Mcqs Sample Practice Test for ASI in Highway Patrol BS 9 Exam

Mcqs Sample Practice Test For ASI In Highway Patrol BS 9 Exam

Mcqs Sample Practice Test for ASI   in Highway Patrol BS 9  Exam 
1. Our plan _____ to succeed.
(a) bid fair
(b) pass by
(c) boil down
(d) hand and galore
2. Which holy book of Allah is called the old testament?
(a) zabur
(b) torat
(c) injeel
(d) quran
3. The first railway line in Pakistan was laid between
(a) multan-lahore
(b) karachi-kotri
(c) sibi-quetta
(d) rawalpindi-peshawar
4. Was of independence was fought in
(a) 1757
(b) 1857
(c) 1858
(d) 1758
5. Number of permanent members of UN security council is
(a) three
(b) four
(c) five
(d) six
6. Satpara lake is in
(a) sindh
(b) balochistan
(c) gilgit baltistan
(d) punjab
7. Nothing must be allowed to _____ our search for the truth.
(a) interfered with
(b) interfered into
(c) interfered from
(d) interfered upon
8. Eid prayer is
(a) farz
(b) wajib
(c) sunat
(d) nafal
9. Currency of Germany is
(a) lira
(b) deutsche mark
(c) franc
(d) dollar
10. The largest island in the Indian ocean is
(a) Madagascar
(b) Maldives
(c) Sri Lanka
(d) Sumatra
11. The border dividing Pakistan and Afghanistan is
(a) mcmohan line
(b) line of control
(c) durand line
(d) cease fire line
12. Which of the following is nearly a complete food by itself
(a) cheese
(b) milk
(c) meat
(d) rice
13. I _____ an old friend in Empress market this morning
(a) came around
(b) came round
(c) came across
(d) came with
14. The most important achievement of Abraham Lincoln was
(a) the strengthening of democracy
(b) the abolition of slavery
(c) the establishment of supremacy of north over the south
(d) none of these
15. Harappa is located in the district of
(a) mianwali
(b) sahiwal
(c) hazrat
(d) multan
16. He was _____ salted food by the doctor
(a) abstained from
(b) abstained for
(c) abstained in
(d) abstained to
17. Radium was discovered by
(a) marconi
(b) madam curie marie
(c) edison
(d) newton
18. What is the length of the day on poles?
(a) 12 hours
(b) 6 months
(c) 3 months
(d) 24 hours
19. Taj mahal in Agra (india) was built by emperor
(a) jahangir
(b) akbar, the great
(c) shah jahan
(d) humayun
20. Roshan was able to get the job _____ his uncle’s influence.
(a) odds and does
(b) by dint of
(c) big words
(d) all in all
21. The first country to recognize Pakistan on independence was
(a) USA
(b) iran
(c) saudi arabia
(c) iraq
22. Which of the following nations have not signed CTBT
(a) Australia and Brazil
(b) Japan and Britain
(c) Pakistan and India
(d) Peru and France
23. Who wrote the text of suleh hudebiya?
(a) hazrat umar
(b) hazarat usman
(c) hazrat ali
(d) hazrat hamza
24. You will soon get _____ the change of climate.
(a) accustomed to
(b) accustomed for
(c)accustomed in
(d) accustomed with
25. Who advised the holy prophet to dig the ditch at the time of battle of khandaq?
(a) hazrat usman
(b) hazrat salman farsi
(c) hazrat umar
(d) hazrat talha bin zubair
26. For how many years the British ruled over India?
(a) 90
(b) 110
(c) 100
(d) 85
27. Name the angel who writes good and bad deeds of human beings.
(a) munkar and nakeer
(b) haroot and maroot
(c) kiraman katibeen
(d) zabina
28. When amjad _____ the car, he took it out for a drive.
(a) has repaired
(b) had repaired
(c) was repairing
(d) repaired
29. The largest continent of the world is
(a) Africa
(b) Europe
(c) Asia
(d) Australia
30. Don’t let go _____ tight.
(a) hang on
(b) hang in
(c) hang over
(d) hang at
31. In September 1958 Gawadar was bought by Pakistan for 40 lacs pounds sterling from
(a) Iran
(b) Oman
(c) China
(d) Uzbekistan
32. Which city is called city of canals?
(a) Venice (Italy)
(b) Rome (Italy)
(c) Paris (France)
(d) Lahore (Pakistan)
33. Famous Lucknow pact between indian national congrert and all india muslim league was signed in the year
(a) 1916
(b) 1933
(c) 1924
(d) 1930
34. Vienna is the capital of
(a) Australia
(b) Belgium
(c) Austria
(d) Germany
35. I an trying hard to _____ the differences between two of my friends.
(a) bridge over
(b) helter shelter
(c) knock about
(d) meddle with
36. Muslim women were allowed to take part in the battle of
(a) badar
(b) khandaq
(c) uhad
(d) khyber
37. The mausoleum of sheikh abdul qadir jilani is in
(a) Rome
(b) Baghdad
(c) Syria
38. Alexandria is the famous city and an important sea port of
(a) Libya
(b) Lebanon
(c) Greece
(d) Egypt
39. Radio was invented by
(a) faraday
(b) darwin
(c) marconi
(d) archimedes
40. He died _____ malaria.
(a) from
(b) due to
(c) of
(d) owing to
41. enchanted
(a) fascinated
(b) fatigue
(c) repulse
(d) flatter
42. Acute
(a) keen
(b) bitter
(c) brisk
(d) genuine
43. Deuce
(a) diminish
(b) infer
(c) outline
(d) persuade
44. Collateral
(a) key
(b) secret agreement
(c) proposal
(d) security for a loan
45. Blatant
(a) conspicuous
(b) hidden
(c) ruthless
(d) faulty
46. Magnanimous
(a) selfish
(b) naive
(c) generous
(d) small
47. Catholic
(a) rigid
(b) orthodox
(c) strict
(d) narrow minded
48. Tacit
(a) order
(b) written
(c) oral
(d) understanding
49. Repel
(a) attract
(b) concentrate
(c) attend
(d) continue
50. Offer
(a) beg
(b) barrow
(c) snatch
(d) request

