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Important Mcqs of English for Public Service Commission Exams

Important Mcqs of English for Public Service Commission Exams
The earliest surviving work in English Literature is
Ans: Caedmon’s Hymn
2. The epic poem Beowulf consists
Ans: 3182 alliterative lines
3. Which epic poem from old English Literature has been declared the national epic poem of England?
Ans: Beowulf Epic Poem
4. The epic poem Beowulf is written in
Ans: Scandinavian Script
5. Who wrote the epic poem Beowulf?
Ans: Anonymous
6. The Old English “Martyrology” is a Merican collection of
Ans: Hagiographies
7. Eynsham was a prolific 10th-century writer of
Ans: Hagiographies and Homilies
8. The earliest English poet whose name is known is;
Ans: Caedmon
9. King Alfred’s reign ended in
Ans: 9th century
10. In the battle of Maldon in 991, The Anglo-Saxons failed to prevent
Ans: Vikings’ Invasion
11. “The Wanderer” is an old English poem that consists
Ans: 115 Lines of alliterative verse
12. A poem that mourns a loss, or has the more general meaning of a simply sorrowful piece of writing is called;
Ans: Elegy
13. The English Literature is generally seen as beginning with the;
Ans: Epic Poem Beowulf
14. Normans conquered the England in
Ans: 1066
15. Which language became the standard language of courts, parliament and polite society during the reign of Normans?
Ans: Law French
16. Who translated the Bible in the Middle English Period?
Ans: Wycliffe
17. Which pre-Reformation movement rejected many of the distinctive teachings of the Roman Catholic Church?
Ans: The Lollard Movement
18. The term “Lollard” refers to whom?
Ans: The followers of John Wycliffe
19. A prominent theologian who was dismissed from the University of Oxfard in 1381 for criticism of the Church was;
Ans: John Wycliffe
20. Middle English Period lasts up till the;
Ans: 1470
21. Patience and Purity are alliterative poems written by;
Ans: Sir Gawain
22. What is the term “Chancery Standard” meant in English Literature?
Ans: A form of London-based English
23. Where is the Geoffrey Chaucer buried in?
Ans: Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey
24. Geoffrey Chaucer is best known for his;
Ans: Canterbury Tales
25. The first recorded association of Valentine’s Day is in Chaucer’s;
Ans: Parliament of Fouls
26. Who was the personal friend of Geoffrey Chaucer?
Ans: John Gower
27. Which book is believed to be the first published book written by a woman in the English language?
Ans: Revelation of Divine Love
28. William Caxton invented the printing press in
Ans: 1476
29. Pilgrim’s progress is a famous allegory of medieval period written by;
Ans: John Bunyan
30. Renaissance is usually regarded as beginning in 14th-century in;
Ans: Italy
31. The term Renaissance in English Literature means
Ans: Re-birth
32. The English Renaissance was actually the;
Ans: Cultural and Artistic Movement
33. John Florio was an excellent;
Ans: Linguist and Lexicographer
34. Sonnet was introduced into English Literature from
Ans: Italian Literature
35. The Faerie Queene, an epic poem was written by
Ans: Edmund Spencer
36. The defense of the poetry is the work of
Ans: Sir Philip Sidney
37. What is significant about “Gorboduc” the first verse drama in English Literature?
Ans: Blank Verse was used in it for the first time ever
38. Reign of the Elizabeth-I started in
Ans: 1558
39. Reign of the James-I started in
Ans: 1603
40. Thomas Wyatt is one of the earliest English poet of
Ans: Renaissance Age
41. Who is known as the poets’ poet in English Literature?
Ans: Edmund Spencer
42. Sonnet is a
Ans: 14-lines poem
43. What is called the first eight lines of Sonnet?
Ans: Octave
44. What is called the last six lines of Sonnet?
Ans: Sestet
45. What is the rhyming scheme of Octave in sonnet?
Ans: a-b-b-a-a-b-b-a
46. What is the rhyming scheme of sestet in sonnet?
Ans: : c-d-e-c-d-e or c-d-c-c-d-c.
47.William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, and Christopher Marlowe were
Ans:Elizabethan age playwrights.
48. Dr. Faustus is the very famous play, written by
Ans: Christopher Marlowe
49. The Alchemist, comedy was written by
Ans: Ben Johnson
50. The ‘Table Alphabeticall’ is believed to be first ever dictionary in English language was written in 1604 by;
Ans; Robert Cawdrey
52. English Civil War was fought during the reign of
Ans: King Charles I
53. Who was the last great poet of the age of renaissance?
Ans. John Milton
54. John Milton got blind at the age of
Ans. 40
55. The most dominant figure of the age of Restoration is
Ans. John Dryden

