General Knowledge Mcqs for Public Service Commission Exam

General Knowledge Mcqs For Public Service Commission Exam

General Knowledge Mcqs for Public Service Commission Exam 
1) When All India Muslim League was founded in 1906, its rules and regulations were drafted by:
a) Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk
b) Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk
c) Mualana Muhammad Ali Johar
d) Nawab Salimullah
2) Under which of the constitutional reforms, the British Government Introduced the system of “Indian Civil services” through competitive examination
a) Indian Council Act 1861
b) The Indian Councils Act 1892
c) Minto Morley Reforms 1909
d) Montague Chelmsford Reforms 1919
3) Which of the following decisions was taken in the First Round Table Conference 1930:
a) One third seats will be reserved for Muslim in the central legislature
b) There will be a federal form of Government in India
c) Sindh will be separated from Bombay
d) There will be a unitary form of Government
4) Sir Syed Ahmad khan established an institute in 1864, with the objective to translate the books from English to Urdu and Persian, known as
a) Aligarh institute
b) The Scientific Society
c) Muhammaden Educational Conference
d) Ghazipur Educational Society
5) The real founder of Dar-ul-Uloom “Deoband” was
a) Mualana Shabir Ahmad Usmani
b) Mualana Muhmood ul Hasan
c) Mualana Muhammad qasim Nanautvi
d) None of these
6) Under which Act was the Muslim demand of “Separate Electorate” first conceded by British government ?
a) The Indian Councils Act 1892
b) The Indian Council Act 1909
c) The Government of India Act 1919
d) The Government of India Act 1935
7) When did Quaid-e-Azam say “Hindi India and Muslim India parted and parted forever”?
a) When congress launched non-cooperation Movement in 1920
b) When congress rejected his proposed modification in Nehru Report 1928
c) After the failure of 3rd Round Table Conference
d) When the Lahore Resolution was passed
8) The committee which approved the “Objective Resolution 1949” was headed by
a) Mualana Ashraf Ali Thanvi
b) Mualana Shabir Ahmad Usmani
c) Chief Justice Mian Abdur Rashed
d) Maulvi Tamiz-ud-din khan
9) Siachen Glacier is located in
a) Hunza
b) Gilgit
c) Baltistan
d) Chitas
10) “Khyber Pass” connects Peshawar with
a) Kandhar
b) Kabul
c) Herat
d) Jalalabad
11) The first Governor of Punjab after independence was
a) Sir Robert Francis
b) Sir Douglas Gracy
c) Sir Frank Messervy
d) Abdul Rab Nishtar
12) Which of the following leaders was dubbed by Quaid-e-Azam as “Show boy of congress”
a) Dr. khan sahib
b) Khizer Hayat Tiwana
c) Abu al Kalam azad
d) Khan Ghaffar khan
13) Which of the following women participated in all three Round table Conferences
a) Begum Jahan Ara Shahnawaz
b) Begum Salma Tasaduq Hussain
c) Begum Shaista Ikramullah
d) Begum qazi Esa
14) Which of the following historical sites was discovered by John Marshall in 1922?
a) Kot Diji
b) Taxila
c) Mohenjo-Daro
d) Mahar Gargh
15) The first chief minister of Punjab after independence was
a) Mian Mumtaz Daultana
b) Malik Feroz khan Noon
c) Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot
d) Mian Amiruddin
16) Liaquat-Nehru Pact 1950 was signed to
a) Draw ceasefire in Kashmir
b) Transfer financial asserts to Pakistan
c) Protect the rights of minorities
d) Release the water of
17) In violation of Indus Basin Water Treaty 1960, India has constructed “ Baghlihar dam on river
a) Indus
b) Jhelum
c) Chenab
d) Neelum
18) Which of the following Mountain Peaks is
a) Gasherbrum II
b) Raka Poshi
c) Gasherbrum III
d) None of these
19) Who is to be considered to be the first poet of Punjabi
a) Bulleh Shah
b) Baba Farid Ganj Shakir
c) Ghawaja Ghulam Farid
d) Sultan Bahu
20) The first “Wafaqi Mohtasib” was:
a) Justice (R) Afzalullah
b) Justice (R) Abdul Qadir Chaudhari
c) Justice (R) Saradar Muhammad Iqbal
d) Justice (R) S.A Nusrat
21) The first Rocket launched by Pakistan space upper Atmosphere Research Commission ( SUPARCO) on June 7, 1962 was:
a) Rehbar
b) Badr
c) Shaheen
d) Khyber
22) Largest desert of Pakistan is:
a) Thar
b) Thal
c) Cholistan
d) Kharan
23) The first princely state to accede to Pakistan was:
a) Sawat
b) Hunza
c) Bahawalpur
d) Kalat
24) Quaid-e-Azam served Muslim League as president for
a) 15 years
b) 22 years
c) 28 years
d) 31 years
25) The national animal of Pakistan is:
a) Horse
b) Deer
c) Parrot
d) Markhor
26) The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) consist of:
a) Five agencies
b) Six agencies
c) Seven agencies
d) Eight agencies
27) When first constitution was promulgated on 23 March, 1956, the Prime Minister of Pakistan was:
a) Muhammad Ali Bogra
b) Chaudhri Muhammad Ali
c) Khawaja Nazim-ud-din
d) Feroz khan Noon
28) The first Urdu newspaper (Daily) published after creation of Pakistan was
a) Mashriq
b) Imroze
c) Watan
d) Nawa-e-Waqat
29) Which of the following Muslim Countries vote against Pakistan’s admission into United Nation in 1947?
a) Iran
b) Iraq
c) Egypt
d) Afghanistan
30) After the creation of Pakistan first radio station was established at
a) Lahore