Mcqs Sample Practice Test For ASI In Highway Patrol BS 9 Exam

English Synonyms PSC Examination

English Synonyms PSC Examination

English Synonyms PSC Examination



Couple Pair, Two
Courteous Polite, Mild
Cunning Clever, Wicked
Dacoit Robber, Bandit
Danger Peril, Hazard
Death Demise, Decease
Decorate Adorn, Embellish
Decrease Reduce, Lessen
Defend Guard, Protect, Save
Deficient Lacking, Wanting
Delicate Tender, Soft
Delight Pleasure, Joy
Depend Rely
Desire Wish, Longing
Despise Hate, Scorn, Contempt
Detain Stop, Prevent
Difficult Hard, Tough
Disappointment Despair
Discuss Argue, Debate
Disease Sickness, Ailment
Diverse Different, Varied
Do Act, Perform
Duplicate Copy, Replica, Imitation
Elegant Graceful, Refined
Eligible Suitable, Qualified
Employ Engage, Hire
Enemy Foe, Opponent
Entertain Amuse, Pleasure, Cheer
Enthusiasm Excitement, Frenzy
Error Mistake, Blunder
Event Occasion, Occurrence, Fact
Example Instance, Sample
Excess Surplus
Eager Anxious, Earnest
Faithful Loyal, Reliable, Devoted
Famous Popular, Well known
Fatigue Tiredness
Fiction Myth, Falsehood
Fine Elegant, Excellent
Fit Adequate, Suitable
Force Compel, Strength, Energy
Forgive Pardon
Gentle Noble, Good
Ghostly Unnatural, Eerie

English Synonyms PSC Examination

Pakistan Studies MCQs for PSC Exam

Pakistan Studies MCQs For PSC Exam

Pakistan Studies  MCQs for PSC Exam

  1. Where  Pakistan  set up  first uranium moving and processing plant on October 20,1995? (Lucky Marwat)
  2. The first nuclear power plant was set up with the help of Canada in Karachi in(1972)
  3. Baba Fareed Shaker Ganj’ was the first poet of:(Punjabi)Ameer Khasroo was the first poet of:(Urdu)
  4. Amir Krore’ was the first poet of:(Pushto)
  5. After Independence the first radio station  was established in:(Karachi)
  6.  On  November 26,   1964 the first TV station was established in (Lahore)
  7. First    space    satellite    (Badar)    was launched by Pakistan in (1990)
  8. When first census was conducted in subcontinent?(1881)
  9. Pakistan’s first cabinet sworn on (August 15,1947)
  10. When Pakistan first time won the Cricket World Cup?(1992)
  11. The first census in Pakistan was held in (1951)
  12. First   SOS   village   of   Pakistan   was established at:(Lahore)
  13. When first SOS village was established in Pakistan?(1977)
  14.  Pakistan’s first geo-scientific laboratory is functioning in:(Islamabad)
  15.  Jinnah station was established in which continent on January 25,1991 ?(Antarctica)
  16. Pakistan’s  first  tea   processing   plant starts functioning in:(Mansehra)
  17. First Pakistani female athlete who won gold medal in 11th SAF Games?(Naseem Hameed)
  18. Name of the first Pakistani Bank which started its operation on August 17,1947:(Habib Bank Limited)
  19. When the TV Transmission started in the country first time?(November 26,1964)
  20. When PTV started its colour transmission for first time?(December 20.1976)

Pakistan Studies MCQs For PSC Exam

Information About Seats of Provincial Assemblies of Pakistan

Information About Seats Of Provincial Assemblies Of Pakistan

Information About Seats of Provincial Assemblies of Pakistan 

Sr. No.