English Literature Mcqs Test

English Literature Mcqs Test
1. Which poem ends ‘I shall but love thee better after death’?
a. How do I love thee
b. Ode to a Grecian urn
c. In faith I do not love thee with mine eyes
d. Let me not to the marriage of true minds
2. Which poet is considered a national hero in Greece?
a. John keats
b. Lord Byron
c. Solan
d. Sappho
3. Which kind of poem is Edward Lear associated with?
a. Nature
b. Epics
c. Sonnets
d. Nonsense
4. In coleridge’s poem ‘The rime of the Ancient Mariner’where were the three gallants going?
a. A funeral
b. A wedding
c. Market
d. To the races
5. Harold Nicholson described which poet as ‘Very yellow and glum. Perfect manners’?
a. e. e. Cummings
b. T. S. Elliot
c. John Greenleaf Whittier
d. Walt Whitman
6. What was strange about Emily Dickinson?
a. She rarely left home
b. She wrote in code
c. She never attempted to publish her poetry
d. She wrote her poems in invisible ink
7. Rupert Brooke wrote his poetry during which conflict?
a. Boer War
b. Second World War
c. Korean War
d. First World War
8. Which Poet Laureatewrote about a church mouse?
a. Betjeman
b. Hughes
c. Marvel
d. Larkin
9. Which American writer published ‘A brave and startling truth’ in 1996
a. Robert Hass
b. Jessica Hagdorn
c. Maya Angelou
d. Micheal Palmer
10. Who wrote about the idyllic ‘Isle of Innisfree’?
a. Dylan Thomas
b. Ezra Pound
c. W. B. Yeats
d. e. e. cummings
A pattern of accented and unaccented syllables in lines of poetry
rhyme scheme
2. The repetition of similar ending sounds
3. Applying human qualities to non-human things
4. The repetition of beginning consonant sounds
5. A comparison of unlike things without using a word of comparison such as like or as
6. The comparison of unlike things using the words like or as
7. Using words or letters to imitate sounds
8. a description that appeals to one of the five senses
9. A poem that tells a story with plot, setting, and characters
free verse
10. A poem with no meter or rhyme
free verse
11. A poem that generally has meter and rhyme
free verse

Botany Mcqs Test

Botany Mcqs Test
(1) Pappus found in compositae is the modification of:
(a) Calyx
(b) Bract
(c) Corolla
(d) Stamen
(e) None of these
(2) In Malvaceae androecium is characteristically:
(a) Monadelphous
(c) Diadelphous
(d) Tetradynamous
(e) None of these
(3) The first phylogenetic system of plant classification was proposed by:
(a) Engler
(b) Prantl
(c) Wettstien
(d) Eichler
(e) None of these
(4) The androcium in Compositae is:
(a) Epitetalous and manodelphous
(b) Polyandrous and manodelphous
(c) Polyandrous and syngenesious
(d) Epitetalous and syngenesious
(e) None of these
(5) The fruit of mango is:
(a) Berry
(b) Drupe
(c) Pome
(d) Nut
(e) None of these
(6) Fungal spores produced asexually at tip or side of hyphae are called:
(a) Sporangiophore
(b) Anthrospores
(c) Conidia
(d) Spores
(e) None of these
(7) Damping off disease is caused by:
(a) Aspergillus
(b) Ustilago
(c) Pythium
(d) Puccinia
(e) None of these
(8) Obliquely placed ovary is present in the family:
(a) Rutaceae
(b) Solanaceae
(c) Malvaceae
(d) Labiatae
(e) None of these
(9) Gynobasic style arises from the base of ovary. This is characteristics of the family:
(a) Labiatae
(b) Solanaceae
(c) Compositae
(d) Malvaceae
(e) None of these
(10) Columella is present in sporangium of:
(a) Spirogyra
(b) Yeast
(c) Ulothrix
(d) Rhizopus
(11) Which of the following diseases is cause by fungus?
(a) Cholera
(b) Rust of wheat
(c) T.B
(d) Tetanus
(12) Target board effect is caused by:
(a) Alternaria
(b) Colletotrichum
(c) Pyricularia
(d) Helminthosporium
(13) Edible fungus is:
(a) Aspergillus
(b) Agaricus
(c) Penicillium
(d) None of these
(14) Clamp connections are very common in:
(a) Ascomycetes
(b) Basidiomycetes
(c) Phycomycetes
(d) None of these
(15) Penicillin was extracted by:
(a) Flemming
(b) Huxley
(c) Lamarck
(d) Brown
(16) Bacteria belong to:
(a) Schizomycetes
(b) Actinomycetes
(c) Epigynous
(d) None of these
(17) Mushroom is a:
(a) Parasite
(b) Saprophyte
(c) Photosynthetic
(d) None of these
(18) The sieve elements are the major components of:
(a) Xylem
(b) Phloem
(c) Cambuim
(d) None of these
(19) The gametes taking part in sexual reproduction of rhizopus are:
(a) Uninucleate
(b) Binucleate
(c) Multinucleate
(d) DIkaryotic
(e) None of these
(20) Blue green algae is a common name of:
(a) Xanthophyceate
(b) Chlorophyceae
(c) Cyanophycemae
(d) Charophyceae
(e) None of these

