PPSC Past Paper of Public Administration 2014

PPSC Past Paper Of Public Administration 2014

PPSC Past Paper of Public Administration 2014


Note Attempt FIVE question In all. All questions carry aqua, marks.A.M. in English only.

Q. 1. Who is a Civil Servant Explain his role responsibilities in the present scenario.

Q.2. What are the important indicators of Good Governance 2 Where do Pakistan stand in Mis context in comparison with developed countries.

Q.3. Compare direct involvement viz a viz regulatory role of Government. Which one has proven to be better in case of Pakistan, Substantiate your view point with examples.

Q. 4. What role transparency flow of Information media development has played in improvement of public sector Haw it can be made more meaningful.

Q.5. Describe in detail – the meaning, need and principles of Administrative discretion.

Q.6. What is meant by “Judicial Review” How important it is? What can be the possible grounds for a “Judicial Review”?

Q.7. Discuss “Fundamental Rights” guaranteed by Articles 7 • 28 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

0.8. Explain the meaning, necessity and established principles of Delegated Legislation.

0.9. Tie Natural Law Is said to express the close relationship between the ‘Common Law and moral principles. Please comment.
Q.10. How the “Judicial Supervision” has impacted the Public Administration In the recent years Please describe your views in his connection.

PPSC Past Paper Of Public Administration 2014

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