Name of Province

General Seats

Women Seats

Monitories Total



Punjab Sindh

297 130

33 29

08 09

371 188











.   03


Information About Seats Of Provincial Assemblies Of Pakistan

Islamiat Solved Practice Test from PCS Past Paper

Islamiat Solved Practice Test From PCS Past Paper

Islamiat Solved Practice Test from PCS Past Paper
(i) Batha Valley is situated in:
a) Makkah
b) Madina
c) Egypt
d) Jordan
e) None of these
(a) Makkah
(ii) The longest Surah of the Qur’an is:
a) Surah al Baqarah
b) Surah al Imran
c) Surah al Tauba
d) Surah Yunus
e) None of these
a) Surah al Baqarah
(iii) Al-Maeen is a Surah in which there are:
a)100 or more ayahs
b) Simple orders
c) Hard orders
d) Less than 100 ayahs
e) None of these
a) 100 or more ayahs
(iv) “Arbaeen” is the book of Hadith in which there are:
a) 40 Ahadith
b) 50 ahadith
c) 30 Ahadith
d) 20 Ahadith
e) None of these
a) 40 Ahadith
(v) Fatwa Qazi Khan is an authentic Fatwa of:
a) Fiqh Hanbali
b) Fiqh Maliki
c) Fiqh Shafi
d) Fiqh Hanafi
e) None of these
d) Fiqh Hanafi
(vi) “FIDK” garden was bestowed to the Holy Prophet as:
a) Fay
b) Booty
c) Gift
d) Loan
e) None of these
a) Fay
(vii) QUBA mosque has been mentioned in:
a) Surah al Tauba
b) Surah Anfal
c) Surah Dhuha
d) Surah Al-Muzammil
e) None of these
a) Surah al Tauba
(viii) The tile given to the pioneers of Islam was:
a) Mushahidoon al Awwalun
b) Muslimoon al Awwalun
c) Assabiqoon al Awwalun
d) Al-awwalun al awwalun
e) None of these
c) Assabiqoon al Awwalun
(ix) The meaning of YA SABAHAHO is:
a) Good Morning
b) Good Morning declaration
c) Oh, Morning danger
d) Wishing Good morning
e) None of these
c) Oh, Morning danger
(x) The Master if Hazrat Bilal (MABPH) during embracing Islam was:
a) Abu Jahal
b) Ummayia Bin Harb
c) Ummayia bin Khalaf
d) Oqabah bin Abi al Mueet
e) None of these
c) Ummayia bin Khalaf
(xi) Splitting of the moon occurred in:
a) Arafat
b) Mina
c) Muzdalifa
d) Haram e Pak
e) None of these
b) Mina
(xii) The “IFK” event is described in the Qur’an in:
a) Surah Baqarah
b) Surah Tauba
c) Surah Noor
d) Surah Yaseen
e) None of these
c) Surah Noor
(xiii) The Prophet’s stamp comprises of these words:
a) Allah,Rasool,Muhammad
b) Muhammad, Rasool,Allah
c) Rasool,Muhammad,Allah
d) Rasool,Allah,Muhammad
e) None of these
a) Allah,Rasool,Muhammad
(xiv) The heads of Zakat are:
a) Eight
b) Nine
c) Seven
d) Five
e) None of these
a) Eight
(xv) MAUWAZATAIN means:
a) A collection of Ahadith
b) Two specific Surahs of Quran
c) A book of Jaffariah fiqh
d) A book of hanafi fiqh
e) None of these
b) Two specific Surahs of Quran
(xvi) Ozza was the name of:
a) a specific goddess of Quraish
b) Honour and Respect
c) name of a tree
d) name of a snake
e) None of these
a) A specific goddess of Quraish
(xvii) LEA’AN is:
a) A clause of Islamic law
b) To receive a reward
c) A term of trade
d) To bargain
e) None of these
a) A clause of Islamic law
(xviii) Ashabus sabt means:
a) Jews
b) Christians
c) Muslims
d) Sabieen
e) None of these
a) Jews
(xix) The number of famous months are:
a) Four
b) Six
c) Seven
d) Two
e) None of these
a) Four
(xx) Jabal-e-Noor is situated in:
a) Arafat
b) Ghar e Hira
c) Ghar e Saur
d) Jabal Uhud
e) None of these
e) None of these
1). Which Surah starts without Bismillah:
a) Al-Baqara
b) Al-Nisa
c) Al-Toba
d) Al-Ikhlas
c) Al-Toba
