Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC Lahore PMS General Knowledge Paper 2014

Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC Lahore PMS General Knowledge Paper 2014

1. Opposite of servile.
2. folketing is parliament of?
3. Cockpit of Europe?
4.working hours according to factory act 1934?
5. Equinox means?
6. Thomas cup?
8. Who won world cup football 2012?
9. Brazuca means
10. Strait of Hormuz between?
11. Diet parliament of?
12. Market downfall called?
13. Broadway street of USA?
14. Baltic states?
15. Baikal lake exist in?
16. “New Deal” written by?
17. Character of Dracula created by?
18. In USA election mostly members are elected from which state?
19. Aeroflot airline belong to?
20. Yangtze river passes from?
21. Head quarter of APEC?
22. Tegel is news agency of?
23. Kalahari desert located in which country?
24. Length of china wall?
26. Nelson Mandela remain in prison for….. years?
27. “Where money is accumulated men decay there” said by?
28. The sweetest songs give us saddest part of life. Said by
29. AREA of Australia?
30. Hottest planet?
31. Megabytes equal to 10……..?
32. Yasir Arfat dies on…. (date)?
33. Viticulture means?
34. The largest ethnic group not having a separate state?
36. Wheel is sign of?
37. Stone age also called?
39. Flat bone in human body?
40. ANSA is news agency of?
41. Horn of Africa?
42. City of seven hills?
43. Currency of Portugal?
44. Imaginary line with zero longitude crossing Greenwich?
45. France celebrate Bastille? Date
45. Bastille belong to which country?
46. What happened first? Revolution of china ..french revolution or war of American independence?
47. Mobile works on which waves?
48. Sunlight provides vitamin?
49. Decibel is used to measure?
50. Treaty about fragmentation of Ottoman empire?
51. Cross of stars at South pole have how many stars?
52. Military award of Italy?
53. ASEAN was established in ? Year
54. Arab league was established in which city?
55. Eden east written by?

