PPSC Sample and Practice Mcqs Paper of Assistant Superintendent Jail (ASJ) BS 16 in Home Department

PPSC Sample And Practice Mcqs Paper Of Assistant Superintendent Jail (ASJ) BS 16 In Home Department

PPSC Sample and Practice Mcqs Paper of  Assistant Superintendent Jail (ASJ) BS 16 in Home Department


1                      1. Who was the father of Economics?

A: Adam smith      B: john marshal                       C: Adam Bede            D: Charles Babbage


2:   What is the year of French Revolution?

A: 1789      B: 1879                        C: 1790                       D: 1791


3:   Who conquered Spain in 711 A.D.?

A: Alau ud din khilji                        B: Musa bin naseer     C: Tariq bin ziad       D: Mohammad bin qasim


4:   When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated?

A: 1864      B: 1863                        C: 1865                       D: 1906


5: What was the original name of Orang Zaib Alamgir?

A: Miza kutab din   B: shafi Mahammad    C: Mahyud-ud-din     D: none of these


6: Socrates was the teacher of?

A: Aristotle B: Francic Bacon        C: Plato                      D: Hero Dotus


7: When Mustafa Kamal Ataturk was given the title of Ataturk?

A: 1935                  B: 1934                        C: 1832                       D: 1937


8: Who was the leader of Boy Scout association?

A: Lord Pitman                  B: Lord Baden Paul  C: john Baden Paul     D: none of these


9: Who invented Radio?

A: Garaham Bell                B: Marconi       C: Radial Villiams      D: Einstein


10: Who wrote “the importance of Being Earnest”?

A: Oscar wilde                 B: john keats     C: G.B. Shaw                        D: Thomas Hardy


11: ________ is the source of energy for human brain?

A: Glucose           B: Sugar          C: Almond oil               D: Coconut oil


12: What is the most precious metal of universe?

A: Gold                  B: Crude Oil    C: Diamond                 D: Platinum


13: Which is the most intelligent animal after human being?

A: Apes                        B: Monkeys         C: Dolphin              D: Parrot


14: The second largest desert of the world is?

A: Arabian Desert      B: Sahara        C: Gobi desert             D: Great Bear



15: 1917 is known for?

A: French Revolution           B: Emancipation Declaration  C: Russian revolution D: Simla Pact


16: Capital of Spain is?

A: Madrid        B: Albania        C: Pisa                        D: Pannonia


17: Currency of Italy is?

A: Euro                       B: Italian Rupee                       C: Lira             D: Italian Dollar


18: The first woman in space was?

A: Lila William             B: Valentine Tereshkova                 C: Décor Venn                        D: ilea Eustachio


19: The headquarters of ECO is located in?

A: Delhi            B: Kabul          C: Tehran       D: Saharan


20: Darling is the name of?

A: Sea             B: Lover’s nick name              C: Desert                    D: River


21: The outflow of Indus River is?

A: Indian Sea               B: Arabian ocean       C: Artic Ocean                        D: Baltic Sea


22: The largest lake of the world is?

A: Ansoo Lake             B: Green Island lake                C: Caspian Sea                     D: Dead Sea


23: The standard time of Pakistan is?

A: 5 hours ahead of Greenwich time          B: PST                        C: 12:00 P.M.              D: Hour Zero


24: Strait of Dover separates?

A: England and France                     B: France and Germany                     C: England and Germany

D: France and Italy


25: World smallest state by population is?

A: Brazil           B: Vatican City                       C: Russian Federation                        D: Antarctica


26:  I applied ___ the headmaster for a sick leave?

A: For              B: By               C: From                       D: To


27: A son was born ___ her?

A: To               B: By               C: With                        D: In


28: What is meant by confidant?

A: Self reliance                        B: Comrade                C: Confidence on self             D: Stout person


29: What is synonym of Pathos?

A: A character                         B: Huge heart              C: Tender feelings               D: Sorrows


30: Smoke is fatal ___ man?

A: For              B: To               C: With                        D: By


31: _____ is called babul-ul-Islam?

A: Sindh          B: Deebal                    C: Ajmair                     D: Multan


32: When did Quid-e-Azam left India for good and reached at Karachi?

A: 7th August 1947     B: 14th Aug. 1947        C: 15th Aug. 1947        D: 3rdJune 1947


33: What is the name of first Pakistani film?

A: Sangam      B: Teri yaad               C: Tum mery ho                      D: tumhari khatir


34: Who was the first Muslim commander in chief (c-n-c) of Pakistan army?

A: Ayub khan              B: Yahya khan             C: Zia ul Haq               D: Mohammad Ali


35: The highest city of Pakistan is Ziarat. What is its height?

A: 4500 feet                 B: 5000 feet                C: 5500 feet                D: 3200 Feet


36: Who was the first president of Azad Kashmir?

