Ministry of Defence Assistant Director(BPS-17) Mcqs Past Paper

Ministry Of Defence Assistant Director(BPS-17) Mcqs Past Paper

Ministry of Defence  Assistant Director(BPS-17) Mcqs Past Paper 
01. The commander of English Army in 1857 war? Sir John Shore
02. In 1857 war at Jhansi the fight was led by whom? Rani Laxmi Bai
03. Viscount Canning appointed viceroy of Sub-continent? 1856
04. The revolt of 1857 started first ? Meeruth
05. The first bullet fired of 1857 ? 29th March
06. Who fired first bullet in 1857 war in Barik Pur city? Mangal Panday
07. Mangal Panday was executed by British on? April 18, 1857
08. In 1861 which Act was passed ?Indian Council Act
09. War of independence took place in ?1857
10. Reign of Lord Canning was from ? 1856-1862
11. A flaming splinter is thrust into a bottle of Oxygen, a bottle of Nitrogen, and a bottle of carbon dioxide. The Flame will go out in ??? Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide but not in oxygen.
12. As we climb up mountain, the atmospheric pressure will ? Decrease
13. Lead Ball falls through water more slowly than through air because? Of the viscous force in water
14. Water cannot be used to extinguish fire caused by electric current because? It may cause another short circuit.
15. In diesel engines ignition takes place by? Compression
16. Cloudy Nights are warmer because ? Clouds prevent radiation of heat
17. If we go to Himalayas, we feel breathless because? The density of air is much less on the hills so Oxygen content is reduced
18. Which sets of colour combinations is added in colour vision in T.V? Red Green & Blue.
19. A train goes past a railway station at a high speed. A young boy standing on the edge of platform is likely to ? Fall towards the Train.
20. Food is cooked quickly in a pressure cooker because? Boiling point of water is increased
21. A pressure cooker reduces cooking time because ? B.P of water inside the cooker is increased.
22. In an earthen pot cooling of water depends upon? Outside temperature and Wind.
23. In deserts clouds do not precipitate because of ? Low Humidity
24. Water helps in the metabolism process in the presence of ? Enzymes
25. An adult requires how many proteins daily? 50-100 grams
26. Calcium content is maximum in ? Maize
27. Proteins are required to make which of the followings? Antibodies, Hormones and connective tissues.
28. The proteins are made in the cells under the instructions of ? Genes
29. Lipids are obtained from ? Both plant and animal sources.
30. What does make the blood look Red? Haemoglobin

Ministry Of Defence Assistant Director(BPS-17) Mcqs Past Paper

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