PMS General Knowledge Compulsory Paper

PMS General Knowledge Compulsory Paper

1. What is the capital of Zimbabwe?
Ans: Harare
2. In which country Al-Tehrir square is located?
Ans: Egypt (Cairo)
3. Canton is city of which country?
4. What is the origin of Lake Nile?
Ans: Lake Tana in Ethiopia …( Lake Victoria,)
5 .Which country has the largest Hydro (hydel) Power generating plant?
Ans: China
6 .Which Country Christopher Columbus belonged to?
Ans: Italy
7 Pythagoras belonged to which country?
Ans: Greece
8. Isaac Newton belonged to which country?
Ans: England
9. When did railway service start in India?
Ans: 1857

10 Mount Everest was named after Which Colonel?
Ans: George Everest (surveyor general of india)
11. what is the meaning of de-facto?
Ans: In reality or fact; actually
12 What is the meaning of faux pas?
Ans: It is a French word meaning a social blunder or indiscretion.
13 what is the meaning of carte blanche?
Ans: from French: blank paper
14 which is coldest planet?
Ans: Until it lost its planetary status in 2006, Pluto was the coldest, but now is Uranus has an outer temperature of
-224 degrees Celsius
15 What is the name of planet with shortest day?
Ans: Jupiter.
16 Which book was written by Tolstoy?
Ans: War and peace
17 In which month Russian revolution was started?
Ans: February,1917
18 Russia launched its space mission to moon in 1957. Tell the date?
Ans: 4th October
19 Secretary General of UNO belongs to which country?
Ans: South Korea
20 International Court of Justice sits in?
Ans: The Hauge
21 What is the circumference of earth?
Ans: Earth’s Circumference at the Equator: 24901.55 miles (40075.16 km)
22 What is the name of deepest point of Pacific Ocean?
Ans: Mariana Trench

23 What was the name of captain of Pakistan’s cricket team which beat England in 1954?
Ans: Abdul Hafeez Kardar
24 What is the name of book of Allama Iqbal which was translated in Urdu from Persian on its great
Ans: Bang -e- Dra
25 Which is a landlocked country? a. Kenya b. Sri lank c. Uganda,
Ans: Uganda,
26 To which country the father of Obama belongs to?
Ans: kenya
27 Chile shares longest coastal border with?
Ans: pacific (not verified)
28 Who gave the theory of special relativity?
Ans: It was introduced by Einstein’s in 1905.
29 Who gave the law of heredity?
Ans: Darwin (Not Verified)
30 Which theory was given by Isaac Newton?
Ans: law of Motion
31 What is the name of strait between Malaysia and Indonesia?
Ans: strait of Mallaca
32 which strait separates Spain and Morocco?
Ans: Strait of Gibraliar
33 Turnips is a kind of root?
Ans: blub root (Not verified)
34 What is the meaning of pediatrics?

Ans: Care of Children
35 In which continent longest river is located?
Ans: Nile in africa
36 lowari pass joins?
Ans: Dir and Chitral
37 In which country mountain Kilimanjaro in located?
Ans: Tanzania
38 when was first international flight from Pakistan?
Ans: 1955
39 WHO and IMF came into being in result of which agreement?
Ans: Bretton Woods conference
40 which is the device when pressed keys encode word on screen?
Ans: keyboard
41 which company has more cash than USA?
Ans: Apple
42 What is the GDP growth rate of Pakistan?
Ans: 2% (2.3%)
43 How much part of agriculture in GDP of Pakistan?
Ans: 21%
44 How much senate increased debt limit of USA government?
45 What is the name of parliament of Israel?
Ans: Knesset
46 When did Pakistan won first Olympic medal?

Ans: 1960 in Hockey
47 When did Abdus salam received noble prize?
Ans: October 15th 1979
48 who invented dynamite?
Ans: Alfred Nobel in1867
49 Who is the father of modern science?
50 in which country which country the garden of Babylon found in current?
Ans: Iraq
51What was the Old name if Myanmar?
Ans: Barma
52 How many Muslims were died in Ghazwa Badr?
Ans: 14
53 Which atmosphere layer is nearest to the earth?
Ans: Troposphere
54 Which is brightest planet?
Ans: Venus
55 What is the shape of Milky Way?
Ans: spiral
56 Al-Qanun fi al-Tibb was written by?
Ans: Bu ali sina
57 alkemia was written by?
Ans: Jabbar bin hayan (not verified)
58 Where is the head quarter of WTO located?

Ans: Geneva, Switzerland
59 The times which computer takes to reach its data is called?
Ans: access time
60 Who wrote book Indian Muslims?
Ans: William Hunter
61 Who was the prime minister at the time when General Ayub took over in 1958?
Ans: Malik feroz khan noon the 7th Prime minister of Pakistan.
62 What id name the person not present in first cabinet of Pakistan?
Ans: (—-)
63. 38th parallel is a border between which countries?
Ans: South and North Korea.
64 which river has blind dolphin?
Ans: The Ganges river
65. Who is special envoy of USA to Afghanistan n Pakistan?
Ans: Mark Grossman
66. Bashar al Asad of Syria belongs to which sect?
Ans: shia
67 What was the codename of Indian’s 1st atomic operation?
Ans: Smiling Buddha
68 Asian drama was written by?
Ans: Gunnar Myrdal
69. koljik pass connects which cities?
Ans: Quetta and Chaman

70 What is the cheapest source of energy?
Ans: hydel
71 Which player twice won grand slam?
Ans: Rod laver
72 Which point farthest from karachi on coastal highway?
Ans: Gwadar
73 What is the highest rank in air force? (check)
Ans: Air Chief Marshal
74 When did railway started in India?
75 Biman airways belong to which country?
Ans: Bangladesh
76 What is the percentage of oxygen in earth’s atmosphere?
Ans: 20% (20.946%)
77 What is the Name of process of sun heating the earth?
Ans: insulation (not verified)
78 What is the time taken by sun light to reach earth?
Ans: 8 minutes
79 Mixtures of metals is called what?
Ans: Alloys
80 Which organism produces Insulin in body?
Ans: Pancreas
81 Which of them was not present in management of Punjab when British took over?

82 Benghazi is city of which country?
Ans: Libya
83 What is meant by fifth pillar?
Ans: Treachery
84 When did Christians conquest Granada?
85 Penicillin was invented by?
Ans: Sir Alexander Fleming
86 smallest piece of silicon having electrical diagram in computer is called?
Ans: Chip
87. Which part of computer saves the instruction and time?
Ans: CPU
88. Which country Isaac Newton belongs to?
Ans: –
89. olympic games in Younan 1800….. Which month.
90 The distance between earth and sun is smallest in the month of?
Ans: September
91 when did Pakistan sent sputnik-1 in space.
Ans: 1957
92 Which is a brightest planet..?
Ans: Venus
93 Swiss canals join Which Seas?
Ans: River Nile with the Red Sea




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