Sample Paper of Pakistan Studies Lecturer and Subject Specialist Exams

  • Sample Paper Of Pakistan Studies Lecturer And Subject Specialist Exams

  • 1 . At present Pakistan has vast natural resources and items of mineral as many as: A. 14 items B. 15 items C. 16 items D. None of these.
  • 2 .
    The height of Pakistan’s highest mountain Pak-Godwin Austin is as high as:
    A. 26, 250 ft B. 27, 250 ft
    C. 28, 250 ft D. None of these
  • 3 .
    The Government of Pakistan established the Indus River System Authority in the year:
    A. 1960 B. 1970
    C. 1980 D. None of these
  • 4 .
    With regard the division of power between Federation and Provinces the Constitution of Pakistan (1962) was provided with:
    A. Single list of subjects B. Two lists of subjects
    C. Three lists of subjects D. None of these
  • 5 .
    Objective Resolution was passed by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on:
    A. March 12, 1947 B. March 12, 1948
    C. March 12, 1949 D. None of these
  • 6 .
    All India Muslim League observed the “Direct Action Day” on:
    A. August 6, 1944 B. August 6, 1945
    C. August 6, 1946 D. None of these (16 August, 1946)
  • 7 .
    The British Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald announced the Communal Award in 1932 at the end of:
    A. First Round Table Conference B. Second Round Table Conference
    C. Third Round Table Conference D. None of these
  • 8 .
    The Simon Commission arrived in India on:
    A. 3rd February, 1927 B. 3rd February, 1928
    C. 3rd February, 1929 D. None of these
  • 9 .
    Dyarchy was first introduced in the Act of:
    A. 1909 B. 1919
    C. 1935 D. None of these.
  • 10 .
    The resolution of non-cooperation with British Government was passed in the meeting of All India National Congress in 1920, which was held at:
    A. Madras B. Bomby
    C. Nagpur D. None of these (Calcutta)
  • 11 .
    Who divided Bengal into East and West Bengal in July 1905?
    A. Lord Curzon B. Lord Minto
    C. Lord Morely D. None of these
  • 12 .
    Who was appointed first President of Muslim league?
    A. Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk B. Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk
    C. Nawab Saleem Ullah D. None of these
  • 13 .
    “Pakistan’s Constitution should incorporate the essential principles of Islam, which are as good and relevant in our day, as were 1300 years ago. But Pakistan should not be a theocratic state ruled by priests.” This statement was given by:
    A. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan B. Allama Iqbal
    C. Quaid-e-Azam D. None of these
  • 14 .
    Anjuman-e-Islamia Punjab was founded for the renaissance of Islam in the year:
    A. 1849 B. 1859
    C. 1869 D. None of these
  • 15 .
    The downfall of Muslim rule in India started with the demise of
    A. Akbar B. Aurangzeb
    C. Bahadur Shah Zafar D. None of these
  • 16 .
    The Holy Quran was first translated into Persian by:
    A. Shah Ismail Shaheed B. Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi
    C. Shah Waliullah D. None of these
  • 17 .
    Qutb-ud-Din Aibak was succeeded on Delhi throne by:
    A. Aram Shah B. Iltumish
    C. Razia Sultana D. None of these
  • 18 .
    Shahab-ud-Din Muhammad Ghuri defeated Pirthviraj in the year 1192 in the field of:
    A. Panipat B. Nagpur
    C. Tarori or Tarain D. None of these
  • 19 .
    Mahmud of Ghazni waged war against rebellious India in the year of:
    A. 900 B. 1000
    C. 1100 D. None of these
  • 1 .
    Who rejected the theory of composite nationalism advanced by the Indian National congress?
    A. Mualana Maudoodi B. Allam Mashriqi
    C. Hussain Ahmed Madni D. None of these
  • 2 .
    Who presided over the session of Constituent Assmbly of Pakistan 10 August 1947?
