Political Science Freedom Of Speech and Press Role Mcqs

Political Science Freedom Of Speech and Press Role Mcqs
Freedom of speech is usually available in:
A. Totalitarian states B. Dictatorships
C. Liberal democracies D. Fascist states
Freedom of speech and free press are:
A. Complementary of each other B. Contradictory to each other
C. Partly complementary to each other D. Both complementary as well as contradictory to each other
If the people want to have freedom of speech for that it is essential that they:
A. Should be vigilant B. They should leave it to the Government
C. They should leave it to the opposition D. They should leave everything to the care of the head of the government
It is usually believed about freedom of speech that:
A. There should be no restriction on it B. There should be some reasonable restrictions on it
C. There should be absolute freedom D. It should be left to the decision of the executive head
Which one of the following is true about freedom of speech in India?
A. It has been given to the people by the President B. It has been forcibly obtained by the opposition
C. For it the people had to put in hard struggle D. It has been provided in the constitution
E. None of the above
Which of the following is no a reasonable restriction on the freedom of speech?
A. It should not defame the nation B. It should not criticise the government bluntly
C. It should not disturb peace D. It should not instigate communal feelings

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