Economy of Pakistan Mcqs

Economy of Pakistan Mcqs
The contribution of industry in our GDP is:
A. 9% B. 19%
C. 29% D. 39%
The percentage of our labour force working in agriculture is:
A. 14% B. 24%
C. 34% D. 44%
The government spends on education percentage of GDP:
A. 2.5 B. 5.5
C. 8.5 D. 11.5
The lower literacy rate in females is due to:
A. Lack of access to educational institutions B. Parallel ignorance
C. Discriminatory social norms D. All of the above
Life expectancy in Pakistan is (in years):
A. 46 B. 56
C. 66 D. 76
Public spending on health is:
A. Less than 1% B. More than 1 but less than 2%
C. More than 2 but less than 3% D. More than 3
Infant mortality rate in Pakistan is:
A. 45 B. 65
C. 85 D. 105
Life expectancy in Pakistan is:
A. Less than 60 years B. Between 60 to 70 years
C. Between 70 and 80 years D. More than 80 years
Environment includes:
A. Ecosystems B. Wildlife
C. Forests D. All of the above
Environment deterioration is occurring because of:
A. Lack of education B. Population pressure
C. Under utilisation of natural resources D. (a) and (b) of above

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