Political Science Mcqs Test

Political Science Mcqs Test
1- The main book which presents the Montesquieu’s philosophy:
a) the Persian letters
b) Prince
c) The spirit of Law
d) None of these
2- Leviathan is a book written by:
a) Rousseau
b) locke
c) Hobbes
d) None of these
3- Al-Farabi translated the work of:
a) Aristotle
b) Plato
c) Montequieu
d) none of these
4- Al-Farabi made everlasting contribution to:
a) Political thought
b) Sociology
c) History
d) none of these
5- Al-Ghazali was appointed in Nizamia College as a professor of:
a) Theology
b) Sociology
c) economics
d) none of these
6- Asbiyah was the term used by:
a) Turkish
b) Spanish
c) Arabs
d) none
7- ” The economics is the factor causing revolutions, movements or wars” is the claim of:
a) Mao
b) Karl Marx
c) lenin
d) none
8- Dr. Iqbal graduated in the year of:
a) 1887
b) 1889
c) 1885
d) none
9- Jean Bodin presented the concept of sovereignty in the book of:
a) Republic
b) Lectures on jurisprudence
c) Republica
d) none
10- According to which view, the law and libert are opposite to each other:
a) Liberalism
b) Communism
c) Individualism
d) none
11- The term “elite” was first began to use in:
a) France and Germany
b) U.K and U.S
c) U.S and U.S.S.R
d) none
12- The constitution is not written and rigid in:
a) Confedration
b) Federation
c) Unitary state
d) none
13- A voluntary union of sovereign and independent states is called:
a) Confedration
b) Federation
c) Unitary state
d) none
14- Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam is written by:
a) Ibn-e-Khaldun
b) Allama Iqbal
c) Syed Amir Ali
d) none
15- According to Aristotle, tyranny is the perverted form of:
a) Democracy
b) Aristocracy
c) Monarchy
d) none
16- Despotism means:
a) Rule of individual based on law
b) Rule of individual without law
c) Democracy
d) none
17- Mechiavelli was a:
a) Republican
b) Monarchist
c) Aristocrate
d) none
18- The regimes, like Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Soveit Union under Stalin are example of:
a) Authoritarian rule
b) Totalitarian rule
c) liberal democracy
d) none
19- The distinction between the parliamentary and presedential political system depends upon the relationship between:
a) legislature & executive
b) P.M & Presidnet
c) P.M & his cabinet
d) none
20- Who said, ” Law is the command of sovereign”?
a) Jean Bodin
b) John Austin
c) Rousseau
d) none
1- Quorum of Senate of PAkistan is:
a) 1/2
b) 1/3
c) 1/4
d) 1/5
e) none
2- Under 1973 Constitution of Pakistan, __________ woman/women can be included as mamber/ members of the Council of Islamic Ideology:
b) One
c) Two
c) Three
3- Financial Powers of the Senate of Pakistan are _________ to the National Assembly of Pakistan:
a) Equal
b) More
c) Less
d) Nil
4- Islam was declared as the State religion under the _________ constitution of Pakistan:
a) 1973
b) 1962
c) 1956
d) 8th amendment
5- Scientific Society was establishe by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in:
a) 1867
b) 1866
c) 1864
d) 1863
6- The first Muslim who became the President of Indian National Congress was:
a) Badruddin Tayyab gi
b) Abdul Kalam Azad
c) Zakir Hussain
d) Abul Kalam
e) none
7- Which American president was shot dead due to violation of convention of Senatorial courtesy?
a) Abraham Licoln
b) Garfeild
c) Jefferson
d) Roosevelt
e) none
8) Pendleton Act was introduced in USA in _________ for the recruitmnet to government posts through competitive examination.
a) 1905
b) 1901
c) 1885
d) 1883
e) none
9- On 15th November 1777, a ________ of 13 states was created in America.
a) Federation
b) Confederation
c) Unity
d) Condomenium
e) none
10- The present constituition of Turkey was drafted by;
a) kamal Ataturk
b) Grand National Assembly
c) National COnsultative Council
d) none
11- The Bolshevic Revolution took place in USSR in:
a) 1915
b) 1917
c) 1919
d) 1949
e) none
12- The presidium of the Supreme Soveit of former USSR consisted of ______ members:
a) 333
b) 303
c) 33
d) 25
e) none
13- The quorum of House of Lords is:
a) 3
b) 33
c) 50
d) 100
e) none
14- The Judicial committtee of Privy council was set up by the Act of _____
a) 1866
b) 1833
c) 1926
d) 1931
e) none
15- Every lord had a right to vote by proxy which was abolished in:
a) 1688
b) 1866
c) 1707
d) 1868
e) none
16- The Privy council consists of _______ members:
a) 30
b) 100
c) 330
d) none
17- The French president is elected by:
a) Electoral college
b) Direct universal sufferage
c) national assembly
d) senate
e) none
18- ” Right Honourable” is the title of:
a) Members of the Privy council
b) Cabinet Ministers
c) Judges of the courts
d) None
19- Under the 5th republic, tenure of French president is _______ years:
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 7
e) none
20- American ___________ is known as the Third Chamber.
a) President
b) Supreme Court
c) Senate
d) House of Representatives
e) none