2). A male is coffined/wrapped in __ dressed sheets:
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
c) 3
3). Amount of zakat cannot be used in _____ .
a) Madrassah
b) Mosque
c) Hospital
b) Mosque
4). What is Sahihain:
a) Mishkat
b) Bukhari
c) Bukhari and Muslim
d) Ibne Majah
c) Bukhari and Muslim
5). Jehad become mandatory in ___Hijra:
a) 1 AH
b) 2 AH
c) 3 AH
d) 4 AH
b) 2 AH
6). Which one is called Masha’ar-ul-Haram:
a) Mina valley
b) Muzdalifa valley
c) Arafat
b) Muzdalifa valley
7). Who was the first martyre in Islam:
a) Hazrat Hamza (RA)
b) Hazrat Yasir (RA)
c) Hazarat Sumaya (RA)
c) Hazarat Sumaya (RA)
8). Who first embraced Islam among women:
a) Hazrat Fatima (RA)
b) Hazrat Zainab (RA)
c) Hazrat Khadija (RA)
d) Hazrat Ayesha (RA)
c) Hazrat Khadija (RA)
9). What is Istelam:
a) Salam to Kaaba
b) Salam to Hajre Aswad
c) Kissing Hajre Aswad
d) Praying at Muqam –e-Ibrahim
c) kissing Hajre Aswad
10). Who collected Quranic verses in one place:
a) Hazrat Umar (RA)
b) Hazrat Abdullah ibne Abbas (RA)
c) Hazrat Abdullah ibne Masud (RA)
d) Hazrat Usman (RA)
d) Hazrat Usman (RA)
1. How much Surah the Quran contains:
c. 114
d. 220
c. 114
2. The Nisab of Zakat in gold is:
a.18 Tolas
b. 24 Tolas
c. 7 ½ Tolas
d. 35 Tolas
c. 7 ½ Tolas
3. A Verse of the Holy Quran indicates the name of:
a. Hazrat Usman
b. Hazrat Muaaz
c. Hazrat Saad
d. Hazrat Zaid
d. Hazrat Zaid
4. A Muslim female is coffined in:
a. Eight Sheets
b. Five Sheets
c. One Sheet
d. Ten Sheets
b. Five Sheets
5. The original name of Imam Bukhari is:
a. Saeed bin Hatem
b. Ali
b. Zaid
c. Ismail
d. Muhammad bin Ismail
d. Muhammad bin Ismail
6. Makka was conquered in:
a. 5 A.H
b.10 A.H
c. 2 A.H
d. 8 A.H
d. 8 A.H
7. Qurbani (Holy Slaughtering)is made during Hajj at:
a. Arafat
b. Mina
c. Muzdalifa
d. Safa
b. Mina
8. Jami-i-Quran is taken for:
a. Hazrat Ali (R.A)
b. Hazrat Saad (R.A)
c. Hazrat Usman (R.A)
d. Hazrat Masood (R.A)
c. Hazrat Usman (R.A)
9. Pious-Caliphate lasted for about:
a. Eighteen Years
b. Twenty Years
c. Thirty Years
d. Five Years
c. Thirty Years
10. Gathering on Arafat during Hajj is made on:
a. 9th Zil Hajjah
b. 3rd Ramazan
c. 2nd Safar
d. 18 Shawal
a. 9th Zil Hajjah
1. How many stages the Quran contains?
(a) 8
(b) 7
(c) 9
(d) 12
(b) 7
2. Who was the first writer of “Wahi” in Quraish?
(a) Harat Abdul Rahman bin Auf (RA)
(b) Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit (RA)
(c) Hazrat Abdulla bin Zubair (RA)
(d) Hazrat Ibn Masuod (RA)
(b) Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit (RA)
3. Kitab-ul-Assar is compiled by:
(a) Imam Abu Hanifah (RA)
(b) Imam Shafi (RA)
(c) Imam Malik (RA)
(d) Imam Humbal (RA)
(a) Imam Abu Hanifah (RA)
4. Imam Shafi took the office of “Religious Judgment” in the age of:
(a) 13 years
(b) 14 years
(c) 20 years
(d) 15 years
(d) 15 years
5. What was the name of faster sister of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?
(a) Hazrat Salmah (RA)
(b) Hazrat Raqiyyah (RA)
(c) Hazrat Mariah (RA)
(d) Hazrat Shima (RA)
(d) Hazrat Shima (RA)
6. Namaz-e-Istisqa” is prayer for:
(a) Blessing of God
(b) Pardon
(c) Rain
(d) Sleep
(c) Rain
7. Who is called “saqi zam zam”?
(a) Hazrat Abbas (RA)
(b) Hazrat Hamzah (RA)
(c) Hazrat Muaz bin Jabal (RA)
(d) Hazrat Muawiyah (RA)
(a) Hazrat Abbas (RA)
8. The “Kissing of the Hajr-e-Aswad” is called:
(a) Saee
(b) Mabroor
(c) Istelam
(d) Shaut
