Job Descriptions and Responsibilities of Accountants

Job Descriptions And Responsibilities Of Accountants

Job Descriptions and  Responsibilities of Accountants

Accountant: Who handles the accounting system called accountant. There are different responsibilities of accountants

Usually Accountants are five types, but it’s not fixed.

Public accountants:

Who gives the Support to clients of the company

Tax Accountant:

Tax Accountant means those accountants who details all related work of Taxation of the company. Like sales tax, income tax, property tax, building tax, land tax and other types of taxes in different countries.

Financial advisor:

Financial Accountant or advisor means who handle the finance activities of the company.


Al  most every company must hair Consultants, because consultants are wel known about the laws of the country about Taxes and other all matters handle by Consultants, Consultants gives advises to the company about laws and make the company updates about the laws of that regions where company exists.


Auditors check the accounts from assistant accountants and senior accounts that they wants good or not.

Forensic accountants:

Forensic accounting called investigative accounting, involves the application of accounting concepts and techniques.

Job Descriptions And Responsibilities Of Accountants

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