Agriculture Mcqs Test

Agriculture Mcqs Test
1.Ratio of additive variance to phenotypic variance
Heritability (Broad sense)
Heritability (Narrow sense)
Co- Heritability
Gene Action
None of these
2.Inflourescece of wheat plant
None of these
3.Nullisomic individual
None of these
4.Ribosomes are site of
Fat Synthesis
Protein Synthesis
Photo Synthesis
Anaerobic Respiration
None of these
5.Type of sugar in DNA
None of these
6.Maize has 10 pairs of chromosomes. How many linkages groups will be present in maize if all genes are mapped
10 (Not sure)
None of these
7.Ph of Urea
None of these
8.According to 1972 Land reforms, ceiling of land
1000 acres irrigated and 2000 acres Barani
500 acres irrigated and 1000 acres Barani
250 acres irrigated and 500 acres Barani
150 acres irrigated and 300 acres Barani
None of these
9.Type of soils hold more water
Sandy (Not sure)
None of these
10.Hydrosphere refers to
Zone of water
Zone of earth crust
Zone of atmosphere
Zone of air
None of these
11.Compound used for reclamation of saline sodic and sodic soils?
None of these
12.Carrot, raddish , Beet are
Woody perennial
None of these
13.Which is not fruit?
Musk melon
Water melon
None of these
14.Body of sheep covered with
None of these
15.Bovine is term used for
None of these
16.Act of giving birth to young ones is
None of these
17.Type of mouth parts of grass hopper
Piercing and sucking
Biting and sponging
None of these
18.Bacteria reproduce asexually
Binary fission
None of these
19.All goods and services produced in country in one year are called
None of these
20.Uniform removal of soil in thin layer from sloping land is called
Sheet erosion
Rill erosion
Gully erosion
Stream channel erosion
None of these