(c) Istelam
9. What is the number of Ramzan in the Islamic Calender?
(a) 8th
(b) 9th
(c) 10th
(d) 11th
(b) 9th
10. Give the name, who compiled first work of Hadith “Sahifa-e-Sadiqa.”
(a) Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)
(b) Imam Muslim (RA)
(c) Hazrat Abdullah bin Amr (RA)
(d) Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA)
(d) Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA)
i. Who advised Abu Bakr (R.A) to compile the Quran:
a. Hazrat Umar (R.A)
b. Hazrat Uthman (R.A)
c. Hazrat Ali (R.A)
d. Hazrat Zaid (R.A)
a. Hazrat Umar (R.A)
ii. The Nisab of Zakat in Silver is:
a. 40 Tolas
b. 50 Tolas
c. 50 ½ Tolas
d. 52 ½ Tolas
d. 52 ½ Tolas
iii. The Prophet made Hazrat Muaaz bin Jabal the Governor of:
a. Kufa
b. Makkah
c. Medina
d. Yaman
d. Yaman
iv. Who are the “Sahibain”?
a. Abu Hanifah and Abu Yusuf
b. Abu Hanifah and Imam Shaibani
c. Abu Yusuf and Imam Shaibani
d. Abu Hanifah and Imam Shafi
c. Abu Yusuf and Imam Shaibani
v. Hajj is not completed unless you go to:
a. Makkah
b. Medina
c. Mina
d. Arafat
d. Arafat
vi. “Kitab-al-Umm” is written by:
a. Abu Hanifa
b. Imam Malik
c. Imam Shafi
d. Ahmad bin Hambal
c. Imam Shafi
vii. The foundation of Bait Ul-Hikmah was laid down during:
a. Abbasid Period
b. Ummayad Dynasty
c. Fatmid
d. Sub-Continent
a. Abbasid Period
viii. What is the number of month “Rajab” in Islamic Calendar?
a. First
b. 7th
c. 5th
d. Eleventh
b. 7th
ix. First Mujadid was Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz. Who was the second one?
a. Ibn-e-Taimya
b. Imam Ghizali
c. Ahmad Sirhindi
d. Shah Waliullah
c. Ahmad Sirhindi
x. Sahifa Hammam bin Munabih was found by:
a. Mufti M. Abduhu
b. Rasheed Ahmad Raza
c. Dr. Hamidullah
d. Dr. Zakir Naik
c. Dr. Hamidullah
xi. In which Surat of Quran there is mention of Zulqarnain?
a. A’ssuff
b. Alkahaf
c. Al Mujadala
b. Alkahaf
xii. Muslims are the best of all due to:
a. Justice
b. Moderation
c. Truthfulness
b. Moderation
xiii. Sahib Us-Ser is the nickname of:
a. Hazrat Khuzaifa (R.A)
b. Hazrat Uqba (R.A)
c. Hazrat Saad (R.A)
a. Hazrat Khuzaifa (R.A)
xiv. Masjide Khief is located in:
a. Muzdilifa
b. Arafaat
c. Minna
c. Minna
xv. Ghaseel ul Malaika is the title of:
a. Hazrat Abu Talha (R.A)
b. Hazrat Abu Dahana (R.A)
c. Hazrat Hanzala (R.A)
d. Hazrat Saad (R.A)
c. Hazrat Hanzala (R.A)
xvi. Who was appointed as Usher for Hijrat-e-Madinah?
a. Hazrat Saad bin Ubada (R.A)
b. Hazrat Utab bin Usaid (R.A)
c. Hazrat Abdullah bin Ariqat (R.A)
c. Hazrat Abdullah bin Ariqat (R.A)
xvii. Who was a historian jurist, philosopher, as well as a politician?
a. Shams uddin Ibni Khalkan
b. Abdur Rehman Ibni Khaldoon
c. Abu Bakar Muhammad Ibni Yahya
b. Abdur Rehman Ibni Khaldoon
xviii. When law of inheritence was revealed?
a. Three Hijre
b. Four Hijree
c. Five Hijree
b. Four Hijree
xix. Who was the last Commander in Chief for Ghazwa-e-Mautah?
a. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (R.A)
b. Abdur Rehman bin Auf (R.A)
c. Abdullah bin Rawaha (R.A)
a. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (R.A)
xx. Imam Dar ul Hijrat is the title of:
a. Imam Ahmad bin Hunbal
b. Imam Malik
c. Imam Shafee
b. Imam Malik
1). The word Muhammad (SAW) as a name has been mentioned in Quran only:
(a) Two times
(b) Four times
c) Six times
d) Seven times
(d) None of these
(b) Four times
