary of state
USA vice president etc.
NATO Chief
Keep in touch with newspapers for current affairs preparation)

7. Miscellineous
USA 1st President
total states in USA
38th parallel line
country of UNO General Secretary
Neighbour countries of Pakistan
stock market index(Tokyo, Beijing, Newyork, London)



1. Holy Prophet (PBUH)
Born, Death, Age, Prophethood, Wives, Father, Mother, Grand Father, Uncles, Sons and Daughters.

2. Prophets
Basic information (Titles, Revealed Books, ages, Miracles)

3. Pious Caliphs
Father, Mother, wives, ages, tenure of Caliphate, Major battles and information about (Hazrat Imam Hassan (RA), Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA).

4. Sahaba Karaam (R.A)
Ashra e Mubashra, Titles

5. Holy Quran
Meaning of Quran, Revealation Period, Surahs (Makki, Madni, first revealed, last revealed), Surahs on the name of Prophets, Surah without Bismillah, Surah with Bismillah 2 times, Name of only Sahabi mentioned in Quran, Word Muhammad (PBUH) in Quran how many times, Titles of different Surahs, Manzils, Ayaat e Sajda,

6. Battles
Different Battles (Badar, uhd, Khanduq, Yarmook etc)
Year, Muslim Army, Oponent Army, Shaheeds,

7. Basics
Basic information about Namaz, Roza, Zakaat, Hajj, Jihad, Qayamat, Ijtehad etc

8. Angels
Names of different Angels and their work (duties)

9. miscellenious
Information about Islamic countries
Other Religions i.e. Christianity, Jewism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Budhism, Zartisht etc (Information about books, period of starting, who started? Etc)
First in Islam (Mosque, Battle, Shaheed, Mo’azzan, First person to accept Islam amongst Adult, Females, children and slaves.

Important Topic Of Pakistan Affairs , General Knowledge And Islamiat For PSC, PMS, & CSS Exams

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