Civil Defence Complete Paper 2014

Civil Defence Complete Paper  2014

1. Agartala conspiracy case in: 1968,1969
2. When British India changed its Capital from Calcutta to Delhi: 1911,1932,1947
3. Prince Suleiman the Magnificent belonged to: Ottoman Empire
4. When Muslims invaded in Spain: 711,706,730
5. Who was first Caliph of Spain: Abdul Rehman addakhell
6. foundation of gaghdad laid by–haroon, mamoon, waleed
7. Teacher of Alexandra: Aristotle
8. Who lead PNA in 1977: Asghar khan, nawabzada nasrulla
9. Who lead Pakistani delegation in UN general assembly: Nawaz Shrief, sirtaj aziz
10. Saracens written by: Syed Ameer Ali
11. WTO most recent summit held in: London, geneva, paris
12. Sheikh Abdul Qadir wrote preface for which poem of Allama Iqbal: jabreel, armaghan hijaz, bange dara
13. uddas naslien kis ki tasneef hai—-abdullah hussain
14. alter ego means——-worst enemy, rlitive, close friend, distinctive characteristics of personality
15. Mukhtar Masood ke Tasneef:
16. Faraz ka kalam konsa tha:
17. Allama Iqbal ne kis country ke educational Policy bnaye: iran aghanistan, turkey
18. PPP founded in—1967
19. malik ghulam muhammad was previously—secretary, foreign minister
20. Pakistan’s latest census held in: 1998
21. Foreign minister of Pakistan in 1965: Z A Bhutto
22. Basic Democracy hierarchical concept of Ayub Khan was based on: 5- Tier
23. maximum acreage limit in 1972 land reforms were: 150, 250, 500
24. Who presided over the Allah-bad address 1930? Allama Iqbal
25. Least populous country in world: vatican
26. “Dastak na do” kis ke tasneef ha:
27. Nearest to Earth planet: Venus
28. Stanley Wolport wrote a book on Zulfiqar Bhutto: Zulfi Bhutto of Pakistan
29. Chief Architect of 1956 Constitution: Ch Muhammad Ali
30. Who became the president on 20th Dec 1971: ZA Bhutto
31. Regions is divided into how many parts of Brain: 3
32. John F Kennedy (35th President) 50th anniversary celebrated on: 22th Nov 2013
33. Common Wealth latest Summit held in: Colombo, Dhaka, delhi,thailand
34. When Prophet PBUH started Tabligh Publically: 613
35. Proletarian means: labour Class
36. When Makkah conquered: 630
37. yadoon ki baraat kis ne likhy: josh malih abadi
38. Zoroaster was a —-founder of religion
39. Distance between makka an madina ……100, 200 ,300 miles
40. Conquest of Makkah in ………630.
41. Abbasid foundation after Damascus made capital to……..Bhaghdad.
42. who came in sub continent in 712…..Arabs.
43. Hazrat umer belongs to……. Banu Addi.
44. 2nd ummaya caliph was…………Yazid I ibn Muawiyah.
45. Iran was Conquered by…..saad bin abi waqqas.
46. 2nd battle between Quaresh and Muslim….Badr , Uhd.
47. The rising Abbasid Caliphate decisively defeated the rival Umayyad Caliphate, at the Battle of the Zab, in 751.
48. Obstacles in life come to be …..Jumping over, surmounted, tackled
49. He took much time for reading…..Carefully, hurridly, superficially
50. Revenue system in Ummya reign….Khiraj.
51. al-Khwarizmi’s contributions to ——mathematics.
52. Renowned non Muslim biography on Muhammad the prophet–
53. Formally breakdown of mughalls…..1707. 1757, 1857
54. Urdu-Hindi Controversy …..1867.
55. most significant event in 1963. Pak-china bordr agreement
56. Sir Syed founded, in 1886….the Muhammadan Educational Conference.
57. 1905 viceroy…..Lord Curzon.
58. Before Mountbatten viceroy….Wawell.
59. The Montagu–Chelmsford Reforms…..1919.
60. Cripps mission was in…..1942.
62. 1956 constitution chief architect…..bogra, ch muhd ali
63. The Prince” is a 16th-century political treatise by the Italian diplomat—- Niccolò Machiavelli.
64. Anemia is due to lake of….Iron.65. Ampere is unit of …….current
66. Smallest population….Vitican city.
67. European to open a sea-based trade route to India…. Vasco da Gama.
68. International court of justice based in….Hague.
69. who wrote Songs of blood and sword: a daughter’s memoir—-fatima bhtto
69. Michael Saul Dell is associated with….Computer Industry.
70. name of Vitamin C.— citric acid, ascorbic acid
71. Bones in human…..206.
72. Ogra related to….Oil and Gas.
73. Prices of patrol decreasing due to….iran us deal/rapprochement
74. Allam Iqbal ne kis mulk ki taleemi policy muratb ki….Afghanistan.
75. Nasir kazmi first book…..nasheeb, ,
76. ahmad fraz ki in main se kaun c book nahi hai…… Yafat
77. first Asian to win noble prize in literature——–tagore
78. Mukhtar masood ki kitab ka naan…..
79. chicken pox due to —Virus, bacteria, protozoa
80. Yuan is currency of…. China.
81. Leonardo de vinci painting….. mona lisa.
82. Siddhartha was the original name of—–Asoka, Confucius, Buddha
83. Malthusian theory related to …..Population
84. Gandhi emergence a prominent politician after….khilafat movement
85. 17th century Muslim sufi….Mujadid ali sani, shah wali ullah
86. Margaret Thatcher’s memoir —-Downing street years, years in service
87. pride and prejudice. wrote by jane austen
88. which novel not written by Shakespeare-mcbeth, Othello, native of—
89. Chile capital name….Santiago.
90. Penicillin’s inventor….Alexander Fleming.
91. Who invented cholera vaccine–enders, jenner
92. Cuba is in—- South America, asia, Europe. Central america,

PMS General Knowledge Compulsory Paper

PMS General Knowledge Compulsory Paper

1. What is the capital of Zimbabwe?
Ans: Harare
2. In which country Al-Tehrir square is located?
Ans: Egypt (Cairo)
3. Canton is city of which country?
4. What is the origin of Lake Nile?
Ans: Lake Tana in Ethiopia …( Lake Victoria,)
5 .Which country has the largest Hydro (hydel) Power generating plant?
Ans: China
6 .Which Country Christopher Columbus belonged to?
Ans: Italy
7 Pythagoras belonged to which country?
Ans: Greece
8. Isaac Newton belonged to which country?
Ans: England
9. When did railway service start in India?
Ans: 1857

