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Assistant Superintendent Jail Mcqs Past Paper KPK PSC

Assistant Superintendent Jail Mcqs Past Paper KPK PSC

1. Oldest parliament
2. Chengwadae (Blue House) is official residence of
3. Last Afghan King was M Zahir shah
4. Chennai old name Madras
5. Oldest organization among these OIC, SAARC, D 8, ECO
6. Likud and Kadima parties Israel
7. Freedom in exile author Dalai Lama
8. Holland Parliament name
9 Naira is currency of Nigeria
10 Kip is currency o Laos
11 Cabinet missions negotiated with
12 Radcliff submitted partition formula to
13 Lucknow pact conceived by
14 2nd oic conference held In Lahore
15 Gen yaha hold elections in 1970
16 Gulab singh sold Kashmir on 75 lac rupees
17 in 1946 election AML won 90% seats in central assembly
18 Act 1919 is based on Chelmsford report
19 Simla deputations met with viceroy
20 cabinet mission plan headed by
21 moplah rebellion took place in Malabar
22 1st movement against British in India
23 cripss mission proposed dominion status or india
24 Vernacular press act passed by
25 UK PM in 1857
26 Syed book on similarity between Islam and Christianity
27 Sur syed became chief judge in 1846
28 sir syed started job as
29 Indian king who requested napoleon to help him in ousting British
30 1st bengal Governer general
31 babar laid foundation of mughal empire by defeating
32 who was a slave b4 he became a king …balban, iltimush, all of these
33 delhi sultanate ended due to invasion o
34 sultan who spread network of canals feroz shah tughlaq
35 ameer khesro was contemporary of all except……allaudin khilji, balban, iltimush
36 fouundation o 1st Turkish kingdom in india
37 ist muslim ruler in india
38 Prepostions Engilsh Parted from
39 no mineral to speak of
40 rains have set in
41 he is neglectful in his duties
42 he took offence in my remarks
43 take pride in
44 piety makes against happiness
45 give away prizes
46 train bound for Karachi’
47 put out the light
48 seeking for wealth
49 subsequent upon

50 affection for grandchildren
51 addicted to
52 acquitted to (with charge of murder)
53 servant attending on him
54 deal in equal justice
55 broke off in middle of speech its broke down
56 abide by
57 good at French
58 writing essay with blue ink
59 complains of headache
60 who are Sahibain Abu Yusuf and Imam Shaibani
6 1 Zulqarnain is mentioned in Surah Saf
62 Hazrat Umar appointed as custodian of baitul maal
63 Bismillah comes twice in surah Namal
64 mashar ul haram is muzdalifa
65 qurbani is carried out in Mina
66 Istilam is kiising of Hajr e aswad
67 Gathering at Arafat is on 9th Zilhuja
68 Miraj took place from Makkah
69 suez canal connects red sea with mediterrian sea
70 Silicon Valley is in California
71 ist nobel winner from south asia rabindar nath tagore
72 saloos quran is sura baqara
73 country below sea level is UK, netherland, turkey , Italy
74 Primary colors are red, blue, green
75 battle of waterloo was fought In present day Belgium
76 pious calipath lasted for 30 years
77 salisbury is old name of Harare
78 malfunctioning of which organ causes diabetes liver, spleen or pancreas



1. Loathe: Hate
2. Loath: Unwilling

3. Incite: Encourage or stir up
4. Insight: Understanding

5. Emand: 
6. Amend: Changes

7. Hue: Colour
8. Hew: Grass (which is wrong)

9. Loan: Debut
10. Lone Solitary 

11. Metal A metal
12. Mettle Spirit

13. Feign Pretend
14. Fain 

15. Averse Opposed
16. Adverse Detachment 
17. Industrious Hardworking
18. Industrial Related to Industry

19. Immoral Not moral
20. Unmoral Disconcerned


1Thick-Skinned: insensitive

2 Hand and Glove 

3 Prime of Life: Youth

4 By Dint of: By means of

5 All in rage

6 steal the show: Best

7 Carried the Day: won 

8 In the lurch

9 Get Behind: support

10 Hard and Fast: Strict

11 Spoke in the wheel: Obstruct



1. Camel of the Prophet: Qaswa

2. Shortest term as Caliph: Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A)

3. Longest term as Caliph: Hazrat Umar Bakr (R.A). (Hazart Usman (R.A)

4. When Did nimaz declared Faraz? Miraj

5. Aam ul Hizn, year of Grief? 10th Nabavi

6. who was Warqa bin Naufal? Christian 

7. what happened on 13th Nabavi? …..

8. Quran revealed on? Laila tul Qadar

9. Name of the First Ghazwa? Abwa

10. After how long Hazrat Yaqoob and Hazrat Yousaf met? 40 years 

11. Number of years in prison by Hazrat Yousaf?

12. Who was the companion at the Hijrat? Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A)

13. Who were Ashab as suffah? Muhajirs near masjid nabawi

14. Which Prophet had the Miracle to cure the Leprosy? Hazrat Isa (A.S)


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