A: Sardar Abraham khan      B: Quid e Azam                      C: Nazim ud Din                     D: sardar Sakandar Mirza


37: Which city of Pakistan is in two provinces?

A: Attock                      B: Rajan Pur               C: Taxila                     D: Noshehra city


38: Who was the first king of slave dynasty?

A: Qutb-ud-din aibak                        B: Allau ud Din khilji                 C: Shuja ud Dola         D: Mehmood Ghaznavi


39: When Pakistan did accept Bangla daish?

A: 22 jan. 1974                        B: 22 feb, 1974                       C: 1 Jan. 1974             D: 21 Dec. 1971


40: Who inaugurated islamia madrassa pishawar?

A: Quid E Azam                      B: khawaja Islam ud din          C: Sahabzada abdul qayum khan

D: khan abdul qaym



41: When did Abdul-Salam have Nobel Prize?

A: 1978                        B: 1979                        C: 1974                       D: 1977


42: Indus water basin treaty was signed at Karachi on?

A: Sep. 09, 1960         B: September 29, 1960                       C: September 19, 1960

D: September18, 1960


43: Nawaz sharif was disposed on lastly?

A: 14th October 1999              B: 9th October 1999                C: 13 October 1999

D: 12th October 1999


44: Who started Home-Rule Moment?

A: Indhra Gadhi                       B: Mrs. Annie Basant         C: Sonia Ghandi                        D: Moti laal nehri


45: Hijrat movement was started on?

A; 1920                        B: 1919                        C: 1918                       D: 1921


46: Sir sayyad was born in the city of?

A: Decca                     B: Agra                        C: Delhi                      D: Ali garh


47: What was the name of Raja Dahir’s wife?

A: Rani Kot                  B: Rani bai                 C: Rani Indhra                         D: none of these


48: What is true about 3rd Goal Maiz Conference?

A: London, 1932                    B: London, 1931                      C: London, 1930         D: Lahore, 1932


49: When did Islamic Revolution occur in Iran?

A: 1978                        B: 1979                        C: 1977                       D: 1917


50: What was the age of Hazrat Abu bakar (R.A) when he died?

A: 63 years                 B: 62 years                  C: 61 years                 D: 60 years


51: Fatah e Mubeen is the 2nd name of?

A: Fatah e Mecca                  B: Ghazwa E Badar                C: Sulah e Hudebia

D: Death of Abu Jehel


52: Who threw the first arrow in the defense of Islam?

A: Holly Prophet (S.A.W)        B: Moshab bin Umair              C: Saad bin abbi Waqas

D: Amar bin Aas


53: The first sajda occur in the Surah?

A: surah Sajda                        B: Aaraf                       C: Alaq                        D: Surah Rome



54: Who is called abu basher thani?

A: Hazrat Adam                       B: Hazrat Seeth                      C: Harzat Abraham                 D: Hazrat nooh


55: Leaning Tower of Pisa is in Pisa. Pisa is the city of?

A: France                    B: Rome                      C: Italy                        D: Green land


56: “Qanoon” is the name of _____ language?

A: Sarayani                  B: Arabic                     C: Urdu                        D: Persian


57: Who was the leader of Muslims in the battle of Qadsia?

A: Saad bin abi waqas                      B: Amar bin Aas                      C: Khalid Bin Waleed              D: Zaid bin sabit


58: Who won the first battle of Pani-Pat?

A: Babur                     B: Jahangir                  C: Shuja ud Dola                     D: Tipu Sultan


59: When did Russian leader Lennon died?

A: 1921                        B: 1924                        C: 1824                       D: 1922


60: Who has similar facial feature to Hazrat Mohammad (s.a.w)?

A; Zaid bin Haris          B: Hazrat Ali                C; Moshab bin umair                        D: none of these


61: What was the father’s name of Hazrat Usman (r.a)?

A: Affan                       B: Ghanni                    C: Sabit bin mughera              D: none of these


62: When did the Siachen Disaster happen?

A: 3rd April 1999.          B: 7th April, 2012                    C: 6th April, 2012         D: 6th april, 2012


63: What is the father’s name of Irfa kareem?

A: Lt-Col. Amjad Karim

B: Lt. Col. Qazi Karim

C: Lt. Col. Ahmed Karim

D: Lt. Col. Karim Randhawa


64: What is the name of Dr. iqbal’s second wife?

A: Begum Sardar Iqbal                        B: Sardar Begum      C: Atiya Bi Bi               D: Karim BiBi


65: Massawar e gham kis ko kehty hain?

A; Majeed Amjad         B: Allama Rashid alkhairi                 C: Deputy Nazeer Ahmed

D: Robinder Nath Tegor



66; “Talqeen shah” ka kirdar kis ny likha tha?

A: Banu Qudsia                       B: ghulam Abbass      C: Shokat Sadiqui       D: Ishfaq ahmed


67: Teerhi lakeer kis ki likhi hoi story hy?