10 Mount Everest was named after Which Colonel?
Ans: George Everest (surveyor general of india)
11. what is the meaning of de-facto?
Ans: In reality or fact; actually
12 What is the meaning of faux pas?
Ans: It is a French word meaning a social blunder or indiscretion.
13 what is the meaning of carte blanche?
Ans: from French: blank paper
14 which is coldest planet?
Ans: Until it lost its planetary status in 2006, Pluto was the coldest, but now is Uranus has an outer temperature of
-224 degrees Celsius
15 What is the name of planet with shortest day?
Ans: Jupiter.
16 Which book was written by Tolstoy?
Ans: War and peace
17 In which month Russian revolution was started?
Ans: February,1917
18 Russia launched its space mission to moon in 1957. Tell the date?
Ans: 4th October
19 Secretary General of UNO belongs to which country?
Ans: South Korea
20 International Court of Justice sits in?
Ans: The Hauge
21 What is the circumference of earth?
Ans: Earth’s Circumference at the Equator: 24901.55 miles (40075.16 km)
22 What is the name of deepest point of Pacific Ocean?
Ans: Mariana Trench

23 What was the name of captain of Pakistan’s cricket team which beat England in 1954?
Ans: Abdul Hafeez Kardar
24 What is the name of book of Allama Iqbal which was translated in Urdu from Persian on its great
Ans: Bang -e- Dra
25 Which is a landlocked country? a. Kenya b. Sri lank c. Uganda,
Ans: Uganda,
26 To which country the father of Obama belongs to?
Ans: kenya
27 Chile shares longest coastal border with?
Ans: pacific (not verified)
28 Who gave the theory of special relativity?
Ans: It was introduced by Einstein’s in 1905.
29 Who gave the law of heredity?
Ans: Darwin (Not Verified)
30 Which theory was given by Isaac Newton?
Ans: law of Motion
31 What is the name of strait between Malaysia and Indonesia?
Ans: strait of Mallaca
32 which strait separates Spain and Morocco?
Ans: Strait of Gibraliar
33 Turnips is a kind of root?
Ans: blub root (Not verified)
34 What is the meaning of pediatrics?

Ans: Care of Children
35 In which continent longest river is located?
Ans: Nile in africa
36 lowari pass joins?
Ans: Dir and Chitral
37 In which country mountain Kilimanjaro in located?
Ans: Tanzania
38 when was first international flight from Pakistan?
Ans: 1955
39 WHO and IMF came into being in result of which agreement?
Ans: Bretton Woods conference
40 which is the device when pressed keys encode word on screen?
Ans: keyboard
41 which company has more cash than USA?
Ans: Apple
42 What is the GDP growth rate of Pakistan?
Ans: 2% (2.3%)
43 How much part of agriculture in GDP of Pakistan?
Ans: 21%
44 How much senate increased debt limit of USA government?
45 What is the name of parliament of Israel?
Ans: Knesset
46 When did Pakistan won first Olympic medal?

Ans: 1960 in Hockey
47 When did Abdus salam received noble prize?
Ans: October 15th 1979
48 who invented dynamite?
Ans: Alfred Nobel in1867
49 Who is the father of modern science?
50 in which country which country the garden of Babylon found in current?
Ans: Iraq
51What was the Old name if Myanmar?
Ans: Barma
52 How many Muslims were died in Ghazwa Badr?
Ans: 14
53 Which atmosphere layer is nearest to the earth?
Ans: Troposphere
54 Which is brightest planet?
Ans: Venus
55 What is the shape of Milky Way?
Ans: spiral
56 Al-Qanun fi al-Tibb was written by?
Ans: Bu ali sina
57 alkemia was written by?
Ans: Jabbar bin hayan (not verified)
58 Where is the head quarter of WTO located?

Ans: Geneva, Switzerland
59 The times which computer takes to reach its data is called?
Ans: access time
60 Who wrote book Indian Muslims?
Ans: William Hunter
61 Who was the prime minister at the time when General Ayub took over in 1958?
Ans: Malik feroz khan noon the 7th Prime minister of Pakistan.
62 What id name the person not present in first cabinet of Pakistan?
Ans: (—-)
63. 38th parallel is a border between which countries?
Ans: South and North Korea.
64 which river has blind dolphin?
Ans: The Ganges river
65. Who is special envoy of USA to Afghanistan n Pakistan?
Ans: Mark Grossman
66. Bashar al Asad of Syria belongs to which sect?
Ans: shia
67 What was the codename of Indian’s 1st atomic operation?
Ans: Smiling Buddha
68 Asian drama was written by?
Ans: Gunnar Myrdal
69. koljik pass connects which cities?
Ans: Quetta and Chaman

