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· The first recorded ancient Olympics was held in 776 BC
· The ancient Olympic continued till about 394 BC
· Who is said to be the rather of modem Olympics? Pierre de Coubertin
· In which year did the first modern Olympic Games take place? 1896
· In which year was the International Olympic Committee (IOC) formed? 1894
· The headquarters of the IOC is located at Lausanne.
· Which Olympic Games had to be canceled due to World War-I? 1916
· Who is the International Olympic Committee President? Jacques Rogge
· Which country led a boycott of the 1980 Olympic games held in Moscow? USA
· The Commonwealth Games were earlier called British Empire Sports Festival.
· When did the 1st Commonwealth Games take place? 1930
· Where was the 1st Commonwealth Games held? Canada
· The Commonwealth Games had to be cancelled during 1942 and 1946.
· Normally the Commonwealth Games are held at intervals of four years.
· In which year were the first Asian Games held? 1951
· Which country hosted the first Asian Games? India
· Hamlet Cup is associated with? Tennis
· Which game is associated with the Walker Cup? Golf
· Asafa Powell (Jamaica) is associated with Athletics.
· Wightman Cup is associated with Tennis.
· What was the former name of Cricket World Cup? Prudential Cup.
· The term “Short Jenney”is associated with Billiards.
· In cricket, Long Top is the position before the bowler.
· Geoff Ogilvy is associated with Golf.
· The term ‘Jump Ball’ in sports is associated with Basketball.
· The term ‘Bogey’ is associated with Golf.
· The place ‘Epsom’ is associated with Horse Racing.
· The term ‘Pivot’ is associated with Basketball.
· The term ‘rook’ is associated with Chess.
· The term ‘stone walling’ is associated with Cricket.
· How many players lake part in each team in a volleyball match
played under international rules? 6
· How many players are there in each side in a Baseball match? 9
· What is the duration of each period before and after the tenminute break in a basketball game? 25 min
· When and where was the game of Volleyball invented? USA. 1895
· How many players are there on each side in a women’s Basketball game? 6
· U Thant cupis associated with the game of TableTennis.
· ‘Play the game in the spirit of game’ was said by Pt Nehru.
· Who was the first to win Wimbledon Singles title five times in a row? Bjorn Borg
· Football (soccer) is said to have originated in China.
· Lawn tennis is said to have originated in France.
· With which sport is the term ‘Chinaman’ associated? Cricket.
· The ‘Wisden Trophy’ is associated with cricket matches played England and West Indies.
· Which sport returned to Olympics in 1985 after 64 years? Tennis.
· Which sport was introduced in the 2004 Athens Olympic games? Free-style wrestling (women)
· Cricket is the National Game of which country? Australia.
· What is a Golden Duck in cricket? Out on first ball.
· The Olympic Flame was, for the first time, ceremonially lighted and burnt in a giant torch at the entrance of the stadium at the Amsterdam Games (1928)
· The first Winter Olympic Games were held at Chamonix (France) in1924.
· Who are the famous three W’s in cricket? Weekes, Walcott, Worrell.
· Who has been chosen as the Wisden Cricketer of the Century? Bradman.
· Who started the ancient Olympic Games? The Greeks.
· Who has scored the slowest century in tests? Mudassar Nazar.
· Durand Cup is associated with the game of Football,
· Merdeka Cup is associated with Football.
· Who has scored 400 runs (not out) in a Test inningson April 12, 2004? Brian Lara.
· The five intertwined rings or circles found on the Olympic flag made of white silk are from left to right blue; yellow, black, green and red.
· The Olympic Games are formally held at intervals of Four years.
· Sergei Bubka, an athlete, belongs to Ukraine.
· ‘Gambit’ is a term associated with Chess.
· Eisenhower Trophy is associated with Golf.
· ‘Scratch’ is a term associated with Billiards.
· The term ‘Smash’ is associated with Badminton.
· ‘Cape Griz Zen Putney Mort-Lake’ is a place associated with Rowing & Swimming.
· ‘Tobagganing” is a term associated with Skiing.
· The term ‘Steeplechase’ is associated with Horse Racing.
· The term ‘Ground Stroke’ is associated with Tennis.
· ‘Bunker and Chukker’ are the two terms associated with Polo.
· ‘Stymied’ is a term associated with Golf.
· The standard distance to be covered in a marathon race in the Olympics is 26 miles, 385 yards.
· The place ”Twickenham’ is associated with Rugby Football.
· The trophy known by the name of “Grand Prix” is associated with Motor-racing.
· How many players are there on each side in the game of Basketball? 5.
· The height or the net in the centre of the tennis court is 3 ft. 2 inches.
· The Olympic Flame symbolizes Continuity between the ancient and modern games.
