Islamiat Mcqs Test

Islamiat Mcqs Test
1) Imam Bukhari was born in 194 and and died in 256 A.H
2) the mosque of the Prophet was damaged due to fire in the reign of Motasim Billah.
3) Hazrat Sulaiman founded the Al-Aqsa famous Mosque
4) Israel was 147 years old when Hazrat Ishaq died.
5) The Nation of Hazrat Hood was Exterminated through the scourage of flood.
6) Hazrat Adam’s grave is present in Saudi Arabia
7) Fast was made obligatory in the 2 A.H
8) Namaz-e- khasoof is related to Lunar eclipse
9) The holy books is the fourth belife in Iman-e- Mufasal.
10) science, Astronomy, writting with pens , sewing and weapons were made by Hazrat Idrees first of all.
11) Hazrat Shees was the youngest son of Hazrat Adam(AS).

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