b) Karachi
c) Peshawar
d) Hyderabad
31) On July 9,1950 Pakistan became the member of
a) IMF
b) World Bank
c) Paris Club
d) ILO
32) The duration of national anthem of Pakistan is
a) 60 Seconds
b) 80 seconds
c) 100 seconds
d) 120 seconds
33) How many National Finance Commission Awards have been announced so far?
a) Six
b) Seven
c) Eight
d) Nine
34) The number of letters in Urdu language is:
a) 27
b) 37
c) 39
d) 42
35) Mir Chakar khan Rind is the famous poet of
a) Balochi.
b) Sindhi
c) Seraki
d) Pashto
36) “Reuters” is the famous news agency of
a) U.S.A
b) Britain
c) Russia
d) France
37) When the stock market is rising, it is called:
a) Upward tendency
b) Booming
c) Bullish
d) Bearish
38) 1 Metric ton is equal to:
a) 100kg
b) 500kg
c) 1000kg
d) 10000kg
39) The substances human body produce to fight against disease called:
a) Vaccines
b) Serums
c) Viruses
d) Antibodies
40) “Monometer” is an instrument for measuring:
a) Gaseous pressure
b) The luminous intensity of the sources of light
c) The strength of direct current
d) The relative density of milk
41) The term of office for the judges of International Court of Justice (ICJ) is
a) Three years
b) Five years
c) Seven years
d) Nine years
42) At the time of partition of India, the biggest princely state by area was:
a) Hyderabad (Daccan)
b) Jammu and Kashmir
c) Kathiawar
d) Junagarh
43) Which is contraband?
a) All Narcotics
b) Articles banned by a government
c) All smuggled materials
d) Goods which may assist an enemy in the conduct of a war
44) What is “Green Peace”?
a) A mountain range in North America
b) The largest island in the world
c) Geological society of London
d) An organization that stresses on the need of maintain a balance between human progress and conservation
45) According to the scientific research, one of the following items of daily use has antiseptic properties:
a) Onion
b) Garlic
c) Egg
d) salt
46) Which part of the world is called “The Land Of Free People”
a) Switzerland
b) Thailand
c) West indies
d) U.K
47) “Arboriculture” is a science of:
a) The raising of silk worms for the production of raw silk
b) The cultivation of flowers, fruits and ornamental plants
c) The cultivation of trees
d) The study of insects
48) “Asia Watch” is a
a) Human rights organization
b) A big time clock in Japan’s parliament building
c) News agency of Taiwan
d) None of these
49) The world’s famous bridge “Golden Gate” is in
a) New York
b) Sydney
c) Mexico
50) What is meant by “sine die”?
a) Under Judicial considerations
b) Treason
c) Without fixing a date
d) Superior court
51) The world’s largest “Desert” in area is
a) Sahara
b) Arabian
c) Gobi
d) Mogave
52) “Dead Sea” is lying between
a) Iraq and Sudan
b) Israel and Jordan
c) Russia and Japan
d) Greece and Turkey
53) “Ranikot Fort” is situated near the city of:
a) Jamshoro
b) Kotri
c) Larkana
d) Hyderabad
54) Identify the largest sea:
a) South China Sea
b) Caribbean Sea
c) Arabian Sea
d) Sea of Marmara
55) Which country has the greatest number of volcanoes in the world?
a) Japan
b) Indonesia
c) Philippines
d) Cameron
56) Length of Karakoram Highway(KKH) in Pakistan is:
a) 650 km
b) 785 km
c) 806 km
d) 900 km
57) Parliament of Russia is called:
a) Cortus
b) Diet
c) Knesset
d) Duma
58) Which country is below the sea level:
a) New Zealand
b) Japan
c) Ireland
d) Netherlands
59) The cause of Malaria was discovered by
a) Ronald Rose
b) F.C Hopkins
c) Edward Jenner
d) Dr. Paul Muller
60) The first viceroy of British India was:
a) Lord canning
b) Lord Elgin
c) Lord Clive
d) Lord Mayo
61) What is Subway?
a) Underground passage
b) A road or path raised aboveground level
c) Short passage to any place
d) None of above
62) The wonder of world “ Taj Mehal” is situated in the vIndian state of:
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Himachal Pradesh
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) None of these
63) Which of the following straits separates Malaysia from Singapore
a) Dover Strait
b) Johor Strait
c) Sunda Strait
d) Palk Strait
64) Which of the following mineral is used in cement and Plaster of Paris industry:
a) Marble
b) China Clay
c) Fire Clay
d) Gypsum
65) The recent mass movement of regimes change in the “Middle East” is called:
a) Orange Revolution
b) Arab Intifada
c) Arab spring
d) White revolution
66) The recent mass movement of regimes change in the “Middle East” is started from:
a) Egypt
b) Libya
c) Tunis
d) Morocco
67) “Reko Diq” reserves of gold and copper are located in
a) Punjab
b) Sindh
c) Baluchistan
d) Azad Kashmir
68) On September 9,1958 Pakistan acquired the Gawadar from:
a) Oman b) Bahrain
b) Iran d) None of these
69) The largest agency of (FATA) Federally Administered Tribal Areas is
a) South Waziristan
b) North Waziristan
c) Bajour Agency
d) Khyber Agency
70) Which of the following institution was first introduced in the 1973 constitution:
a) National Finance Commission
b) National Economic Council
c) Council of the Common Interests
d) All of these

General Knowledge Mcqs For Public Service Commission Exam

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