Solved PST Test Past Paper 2013

Solved PST Test Past Paper 2013 

1. Largest dam of Pakistan: Tarbela
2. Minar-e-Pakistan situated in: Lahore
3. No: of security council member: 15
4. Body that produces shadow: Umbra
5. Female part of flower: Carpel
6. Powerhouse of cell: Mitochondria
7. Muhammad Ali Johar born in Rampur. TRUE
8. Kashmir ruled by Dogras. TRUE
9. Muslims entered in Sindh in: 712 AD
10. A leap year has: 366 days
11. Punjab means: Place where 5 rivers meet
12. 80 c is equal to: 176 f
13. line connecting two points NOT passing through center: chord
14. Path of electric current: circuit
15. Adverb of complete: completely
16. Karakorum Highway passes through: Karakorum Range
17. Building block of life is cell. TRUE
18. Unicellular organimsm are made up of multiple cells: FALSE
19. Light made up of 3 colors. TRUE (red, green, blue)
20. Echo is _____ of Sound. Reflection
21. Brass is a mixture: TRUE
22. No of vibrations per second is called frequence. TRUE
23. Tongue is a sense organ. TRUE
24. Hydrogen is simplest element. TRUE
25. Charged atom called ion. TRUE
26. Slivary glands present in stomach. c(they are present in mouth)
27. Process of cooling hot saturated solution to obtain crystals is called ‘distilation’. FALSE
28. Taj Mahal built by: Shah Jahan
29. Largest province by area: Baluchistan
30. National Bird: Chakor

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