2). Khateeb –ul-Anbia as a title of:
(a) Hazrat Idress (AS)
(b) Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)
(C) Hazrat Yaqoob (AS)
(d) Hazrat Shoaib (AS)
(e) None of these
(d) Hazrat Shoaib (AS)
3). Hazrat Umer (RA) appointed as custodian of Bait-ul-Mal:
(a) Abdullah bn Irqum (RA)
(b) Abdullah bin Umar (RA)
(c) Abdullah bin Abbas (RA)
(d) Abudllah bin Zubair (RA)
e)None of these
e) None of these (Abdullah bin Masud)
4). The effective Zakat System can ensure the elimination of:
(a) Poverty
(b) Interest
(c) Class Distinction
(d) Ignorance
e) None of these
(a) Poverty
5). A Verse of the Holy Quran indicates the name of:
(a) Hazarat Muaaz (RA)
(b) Hazrat Bilal (RA)
(c) Hazrat Saad (RA)
(d) Hazrat Zaid (RA)
e) None of these
(d) Hazrat Zaid (RA)
6). Masjid Zu Qiblatain is situated in :
(a) Madina
(b) Mukkah
(c) Taif
(d) Jabal-e-Noor
(e) None of these
(a) Madina
7). Who was a Historian, justice, philospher as well as Politician?
(a) Shams ud din bin Khalkan
(b)Abdur Rehman bin Khaldun
(c) Abu Bakar Muhammad Yahya
(d) Muhammad bin Essa
(e) None of these
(b) Abdur Rehman bin Khaldun
8). Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice:
(a) Al Nehal
(b) Al Namal
(c) Al Ahzaab
(d) Al Noor
(e) None of these
(b) Al Namal
9). Had -e- Qazaf (False Accusation) is:
(a) 50 Lashes
(b) 70 Lashes
c) 80 Lashes
(d) 90 Lashes
(e) None of these
(c) 80 Lashes
10). Ada Bin Hatam Thai embraced Islam in:
(a) 3 Hijri
(b) 6 Hijri
(c) 9 Hijri
(d) 11 Hijri
(e) None of these
(c) 9 Hijri
11). Wealth obtained from a mine is liable to:
(a) Zakat
(b) Khumus
(c) Sulus
(d) Rubah
(e) None of these
(b) Khumus
12). Sadaq-e-Eid-ul-fitr has been proclaimed in the year:
(a) 2 Hijri
(b) 3 Hijri
(c) 4 Hijri
(d) 5 Hijri
(e) None of these
(a) 2 Hijri
13). Imam-e-Dar-ul-Hijrat was a title of:
(a) Imam Ahmad
(b) Imam Malik
(v) Imam Shaafi
(d) Imam Muhammad
(e) None of these
(b) Imam Malik
14). The seal affixed on important letters by prophet (SAW) was in the Custody of:
(a) Hazrat Ali (RA)
(b) Hazrat Qais RA
(c) Hazrat khuzaifa (RA)
(d) Hazrat Bilal (RA)
(e) None of these
(c) Hazrat khuzaifa (RA)
15). Ameen –ul-Umat is the title of Hazrat:
(a) Emar bin Yasir (RA)
(b) Suleman Farsi (RA)
(c) Abu-ubaida bin Al jaraah (RA)
(d) Abu Saeeed Khuzir (RA)
(e) None of these
(c) Abu-ubaida bin Al jaraah (RA)
16). River Neil was declared as Sayed-ul-Anhar by Hazrat:
(a) Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)
(b) hazrat Umer (RA)
(c) hazrat Usman (RA)
(d) Hazrat Ali (RA)
(e) None of these
(b) hazrat Umer (RA)
17). Umm-ul-Masakeen was the title given to one of the wives of the Prophet (SAW):
(a) Harat Sauda (RA)
(b) Hazrat Zainab benet Jehash (RA)
(c) Hazrat Zainab benet Khuzima (RA)
(d) Hazrat Safia (RA)
(e) none of these
(c) Hazrat Zainab benet Khuzima (R.A)
18). Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) gave the key of Bait Ullah permanently to Hazrat:
(a) Umara Bin Utba
(b) Hanzla bin Abi Aamir
(c) Usman bin Talha
(d) Abdullah Bin Aamir
(e) None of these
(c) Usman bin Talha
19). Arafat gathering is held on:
(a) 8 Zil hajj
(b) 9 Zil hajj
(c) 10 Zil hajj
(d) 12 Zil hajj
(e) None of these
(b) 9 Zil hajj
20). Which one of the following is included amongst the Ushera-e- Mubhashera:
(a) Saad Bin Ubaid
(b) Saad bin Abada
(c) Saad Bin Abi waqas
(d) hazrat Hamza
(e) none of these
(c) Saad Bin Abi waqas