Economics Mcqs Test

Economics Mcqs Test
1. Income elasticity of demand for an inferior good is:
a) Positive
b) Zero
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these
2. Convexity means averages are ______________ than extremes:
a) Worse
b) Positive
c) Better
d) None of these
3. Sum of MPC and MPS equals:
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) None of these
4. During the Liquidity Trap, LM curve is:
a0 Less elastic
b) Positive
c) Perfectly elastic
d) None of these
5. The dominant factor of production is:
a) Energy
b) Labour
c) Technology
d) None of these
6. GDP deflator is a ratio between:
a) Input prices
b) Output prices
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these
7. During monopoly, the equilibrium condition is:
a) MC= P
b) MC> MR
c) MC = MR
d) None of these
8. During Perfect compitition, the firm would earn a normal profit when:
a) AC > AR
b) AR = AC
c) P= MP
d) None of these
9. Roy’s identity is applied on:
a) Food
b) Bread
c) Utility
d) None of these
10) The following is the narrowest measure of supply of money:
a) M2
b) M3
c) M1
d) None of these
11) A positive externality in which a consumer wishes to posses a good in part because others do:
a) Supply
b) Concavity
c) Money demand
d) None of these
12) The Profit function is of:
a) Homegenious of degree = 1
b) Homegenious of degree = 2
c) Homegenious of degree = 0
d) None of these
13) The derative of cost function with respect to output price provides:
a) Input supply function
b) Output supply function
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these
14. A strategy that is optimal, no matter what an opponent does:
a) Dominant firm
b) Duopoly
c) Dominant strategy
d) None of these
15. A devaluation of a currency takes place under:
a) Flexible exchange rate
b) Fixed exchange rate
c) Clean Floating system
d) None of these
16. Nominal interest rate is:
a) Inflation minus Tax
b) Tax plus indirect Tax
c) Real intrest rate minus Inflation
d) None of these
17. An un- anticipated increase in money supply is neutral during:
a) Short run period
b) Medium run period
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these
18. A rise in general price level shifts the LM curve:
a) Down and to the right
b) Up and to the left
c) Positively sloped
d) None of these
19. Decrease in Tax shifts the IS curve:
a) Down and to the left
b) Negatively sloped
c) Up and to the right
d) None of these
20. Gross National Product is:
a) GDP – NNP
b) NFA – GNI
c) GDP – NX
d) None of these
1. Foreign aid comprises of:
a) Grants
b) Loans
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these
2. Per capita income of Pakistan during the fiscal year 2011-12 was:
a) $ 1258
b) $ 1372
c) $ 1025
d) $ 1050
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these
3. The GINI coefficient is measures of:
a) Inequality
b) Poverty
c) Growth
d) Development
e) None of these
4. During the last decade income inequality in rural areas of Pakistan has:
a) Increased
b) Decreased
Remained unchanged
d) None of these
5. The share of agriculture in GDP is:
a) 21%
b) 10%
c) 12%
d) 17%
e) None of these
6. During 1970’s the planning was concerned to:
a) Industrial Planning
b) Export Promotion
c) Import Substitution
d) Structural Planning
e) None of these
7. National Saving as a percent of GDP during 2011-2012 was:
a) 10.7
b) 13.1
c) 9.5
d) 8.8
e) None of these
8. The growth rate of manufacture sector during 2011-12 was:
a) 1.7%
b) 4.1%
c) 5.2%
d) 3.6%
e) None of these
9. The best measure of economic development among following is:
a) NNP
b) HDI
c) GDP
d) All of these
e) None of these
10. The main objective of Monetary or fiscal policy is:
a) Economic stabilization
b) Efficiency
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these
11. Direct taxes during 2011-12 was:
a) 37%
b) 63%
c) 15%
d) None of these
12. Public debt as a percent of GDP for 2011-12 was:
a) 58%
b) 65%
c) 50%
d) 45%
e) None of these
13. Govt. of Pakistan borrows from:
a) Internal sources
b) External sources
c) Pakistani banks
d) All of these
e) None of these
14. Growth rate of agriculture sector during 2011-12 was:
a) 3.1%
b) 5.4%
c) 2.9%
d) 2.1%
e) None of these
15. Nationalization of industries took place during the regime of:
a) Z.A Bhutto
b) Zia ul Haq
c) Ayub Khan
d) None of these
16. Development economics is concerned with:
a) Efficiency allocation of scare resources
b) Economic, social and political institutions
c) Imperfect resources and commodity markets
d) (a) and (b) only
e) None of these
17. The last land reforms in Pakistan were introduced in:
a) 1972
b) 1977
c) 1981
d) 1958
e) None of these
18. IMP advances loan for:
a) Construction
b) Balance of payment
c) Travelling
d) None of these
19.. Sixth five year plan covers the period:
a) 1965-70
b) 1960-65
c) 1988-93
d) 1983-88
e) None of these
20. The unemployment rate in Pakistan during 2010-11 was:
a) 7%
b) 5%
c) 3%
d) 6%
e) None of these