    A. Quaid-e-Azam B. Liaqat ali khan
    C. Ch. Khaliq-uz-Zaman D. Sir Agha Khan
  • 3 .
    How many moslim seats were secured by All India Moslim League in 1945-46 Election of Provincial assemblies?
    A. 396 B. 425
    C. 441 D. None of these
  • 4 .
    Who drafted “Wardha Scheme” under the guidance of Ghandi?
    A. Abul Kalam Azad B. Nahru
    C. Dr. Zakir hussain D. None of these
  • 5 .
    Who is the author of “Hunter par Hunter”?
    A. Depuy Nazir Ahmed B. Sir syed Ahmed Khan
    C. Maulana Zafar Ali khan D. None of these
  • 6 .
    Who supported Muslim participation in politics?
    A. Wiqar-ul-Mulk B. Mohsin-ul-Mulk
    C. Maulana Zafar Ali khan D. Allama Iqbal
  • 7 .
    Which office held supreme judicial authority during Mughal rule?
    A. King B. Qazi-ul-Qazat
    C. Saddar-us-Sadur D. None of these
  • 8 .
    Who accepted Akbar’s “Din-e-Illahi”?
    A. Todar Mal B. Ma’an Singh
    C. Birbal D. None of these
  • 9 .
    Who wrote “Humanyun Nama”?
    A. Shahabuddin B. Gulbadan Begum
    C. Humayun D. Qudrat Ullah Shahab
  • 0 .
    Who laid foundation of Agra city?
    A. Sikandar Lodhi B. Babur
    C. Shah Jahan D. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  • 11 .
    Who constructed five canals to remove scarcity of water?
    A. Alauddin Khaliji B. Ghyas-ud-Din Tughlaq
    C. Feroz Shah Tughlaq D. Akbar
  • 12 .
    Who rejected the verdicts of jurists that idol worshippers are liable to be murdered?
    A. Mahmood Ghaznawi B. Shamd-ud-Din Iltumish
    C. Jalal-ud-Din Deroz D. None of these
  • 1 .
    The 1 st Battle of Panipat was fought in:
    A. 1521 AD B. 1526 AD
    C. 1531 AD D. None of these
  • itab-ul-Hind was written by:
    A. Zia uddin Burni B. Minhaj Siraj
    C. Al-Beruni D. None of these
  • 3 .
    Durand Line, which divides the borders of India and Afghanistan was finalized in the year:
    A. 1686 B. 1886
    C. 1786 D. None of these
  • 4 .
    The war of Independence of 1857 started from
    A. Delhi B. Meerath
    C. Cawnpore D. None of these
  • 5 .
    Tipu Sultan is buried at
    A. Delhi B. Agra
    C. Saringapatam D. None of these
  • 6 .
    Second battle of Tarain was fought in
    A. 1092 B. 1292
    C. 1192 D. None of these
  • 7 .
    Qutb ud din Aibak died during the game of
    A. wrestling B. polo
    C. football D. None of these
  • 8 .
    Hazrat Data Gunj Bakhsh Ali Hajvery came to India with
    A. M.B.Qasim B. mahmud ghaznavi
    C. sultan masud of ghazna D. None of these
  • 9 .
    From 1858 till 1870 nearly all British Politicians, authors blamed the Muslims for:
    A. Disloyalty B. Independence
    C. Leadership D. None of these
  • 10 .
    Aligarh College was upgraded to the status of university in
    A. 1898 B. 1910
    C. 1920 D. None of these
  • 11 .
    Who was A.O Hume
    A. British foreign minister B. a retired civil officer
    C. governor general D. None of these
  • 12 .
    Sir Syed foudned MAO College in
    A. 1868 B. 1877
    C. 1885 D. None of these
  • 3 .
    ON which aspect of Islam did the great poest philospher Allama Iqbal emphasize in his famous book Reconstruction of Religous Thought in Islam
  • 14 .
    -Guru Nanak lived during the reign of:
    A. Babur B. Jehangir
    C. orangzaib D. None of these
  • 5 .
    Nizamuddin Auliya flourished during the reign of:
    A. Alauddin Khilji B. Humayun
    C. Akbar D. None of these
  • 16 .
    -Ibn-e-Batutah by birth was a:
    A. Turk B. Afghan
    C. pakistani D. None of these
  • 17 .
    -Abu Rehan Alberuni was:
    A. painter B. poet
    C. teacher D. none of these
  • 18 .
    Sultan Aram Shah belonged to:
    A. Khilji dynasty B. Tughluq Dynasty
    C. Tughluq Khan D. None of these
  • Sample Paper Of Pakistan Studies Lecturer And Subject Specialist Exams

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