Islamiat Solved Practice Test From PCS Past Paper

General Knowledge Solved Practice Test from PCS Past Paper

General Knowledge Solved Practice Test From PCS Past Paper

General Knowledge Solved Practice Test from PCS Past Paper
1. What is the capital of Zimbabwe?
Ans: Harare
2. In which country Al-Tehrir square is located?
Ans: Egypt (Cairo)
3. Canton is city of which country?
4. What is the origin of Lake Nile?
Ans: Lake Tana in Ethiopia …( Lake Victoria,)
5 .Which country has the largest Hydro (hydel) Power generating plant?
Ans: China
6 .Which Country Christopher Columbus belonged to?
Ans: Italy
7 Pythagoras belonged to which country?
Ans: Greece
8. Isaac Newton belonged to which country?
Ans: England
9. When did railway service start in India?
Ans: 1857
10 Mount Everest was named after Which Colonel?
Ans: George Everest (surveyor general of india)
11. what is the meaning of de-facto?
Ans: In reality or fact; actually
12 What is the meaning of faux pas?
Ans: It is a French word meaning a social blunder or indiscretion.
13 what is the meaning of carte blanche?
Ans: from French: blank paper
14 which is coldest planet?
Ans: Until it lost its planetary status in 2006, Pluto was the coldest, but now is Uranus has an outer temperature of -224 degrees Celsius
15 What is the name of planet with shortest day?
Ans: Jupiter.
16 Which book was written by Tolstoy?
Ans: War and peace
17 In which month Russian revolution was started?
Ans: February,1917
18 Russia launched its space mission to moon in 1957. Tell the date?
Ans: 4th October
19 Secretary General of UNO belongs to which country?
Ans: South Korea
20 International Court of Justice sits in?
Ans: The Hauge

General Knowledge Solved Practice Test From PCS Past Paper

The World's Top Airlines

The World’s Top Airlines 
The World’s Top Airlines 
The results shown below show the final Global Airline Rankings in the 2013 World Airline Awards.
1 Emirates
2 Qatar Airways 
3 Singapore Airlines 
4 ANA All Nippon Airways 
5 Asiana Airlines 
6 Cathay Pacific Airways 
7 Etihad Airways 
8 Garuda Indonesia 
9 Turkish Airlines
10 Qantas Airways 
11 Lufthansa 
12 EVA Air 
13 Virgin Australia
14 Malaysia Airlines 10
15 Thai Airways
16 Swiss Int’l Air Lines 
17 Korean Air 
18 Air New Zealand 
19 Hainan Airlines 
20 Air Canada

General Knowledge Mcqs About World Important Days

 General Knowledge Mcqs About World Important Days
 World environment day is observed on 5th June.
• International day of peace is observed on 3rd Tuesday of September.
• World food day is observed on 16 October.
• International women’s day is observed on 8th March.
• World health day is observed on 7th April.
• Universal children’s day is observed on 20 November.
• World’s aids day is observed on 1 December.
• United nation’s day is observed on 24th October.
• International day of disabled person is observed on 3 December.
• Human rights day is observed on 10 December.
• Press day is celebrated on 3rd May.
• Kashmir Solidarity Day is observed on 5 Feb.
• In France the Bastille Day is celebrated on 14th July.
• International Literacy day is observed on 8 Sep.
• World children day is observed on 8th March.
• Human rights day is observed on 10th Dec.
• Day against drug trafficking is observed on 26 June.
• 22 March is celebrated as the world day for water.
• 11th July is known as World Population Day.
• Kashmir solidarity day is celebrated all over the country Pakistan on 5th February.
• World`s teacher day was observed on October 5, 2005 in Pakistan.
• International Literacy Day is celebrated on September 8.
• International Ozone Day is observed on September 16.
• The year 1998 was observed as the International Year of Ocean.
• Commonwealth Day is observed on May 24 every year.
• Human Rights Day is observed on 10th December every year.
• No Smoking Day is observed on April 7.
• World Book Day is observed on April 23.
• World Environment Day is observed on June 5.
• world press freedom day is celebrated on 3rd may. 
• World literacy day is celebrated on 8th September