Computer Science Mcqs Test

Computer Science Mcqs Test
a. A portion of the hard disk considered as RAM.
b. Extended memory on the secondary storage that is used whenever physical memory is full .
c. The abstraction of separating logical memory – memory as seen by the process – from physical memory – memory as seen ny the processor.
d. It is the page file in Windows folder.
e. None of these.
2. The ‘cmp’ instruction modifies the:
a. Instruction register.
b. Flags register.
c. Segment register.
d. None of these.
3. Consider the following page reference string:
1,2,3,4,2,1,5,6,2,1,2,3,7,6,3,2,1,. Assuming there are 4 page framess available and that all frames are initially empty, what is the total number of page faults that would occur for the page reference string above if the least-recently-used (LRU) replacement policy is used?
a. 6
b. 9
c. 10
d. 11
e. None of these
4. The Banker’s algorithm is used to _________
a. Rectify deadlock
b. Detect deadlock
c. Prevent deadlock
d. Avoid deadlock
e. None of these
5. The necessary conditions needed before deadlock can occur are ________.
a. No Mutual Exclusion, Hold and wait, Preemption, Circular Wait.
b. Mutual Exclusion, No Hold and wait, Preemption, Circular Wait.
c. Mutual Exclusion, Hold and wait, No Preemption, Circular Wait.
d. Mutual Exclusion, Hold and wait, Preemption, No Circular Wait.
6. Differences between data lick layer and transport layer error detection is that:
a. Data link detects transmission errors while transport layer detects segmentation faults.
b. Data link detects node-to-node errors while transport layer detects end-to-end errors.
c. Data link detects end-to-end errors while transport layer detects node-to-node errors
d. Data link detects segmentation errors while transport layer detects bit error.
e. None of theses
7. Phase Shift Keying (PSK) method is used to modulate digital signals at 9600bps using 16 levels. The line signals speed (i.e. modulation rate) will be:
a. 1200 bands
b. 2400 bands
c. 4800 bands
d. 9600 bands
e. None of these
8. Exception handling is a powerful tenchnique that separates error-handling code from ______ code
a. Buggy
b. Faulty
c. Normal
d. Exceptional
e. None of these
9. When a subroutine is called, the address of the instruction following the CALL instructions stored in/on the:
a. Stack pointer
b. Accumulator
c. Programs counter
d. Stack
e. None of these
10. Binary tree “preorder” traversal is defined recursively as follows:
a. Traverse left subtree, visit the root, traverse right subtree
b. Traverse right subtree, visit the root, traverse left subtree
c. Visit the root, traverse left subtree, traverse right subtree
d. traverse left subtree, traverse right subtree, visit the root
e. None of these
11. What value will return to the operating system upon the successful completion of a program?
a. -1
b. 1
c. 0
d. None of these
13. The advantages of creating a prototype are:
a. It allows developers to experiment with number of different design options.
b. It can serve as means of communication between developers and customers.
c. It is better than water fall model
d. Both a and b
e. None of these
14. Choose the correct statement:
a. Testing can show the presence of bugs but never their absence
b. Testing can always find all the bugs
c. Testing can always be exhaustive
d. If we test enough then we can find all of the bugs
e. None of these
15. Which of the following operations need the participating relations to be union compatible?
d. All of these
e. None of these
16. The language used in application programs to request data from the DBMA is reffered to as the:
a. DML
b. DDL
c. VDL
d. SDL
e. None of these
17. What is the correct XHTML for a paragraph?
a. <P></p>
b. <P></P>
c. <p></p>
d. </p><p>
e. None of these
18. Which of the follwoing HTML form method is suitable when you need to send larger form submission?
a. Get
b. Post
c. Both Get and Post
d. Ajax
e. None of these
19. (2,4) is a point on a circle that has senter at the origion. Which of the follwoing points are also on circle?
a. (2,-4)
b. (-2,4)
c. (4,-2)
d. All of the above
e. None of these
20. In Bresenham’s algorithm, while generating a circle, it is easy to generate?
a. One octant first and other by successive reflection
b. One octant first and other by successive rotation
c. One octant first and other by successive translation
d. All octants
e. None of these.

Islamiat Mcqs Test

Islamiat Mcqs Test
1) Imam Bukhari was born in 194 and and died in 256 A.H
2) the mosque of the Prophet was damaged due to fire in the reign of Motasim Billah.
3) Hazrat Sulaiman founded the Al-Aqsa famous Mosque
4) Israel was 147 years old when Hazrat Ishaq died.
5) The Nation of Hazrat Hood was Exterminated through the scourage of flood.
6) Hazrat Adam’s grave is present in Saudi Arabia
7) Fast was made obligatory in the 2 A.H
8) Namaz-e- khasoof is related to Lunar eclipse
9) The holy books is the fourth belife in Iman-e- Mufasal.
10) science, Astronomy, writting with pens , sewing and weapons were made by Hazrat Idrees first of all.
11) Hazrat Shees was the youngest son of Hazrat Adam(AS).