A: Ismat chughtai      B: khalil jibran              C: kirishan Chandar    D: Munshi Sajjad hussain


68: “Barg e nay” kis ny likhi thi?

A: Nasir kazmi                        B: noon-meem-Rasid             C: parween shakir

D: faiz ahmed faiz


69: “shab e rafta” ka intisaab kis k naam hy?

A: parween shakir k naam      B: Subh e nou k naam

C: guzri hoi raat k naam                     D: fitrat k naam


70: “chaand chehra, sitara ankhen” kis ka kalam hay?

A: parween shakir       B: Amjad islam amjad             C: Ubaid ullah Aleem

D: Ahmed nadeem qasmi


71: Urdu kis zuban ka lafz hy?

A; Turkish      B: Hindi                        C: Arabic         D: persian


72: Azad nazam ka bani kis poet ko kehty hain?

A: amjad islam amjad             B: majeed amjad         C: Noon-meem-rashid

D: Faiz ahmed faiz


73: “heer-Ranjha” kis ny likhi thi?

A: hashim shah                       B: Waris shah            C: sachal sarmast                  D: none of these


74: Kis Punjabi poet ko “Punjabi ka Shakespeare” kehty hain?

A: Waris shah             B: sultan baho             C: bhully shah             D: hashim shah


75: Famous t.v. play “un-kaahi” kis ny likha tha?

A: amjad islam amjad             B: umaira ahmed                    C: Haseena moeen

D: ubaid ullah sindhi


76: Base Ball team is consisted of how many players?

A: 9                  B: 5                  C: 7                 D: 11


77: In which game the person who scores least, wins the game?

A: Chess         B: Golf                        C: Rugby                     D: Cards



78: Chess-mate is consisted of how many squares?

A: 64                B: 86                C: 92               D: 74


79: Which animal does not have ears?

A: Oyster           B: Snake       C: albatross    D: Vulture


80: Which of the following has teeth?

A: Eagle                       B: Snake         C: Bats                       D: King Crab


81: “Light year” is used for?

A: to measure age      B: To measure distance                   C: to measure Age

D: to study in night


82: Who invented sulfuric Acid?

A: Jabir bin hayan     B: Sir Sulfur Glydes    C: Bu ali Seena                       D: john Dalton


83: In computer networking, LAN stands for?

A: Line area Network   B: Low Area Network  C: Local area Network         D: Low Arithmetic Network


84: CPU is an example of?

A: Hard ware              B: soft Ware                C: desktop                   D: ALU


85: DVD can store data up to?

A: 600 KB                    B: 17 GB                     C: 13 GB                     D: none of these


86: TCP/IP stands for?

A: Transmission control protocol/ internet protocol

B: Transferable City Providers/ Internal Providers

C: Transmission Control Proxy/ Internal Proxy

D: none of these


87: DSL stands for?

A: Disk Standard Line

B: Digital subscriber line

C: Digital Standard Line

D: none of these


88: The average of 8 numbers is 12. If each number is increased by 2, the average of new set of number will be?

A: 14                B: 12                C: 18               D: 16



89: If 500 pounds of mush will feed 20 pigs for a week, for how many days will 200 pounds of mush feed 14 pigs?

A: 6                  B: 4                  C: 8                 D: 12


90: The arithmetic mean of 25, 31 and X is 37. What is the value of X?

A; 55                B: 65                C: 45               D: 42


91: 9 sq feet is equal to?

A: 1 sq yard                B: 3 sq meters                        C: 150 sq inches                     D: 12 X 12 inches


92: It takes 14 taps to fill a swimming pool in 10 hours. How long will it take 5 taps to fill the pool?

A: 24                            B: 26                            C: 28                           D: 30


93: If 5c + 3= 3c + 5, then what is the value of C?

A: 1                              B: 2                              C: 3                             D: 5


94: What is the plural of “Talisman”?

A: Talismen                 B: Talisman                 C: Talismens              D: Talismans


95: Where is headquarter of Amnesty International?

A: London                  B: Geneva                   C: Paris                                   D: New York

96: Which country opposed Pakistan’s membership in U.N.?

A: Afghanistan                       B: Iran                          C: America                  D: Russia


97: When the simla Accord was signed?

A: July 1971                 B: July 1972                C: Jan. 1972                D: Dec. 1971


98: Who is the first finance minister of paksitan?

A: Nazim ud din                       B: Liaqat ali khan         C: quid e azam                       D: ghulam Mohammad


99: The holly Prophet (p.b.u.h) was died on the day of?

A: Friday                      B: Thursday                C: Monday                  D: Sunday


100 : There is how many sajdah in holly Quran?

A: 14                            B: 11                            C: 114                         D: 12

PPSC Sample And Practice Mcqs Paper Of Assistant Superintendent Jail (ASJ) BS 16 In Home Department

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