Computer Science Mcqs for Lecturer and Subject Specialist PSC Exam

Computer Science Mcqs for Lecturer and Subject Specialist PSC Exam
Bit means Binary Digit
• 1 byte = 8 bits
• 1 mega byte = 1048576 bytes
• 1 kilo byte = 1024 bytes
• A combination of 16 bits are called word.
• A terabyte = 1 trillion bytes
• Our PC belongs to 4th generation
• Fred Cohen coined the word computer virus
• First computer virus was created in 1970 at Bell laboratories
• WORM means Write Once Read Many
• Power of a super computer is measured in FLOPS (Floating Point Operations per Second)
• WWW/http: (hypertext transfer protocol) was created by Tim Burner Lee in 1992
• Intel means Integrated Electronics
• 1 worksheet contains 256 columns
• G.W.Basic G.W stands for Gate Way
• Super Computer was created by J.H.Van Tassel
• CORBA is Common Object Request Broker Architecture
• URL is Uniform or Universal Resource Locator
• Intel invented RAM chip
• Information stored on disk as series of bumps on its shiny side.
• DVDs hold more information than CDs. They use smaller bumps and have two reflective layers
• Recordable CDs do not have bumps. There are patches of color on disk to change the reflected laser light
• In 1951 Univac – 1, the world’s first commercial computer was designed by John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert. They built ENIAC, the first electronic computer in 1946
• In 1968 mainframe was built.
• In 1976 first supercomputer the Cray-1 was developed
• In 1981 IBM produce the IBM PC.
• In 1998 IBM made quantum computer
• Super computers uses parallel processing
• In 1974, computer games were introduced.
• PROM is the abbreviation of programmable read only memory

• What was the world’s first high level programming language 1957: IBM FORTRAN
• A JPEG is a picture file format – what does JPEG stand for: Joint Photographic Experts Group
• During World War II, IBM built the computers the Nazis used to manage their death/concentration camps
• Registers are temporary storage areas within the CPU.
• First apple computer was built in garage.
• The language of small talk is object oriented.
• Shell is an operating environment.
• Virtual memory is also known as virtual page.
• NOS refer to operating systems for a network.
• In EBCDIC each character is denoted by 8 bits.
• Diodes are used in analog computer circuits as limiter.
• Wetware stands for any organic intelligence.
• GIGO stands for garbage in garbage out.
• Application of flip-flap are counters, shift register and transfer register.
• Bootstrap is associated with computer.
• FORTRAN stands for formula translator.
• A group of character that is termed as a single entity is called word.
• Clip art is a computer prepared art.
• Mark sensing is another term for OMR.
• Authorization to make multiple software copies is called site licensing.
• Antivirus is also known as vaccines.
• Free software is also known as public domain software.
• In computer DFD stands for Data Flow Diagram.
• Cyber Space is called to Virtual world of the computer.
• What does the sun in SUN Microsystems stand for Stanford University Network
• What does Intel stand for- Integrated Electronics
• All PCs have a BIOS what does bios stand for-Basic Input Output System
• What is the common name for an integrated circuit A Chip
• In WWW terms what does i.e. mean on a domain name-Ireland
• What company introduced the first commercial minicomputer 65 DEC
• Name the first web browser publicly available NCSA Mosaic
• The world’s most powerful super computer is called ASCI white.
• World Wide Web was invented in 1993 by Tim Bareness Lee.
• The B-programming language was developed by Ken Thompson.
• The 1st commercially produced and sold computer (1951) was UNIVAC.
• The transformation from heavy computers to PCs was made possible using microprocessors.
• The first microprocessor was developed in 1971 by Intel.
• A pentium 4 (P-4) employs roughly 40 million transistors.
• Mark-1, Apple-1, and collossus were initial desktop computers.
• Binary digits are briefed as bit.
• A collection of bits is called byte.
• The first home computer (1977), which was sold in millions of units was Apple II.
• ‘PARAM’ is a supercomputer.
• Father of the Computer.. Charles Babbage
• What does CMOS stand for in a computer- Complementary metal Oxide semi-conductor

Solved PST Test Past Paper 2013

Solved PST Test Past Paper 2013 

1. Largest dam of Pakistan: Tarbela
2. Minar-e-Pakistan situated in: Lahore
3. No: of security council member: 15
4. Body that produces shadow: Umbra
5. Female part of flower: Carpel
6. Powerhouse of cell: Mitochondria
7. Muhammad Ali Johar born in Rampur. TRUE
8. Kashmir ruled by Dogras. TRUE
9. Muslims entered in Sindh in: 712 AD
10. A leap year has: 366 days
11. Punjab means: Place where 5 rivers meet
12. 80 c is equal to: 176 f
13. line connecting two points NOT passing through center: chord
14. Path of electric current: circuit
15. Adverb of complete: completely
16. Karakorum Highway passes through: Karakorum Range
17. Building block of life is cell. TRUE
18. Unicellular organimsm are made up of multiple cells: FALSE
19. Light made up of 3 colors. TRUE (red, green, blue)
20. Echo is _____ of Sound. Reflection
21. Brass is a mixture: TRUE
22. No of vibrations per second is called frequence. TRUE
23. Tongue is a sense organ. TRUE
24. Hydrogen is simplest element. TRUE
25. Charged atom called ion. TRUE
26. Slivary glands present in stomach. c(they are present in mouth)
27. Process of cooling hot saturated solution to obtain crystals is called ‘distilation’. FALSE
28. Taj Mahal built by: Shah Jahan
29. Largest province by area: Baluchistan
30. National Bird: Chakor