Pakistan Studies MCQs for PSC Exam

Pakistan Studies MCQs For PSC Exam

Pakistan Studies  MCQs for PSC Exam

  1. Where  Pakistan  set up  first uranium moving and processing plant on October 20,1995? (Lucky Marwat)
  2. The first nuclear power plant was set up with the help of Canada in Karachi in(1972)
  3. Baba Fareed Shaker Ganj’ was the first poet of:(Punjabi)Ameer Khasroo was the first poet of:(Urdu)
  4. Amir Krore’ was the first poet of:(Pushto)
  5. After Independence the first radio station  was established in:(Karachi)
  6.  On  November 26,   1964 the first TV station was established in (Lahore)
  7. First    space    satellite    (Badar)    was launched by Pakistan in (1990)
  8. When first census was conducted in subcontinent?(1881)
  9. Pakistan’s first cabinet sworn on (August 15,1947)
  10. When Pakistan first time won the Cricket World Cup?(1992)
  11. The first census in Pakistan was held in (1951)
  12. First   SOS   village   of   Pakistan   was established at:(Lahore)
  13. When first SOS village was established in Pakistan?(1977)
  14.  Pakistan’s first geo-scientific laboratory is functioning in:(Islamabad)
  15.  Jinnah station was established in which continent on January 25,1991 ?(Antarctica)
  16. Pakistan’s  first  tea   processing   plant starts functioning in:(Mansehra)
  17. First Pakistani female athlete who won gold medal in 11th SAF Games?(Naseem Hameed)
  18. Name of the first Pakistani Bank which started its operation on August 17,1947:(Habib Bank Limited)
  19. When the TV Transmission started in the country first time?(November 26,1964)
  20. When PTV started its colour transmission for first time?(December 20.1976)

Pakistan Studies MCQs For PSC Exam

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