70 What is the cheapest source of energy?
Ans: hydel
71 Which player twice won grand slam?
Ans: Rod laver
72 Which point farthest from karachi on coastal highway?
Ans: Gwadar
73 What is the highest rank in air force? (check)
Ans: Air Chief Marshal
74 When did railway started in India?
75 Biman airways belong to which country?
Ans: Bangladesh
76 What is the percentage of oxygen in earth’s atmosphere?
Ans: 20% (20.946%)
77 What is the Name of process of sun heating the earth?
Ans: insulation (not verified)
78 What is the time taken by sun light to reach earth?
Ans: 8 minutes
79 Mixtures of metals is called what?
Ans: Alloys
80 Which organism produces Insulin in body?
Ans: Pancreas
81 Which of them was not present in management of Punjab when British took over?

82 Benghazi is city of which country?
Ans: Libya
83 What is meant by fifth pillar?
Ans: Treachery
84 When did Christians conquest Granada?
85 Penicillin was invented by?
Ans: Sir Alexander Fleming
86 smallest piece of silicon having electrical diagram in computer is called?
Ans: Chip
87. Which part of computer saves the instruction and time?
Ans: CPU
88. Which country Isaac Newton belongs to?
Ans: –
89. olympic games in Younan 1800….. Which month.
90 The distance between earth and sun is smallest in the month of?
Ans: September
91 when did Pakistan sent sputnik-1 in space.
Ans: 1957
92 Which is a brightest planet..?
Ans: Venus
93 Swiss canals join Which Seas?
Ans: River Nile with the Red Sea




Journalism Mcqs for PPSC PMS Exam 2014

Journalism Mcqs For PPSC PMS Exam 2014

Journalism Mcqs for PPSC PMS Exam 2014
1. Banner Advertisement is a type of advertising related to:
a. Outdoor Advertising
b. Interactive Advertising
c. Corporate Advertising
d. None of these
2. The Public Relations department which covers the activities of Provincial Government is:
a. PID
d. None of these
3. Hamsafar is house journal of:
a. Daewoo
b. Pakistan Railways
c. PIA
d. None of these
4. Sultan Lakhani is the Chief Editor of:
a. Daily Dawn
b. Daily The News
c. Daily Nation
d. None of these
5. The book “Process and Effects of Mass Communication” was written by:
a. Denis McQuail
b. Wilber Schram
c. Joseph Ascart
d. None of these
6. News appearing before the occurrence of an events is termed as:
a. Curtain Raiser
b. Press Communique
c. Obituary
d. None of these
7. CPNE is a representative body of:
a. Newspaper employees
b. Newspaper editors
c. Newspaper owners
d. None of these
8. It is a compulsion for media organisations to _____ without changing or amending the text.
a. Press release
b. Press note
c. Hand out
d. None of these
9. Elahi Bakhsh Soomro is the capacity of Federal Information Minister announced to repeal:
a. PPO
c. PCO
d. None of these
10. A typical soundtrack which identifies a program is known as:
a. Sound track
b. Music track
c. Signature tune
d. None of these
11. There is limited and delayed feedback in _________ communication.
a. Interpersonal
b. Media
c. Mass
d. None of these
12. Family Magazine belongs to:
a. Jang Group of Publications
b. Nida-e-Millat Group of Publications
c. Century Publications
d. None of these
13. Obituary news relates to:
a. Deaths
b. Births
c. Weather
d. None of these
14. The function of mass media which relates to the provision of news is termed as:
a. Surveillance
b. Transmission
c. Correlation
d. None of these
15. The term “Media Determinism”, “Global Village: and “Hot and Cool Media” were termedes and conceptualized by:
a. Harold Laswell
b. Walter Lipman
c. Marshal Mcluhan
d. None of these
16. The name of the First ever Urdu newspaper of the sub-continent which started using coloured photographs and cartoons was:
a. Jam-eJehan Numa
b. Tehzeeb-ul-Akhlaq
c. Hamdard
d. None of these
17. the advertising which praises the item to be sold with subjective opinions, superlatives or exaggerations is known as:
a. Puffery
b. Dummy
c. Garbage-in
d. None of these
18. A journalist who is not full time employee of one media organistion is known as:
a. Reporter
b. Stinger
c. Free lancer
d. None of these
19. slander is:
a. Written defamation
b. Verbal defamation
c. Both of these
d. None of these
20. the first editor of “Dawn” was:
a. Faiz Ahmad Faiz
b. Shorish Kashmiri
c. Altaf Hussain
d. None of these

Journalism Mcqs For PPSC PMS Exam 2014