· Leroy Burrel is associated with Athletics.
· Jules Rimet Cup is associated with Football.
· What is the world’s oldest sport? Boxing.
· In which game the word ‘carom’ is used? Billiards.
· In which game the word ‘Bull’s Eye’ is used? Rifle Shooting.
· Davis Cup competition first held in 1900.
· Who was the first woman to win an Olympic goldmedal? Charlothus Cooper.
· For which sport the “Nehru Trophy” is given? Hockey.
· Is Davis Cup, a cup? It is a bowl.
· Where was the Snooker played for the first time in the world? India.
· With which game is the Colombo Cup associated? Foot ball.
· When were women allowed to take part in the Olympics? 1900
· In which game the expression ‘Banana kick’ is used? Football.
· What is the name of the playing ground where baseball is played? Diamond.
· How many holes are there in a golf playground? 18.
· ‘Hurlington’ is associated with Polo.
· Which game is called .the king of Indoor games? Carom.
· Who designed Olympic Flag? Pierre de Coubertin
· Wellington Trophy is associated with Rowing.
· Who introduced Volleyball? W.G. Morgan.
· Where was Golf first played? Scotland.
· Where was Ice Hockey started? Canada.
· Where is the largest gymnasium in the world? USA
· Who wrote the book “My Style? Ian Botham.
· Where was women’s cricket first played? England
· When was hockey introduced in the Olympic games? 1908
· Who composed Olympic motto? Rev. Father Didon.
· Which is the world’s fastest game? Ice Hockey.
· Who authored the book “Living for Cricket”? Clive Lloyd.
· The term ‘Huff’ is associated with Draughts.
· The term ‘Tee’ is connected with Golf.
· Which is the national sport of Canada? Lacrosse.
· “Subroto Cup” is associated with Football.
· Where is the world’s biggest playgroundsituated? Gulmarg
· Where is Ferozshah Kotla Stadium? Delhi
· The term ‘Puck’ is used in which game? Ice hockey.
· Who published the book ‘Bible of Cricket’? John Wisden.
· In which game the term ‘Coxswain’ is used? Boating.
· The term “Bogey” is associatedwith Golf.
· Who was called “The Sportsman Poet”? Lord Tennyson.
· Water Polo is developed in England.
· Who was John Arlott? Famous cricket broadcaster.
· In Asia, where was Olympic games first held? Japan
· Which country won the Davis Cup for the first time in the world? USA
· With which game is the Prince of Wales Cup associated? Golf
· .King’s Cup is associated with Air Racing.
· How many legs does a billiards table have? 8.
· Olympic Games are played in whose honour? Zeus of Olympus.
· ‘Finesse’ is term associated with Bridge.
· Who was the first Goldmedalist in the modern Olympic games? James Beconollyis.
· Paralympics (the equivalent-of the Olympic Games for disabled people)
was inaugurated in 1960.
· Where was the Olympic flag first hoisted? Antwerp (Belgium).
· What is the colour of the Olympic flag? White
· Who is called Typhoon in the world cricket? Tyson
· Who created a world record for the maximum number of dismissals in Test cricket as a wicket keeper? Ian Healy
· Where is the biggest stadium in the world? Prague
· Who became Wimbledon Champion even at the age of 17? Boris Becker
· Who was the only king to win a Cold medal at the Olympics? Constantine
· Who created a world record in Test Cricket batting for the longest time? Jacques Kallis
· Who invented the Googly? Bosanquer
· Ryder Cup is associated with Golf.
· ‘Little Slam’ is a term associated with Bridge.
· ‘Arthur Walker Trophy’ is associated with Hockey.
· What is Nelson’s Eye in cricket? 111
· Who was the first batsman to be given out by the third umpire? Sachin Tendulkar
· Who wrote the book ‘ Farewell to Cricket’? DonBradman
· Which West Indian cricketer was known ‘Big Bird’? Curtly Ambrose
· “Ever Onward”is the motto of Asian Games.
· The Olympic motto ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ means Swifter, higher. stronger respeclively.
· The First SAF Winter Games were held at Himachal Pradesh (India)
· The term ‘Roll-in’ is associated with hockey
· The tennis player, Rafael Nadal, belongs to Spain.
· Who is the first bowler taken hat-trick in the first three balls of
· The match? Chaminda Vaas
· The national sport of Turkey is Wrestling.
· Shogiis a Japanese form of Chess.
· Who is the first cricketer to reach 10,000 runs in test matches? Sunil Gavaskar.
· Soccer World Cup Champion is Spain.
· Next Soccer World Cup to be played in 2014 in Brazil.
· Next Olympic Games are to be played in London in 2012.
· Paralympic games will be held in London in 2012.
· Next ICC world cup tournament will be held in 2015, co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand.


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