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ASI Police Mcqs Test Questions 2013

ASI Police Mcqs Test Questions 2013

ASI Police  Mcqs Test Questions 2013

Q.1 Out of the total area of world Antarctica contains? (5TH LARGEST)
a) 8.2% b) 7.9% c) 6.7% d) 8.9%

a) Alpine b)Khunjrab Pass c) Topi Pass d) Gondogoro La (5940m) connects Concordia with Hushe Valley in Gilgit Pakistan

Q.4 Which layer of atmosphere is vital for Telecommunication?
a) Troposphere b) Thermosphere c) Stratosphere d) Ionosphere

Q.5 Which cloud is likely to cause heavy rainfall?
a) Nimbo-stratus b) Cirro cumulus c) Strato-cumulus d) Stratus

Q.7 Identify the famous Strait located in Mediterranean Sea?
a) China strait b) Strait of hormuz c) Sinal strait d) Strait of Gibraltar (965000 Mile)

a) Potato (Root Vegetables) b) Sorghum/Corn c) Cereals (Rice,wheat, maize etc) d)All
Q.13 Potato is native of:
a) Cuba b) Andes c) South America (also Latin America) d) Argentina

Q.31 A Dart gun is used:
a) To fire tear gas shells b) For target shooting c) High accuracy shooting
d) For trapping big animals

Q.34 The water Of which sea is most Saline:
a) Red sea b) Black sea

Q.35 Rickets is a disease of:
A) Blood b) Bones c) Skin d) Glands
Q.36 Road reflectors for safe night driving were first invented by:
a) Henry Ford b) Dalmer Benz c) Percy Shaw (UK in1933)
Q.37 Lunar eclipse does not occur every month because:
a) The son’s orbit is not always in the same plane as the moon
b) The son’s orbit is not always in the same plane as the earth
c) The moon revolves at a slower speed
d) Earth’s orbit around the sun is not in the same plane as the Moon’s orbit around the Earth.

Q.38 Which of the following is the most destructive?
a) Tornado (Flying Debris) b) Cyclone
Q.39 Snake bite first affects the:
a) Lungs b) Blood circulation
Q.40 Which fruit can a diabetic patient eat freely?
a) Banana b) Orange c) Lemon
Q.41 After sleeping for a 100 years, he began woke up:
a) Hazrat Uzair b) Hazrat Moosa c) Hazrat Saleh
Q.42 The miracle of pregnant female camel was sent to the nation of: (By Hazrat Saleh)
a) A’ad b) Israel c) Samood d) Loot
Q.43 Find the principle that will gain Rs. 84 interest in 2 years at 4% per annum:
a) Rs.1050 b) 1000 c) 505 d) 507
Q.44 Pakistan Hockey team won gold medal for the second time in __________ Olympics:
a) 1972 Munich b) 1964 Tokyo c) 1968 Mexico City (1st 1960, 3rd 1984)
Q.45 There are _________players in each side in Football:
a) 11 on each side b) 12
Q.46 Finger Print (Dactyloscopy) Identification was first recognized & used as tool of crime investigation by:
a) Gilbert Thomson b) Marcello Malplghl c) Mark Twain/ Samuel L
d) Aziz ul Haq & Edward Henry (British India)
Q.47 The term “Dactyloscopy” is known as
a) DNA identification b) Examination of throat & flexible camera c) Gazing of stars, planets and moon with telescope d) Fingerprint Technique
Q.48 Revolver was first invented by:
a) Samuel Colt b) E.W Jaffery
Q.49 Chino Phobia stands for the fear of:
a) Snakes b) Snow c) Lighting

ASI Police Mcqs Test Questions 2013

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