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Indo-Pak History Mcqs Test

Indo-Pak History Mcqs Test

i. Islam was introduced in India by:
a. The Arabs b. The Turks c. The Mughals d. None of them.
Ans. a. The Arabs.

ii. Pirthvi Raj was overthrown and killed in 1192 A.D. at Thanesar by:
a. Muhammad Bin Qasim b. Mahmud Ghaznavi c. Muhammad Ghouri d. None of the obove.
Ans. c. Muhammad Ghouri.

iii. Qutb Minar of Delhi was designed as a tower of victory being the hallmark of the Empire of:
a. The Arabs b. The Afghans c. The Turks d. None of the above.
Ans. c. The Turks.

iv. Ibn-e-Batuta lived at the court of:
a. Sultan Ala-ud-Din Khilji b. Balban c. Muhammad bin Taghluq d. Shahanshah Akbar.
Ans. c. Muhammad bin Taghluq.

v. The famous garden Ram Bagh at Agra was laid out by:
a. Sikandar Lodi b. Babur c. Jahangir d. Shahjehan
Ans. a. Sikandar Lodi.

vi. The Lodi Dynasty was founded by:
a. Sikandar b. Bahlol c. Ibrahim d. None of the above.
Ans. b. Bahlol.

vii. Under Akbar’s Mansabdari System when a Mansabdar died all his property was confiscated by the law called:
a. Law of Omrah b. Law of Mansabdar c. Law of Escheat d. Law of Diwan-e-Qazi.
Ans. c. Law of Escheat.
viii. In 1582 Akbar appointed his Diwan-e-Chief to:
a. Jahangir b. Birbal c. Bairam Khan d. Raja Todar Mal.
Ans. d. Todar Mal.

ix. Dara Shikoh in his religious thought was influenced by:
a. Mujadded Alf Sani b. Mullah Shaida c. Shah Waliullah c. Khawaja Masoom.
Ans. b. Mullah Shaida.

x. The famous manuscript “Shikasta” and “Nastaliq” were written by:
a. Babur b. Aurangzeb c. Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi d. Shah Waliullah.
Ans. b. Aurangzeb.
a. Write the correct answers.

i. The Indian National Congress was founded in the year:
a. 1869 b. 1879 c. 1881 d. 1885.
Ans. d. 1885.

ii. 19th February 1946 is associated with:
a. The day of Deliverance b. The Second Round Table Conference c. Arrival of Cabinet Mission in India d. None of the above.
Ans. c. Arrival of Cabinet Mission in India.

iii. In India, the legal status of the provinces was for the first time recognized under:
a. The Indian Council’s Act 1892 b. The Minto-Morley Reforms 1909 c. The Montague-Chelmsford Reforms 1919 d. The Govt: of India Act 1935.
Ans. d. The Govt: of India Act 1935

iv. The proposal of Union of India embracing both British India and the states was put forward by:
a. The Cripps Proposals b. The Cabinet Mission c. The Indian Independence Act d. None of the above.
Ans. b. The Cabinet Mission.

v. The L.F.O was issued by:
a. Muhammad Ayyub Khan b. Yahya Khan c. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto d. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq.
Ans. b. Yahya Khan.

b. Fill in the blanks.

i. Prada stand for…….
Ans. Public Representation Offices Disqualification Act.

ii. The system of Diarchy in the provinces was abolished in…….
Ans. 1935.

iii. The First Constitution of Pakistan was promulgated on……..1956.
Ans. 23rd March.

iv. The Partition of Bengal was cancelled during the viceroyalty of……
Ans. Lord Harding.

v. “Life of Teachings of Muhammad (P.B.U.H)” was written by…….
Ans. Syed Amir Ali.

vi. The JUP was set up in……
Ans. 1948.

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