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Tag: How To Sell Yourself Effectively

How To Sell Yourself Effectively

How To Sell Yourself Effectively

Are you currently looking for a job? Or are you trying to influence and persuade others to do things, for
example buy a product or service from you, on a daily basis? Whether it’s on a daily, monthly or yearly
basis, all of us at some point in our lives have to try and sell ourselves to somebody else. The question
you need to ask yourself is ‘am I any good at it?’
In these difficult economic times prudence prevails. Companies still want to hire and people still want
to buy things but everyone wants to make sure they are getting value for money. In such circumstances
the ability to sell yourself effectively has become more important than ever.
Knowing your worth
So whether you have a job interview or are trying to win a new client, the key is to know your worth
before you do any talking. For example, imagine you are in a shop trying to buy a new television and
the sales person is unable to explain any of the features, why you should choose that particular brand
over all the others and just seems to just be hoping you buy the item in order to earn him his
commission. You probably wouldn’t buy from him would you?
Likewise if you are selling yourself, a product or a service the same principal applies. You need to be
able to clearly explain to the potential employer why you should be hired over all the other candidates
or why your company will do a better job than all the others. If you cannot do that then it is very likely
that you will fail.
Make a list
To start the process of getting to know your worth write down a list of strengths and weaknesses which
is purposefully weighted in favour of your strengths –10 strengths and 3 weaknesses, say. These can be
anything which you consider relevant to the situation such as interpersonal skills, qualifications, hard
and soft skills etc.
Once you have finished your list look at the strengths and reflect on why they are such an asset and
why any company would be happy to have access to these qualities. The next step is to take a look at
your weaknesses and come up with a plan to overcome them.
By doing this before a meeting or interview you will be allowing your inner self to focus on the
attributes you have to offer and they will be at the forefront of your mind when you have the meeting or
interview. This should give you the confidence that you will effectively be able to communicate these
attributes when the opportunity arises.
Which responses sound better?
Take a look at the following possible questions you could be asked and think about which of the
responses are better:
Q: “Why should we employ you?”
Answer 1: “I really want to work here and if you just give me the chance I know I can show you what I
can do. I’m really keen to work here!”
Answer 2: “With over 7 years experience of working in this industry in various different roles, I have
had the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. I have a strong work ethic coupled with
excellent analytical skills and I always want to get things done properly as my references will also tell
you. Your company also fits my personality perfectly…”
Q: “Why should I buy your product and not the competitor’s?”
Answer 1: “Well ours is the best. It’s well known in the industry, and you just need to ask anyone on
the street. Our service is excellent and we have been around the longest so we know what we’re doing.
Our competitors often mark up their items before sales as well which is bad practice. We are definitely
more trustworthy.”
Answer 2: “Good question. Our goal as a company is to provide the very best in quality and customer
service in this area but we would understand why some might feel a little nervous about trying a new
product. There are some customers who thought they may need our product but weren’t quite sure if it
would fulfil all their needs. However we conducted a survey which revealed that 95% of customers
who bought this produce were fully satisfied. The other 5% were given a no quibble refund. We feel it
is important to treat customers with respect and to earn their custom…”
I think most of you would agree that in both cases answer 2 is more likely to get you the results you
want. The key to giving the best answer in these situations is knowing your own worth, in other words
who you are and what you have to offer. This will enable you to have the confidence to sell yourself