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Tag: Important Mcqs Sample Paper for Public Service Commission one paper Mcqs Type Exam

Important Mcqs Sample Paper for Public Service Commission one paper Mcqs Type Exam

Important Mcqs Sample Paper For Public Service Commission One Paper Mcqs Type Exam

Important Mcqs Sample Paper for Public Service Commission one paper Mcqs Type  Exam

1. Transparency International is based in: Berlin
2. First muslim to get nobel prize was: Anwar Sadat of Egypt in 1978
3. Darfur conflict is in: Sudan
4. Largest export partner of Pakistan is:USA
5. Al Gore, former Vice president of USA, was awarded Nobel prize for: Global Warming
6. Secretary General of SAARC belongs to: Maldives
7. Which of the following is NOT the non-permanent member of UN:Sweden
8. Which country doesn’t yeild the veto power: Canada
9. The number of the member countries of UN at present is: 193
10. Which is the major source of electricity generation in Pakistan:Thermal
11. Number of the observer countries in UN is:
12. Ban Ki Moon belongs to: South Korea
13. Largest producer of uranium is: Canada
14. Parachinar is the famous town of: Kurram Agency
15. Total member countries of SAARC are: 8
16. May 3 is observed as international day for: Press Freedom Day
17. Al Jazeera TV channel is the TV channel of which country:Qatar
18. WAFA is the news agency of: Palestine
19. Qantas is the airline of: Australia
20. Kishanganga Dam has been built by India in: Srinagar
21. Abbasids overthrew whom:Ummayads
22. Mahmoud fought his first battle in Peshawar against:Raja Jaipal Singh
23. Muhammad Bin Qasim was nephew of: Hajjaj Bin Yousif
24. Muhammad Bin Qasim was killed during the rule of: Suleiman
25. Raja Dahir was ruler of: Sindh
26. Sisakar was the wazir of: Raja Dahir
27. Hajaj Bin Yousaf belonged to which dynasty: Ummayad Dynasty
28. Debal and Alor are the: Places of ancient Sindh
29. Which Abbasid ruler came in Sindh in 757 A.D.:Hisham
30. In 367 A.H / 777 A.D, Subuktigin, a Turkish slave became the master of: Gazni
31. Jummah is not compulsory for whom:None of them ( because it is not compulsary for both women and children)
32. Which prayer has no Azan: Eid & Janazah
33. Fundamentals of Islam are: 5
34. Order of Namaz came during: Mairaj 
35. Salaat e Taraweeh is: Sunnah
36. Eid is: Wajib (Sunnah Also)
37. Namaz e Khasoof is offered for: Lunar Eclipse
38. Namaz e Istaska is offered for: Rain
39. Faraiz of Wudhu are: 4
40. The word “Tehlil” means:Recitation of Kalima
41. The study of nature, etc. of sound is called: Accoustics
42. Who declared that light travels faster than sound? Al-Beruni
43. Shape of our galaxy is: Spiral
44. Study of energy production in living organism is called: Bioenergetics
45. Study of motion, path etc. of missile is called:Ballistics
46. Study of genetics of a cell is called:Cytogenetics
47. Study of creation of universe if called:Cosmogony
48. Who declared that universe is expanding: Hubble
49. Who explained the dispersion of light through prism: Newton
50. Who explained the geological formation of metals: Jabir-ibne-Hayyan
51. According to the Big Bang Theory the age of the universe is: 15-20 billion
52. Who is called the “Father of Pedriatics”:Al-Razi
53. According to Pythagoras shape of sun, moon and earth is:Sphere
54. Branch of science which deals with degradation of environment by living beings is:Biofouling
55. Analytical solution of Quadratic equations was given by:Al-Khawarzimi
56. Which scientist gave the theory that trajectory of the thrown particle is Parabolic:Galileo Galilei
57. Calculus was invented by: Newton
58. Science is derived from the Latin word “scientia” which means: Knowledge
59. The vertices of the triangle of science are: Hypothesis, theory, law
60. The science of getting exact copies of desired living organisms, organs, genes or molecules is known as:Cloning
61. How many natural numbers are there in between 2.009 to 23.30: 21
62. 9 boys 11 girls are there in the class, if half of the total are ill, what is the minimum number of girls that are ill? 2
63. Penguins and rabbits are there in a cage, if there are 20 heads and 48 feets in the cage, how many among them are rabbits? 4
64. Ali had two digits making a single number, usman used the same digits twice and made a 4 digits number, if usman’s number is divided by ali’s number what will be the answer? 101
65. Divided by 4, add 9 to it you will get 15 what is the number? 6
66. Which of the following is EVEN number: 2002, 2017, 210+0+0+7 ?? 2002
67. Which is not the factor of 2004? 8
68. Usman, who is older than Ali by 1 year minus 1 day, was born on January 1, 2002. What is the date of Ali’s birth? 31 December 2002
69. If you cut a 1 meter cube into 1 decimeter cubes and put one on the other, what height this structure will have? 100m
70. There were 60 birds at three trees. In some moment 6 birds flew away from the first tree, 8 birds flew away from the second tree, and 4 birds flew away from the third tree. Then there were the same number of birds at each of the three trees. How many birds were there at the second tree at the beginning? 22
71. Iqra is 10 years old. Her mother Asma is 4 times as old. How old will Asma be when Iqra is twice as old as she is now? 50 years
72. The weekday after two days will be Thursday, what was the day before yesterday? Saturday
73. In a test I scored 1 out 5, now if I work hard and get full score in all the tests how many test will I have to take to make the average of 4 out of 5? 3
74. A boy has to read book containing 290 pages, he reads 4 pages everyday except for Sundays when he reads 25 pages, in how many days will he finish the book? 41
75. If the seven consecutive integers are written, sum of the smallest three integer is 33 what would be the sum of 3 largest integers?? 45
76. If 40% is the pass percentage, a student obtaining 40 marks has failed, how many are the total marks (I don’t remember the question exactly, if anyone does please let me know) 80 marks are passing marks, 200 total marks
Find the most near in meaning to the underlined:
77. Quaid e Azam detested injustice: abhored
78. Madam Qurie was completely engrossed in her work: absorbed
79. It is difficult to discern the sample that is on the side unless the microscope is adjusted.discriminate/distinguish
80. The agreement has been in effect for twenty years. treaty
Find the wrong part in the sentences:
81. He asked his servant what he has done to his watch. had not has
82. Writing instructions for computer is called Computer Programming. in not for
83. 12 dozens eggs dozen not dozens as it is an adjective here
84. Many a flower are born to blush unseen. flowers not flower
85. The sentence with ‘A space’ shouldn’t have the letter nly
86. Too much heat makes plants turning their leaves brown. turn not turning
87. Don’t blame…. with wasting your time. for not with
88. Islamic laws don’t discriminate in poor and rich. between not in
89. The perpetual motion of the earth as it turn on its axis creates the change of seasons. constant
90. Work is often measure in unit called foot pound. measured not measure
91. Labour day is always celebrated on first day in May. The Labour Day or Labours’ Day
92. Agreement=Treaty
93. a man sawed logs for firewood. He sawed one log at a time. At the end there were 72 logs with 53 cuts. How many logs were already present? 19
94..bridge on the river of length 120m,one quarter of the bridge is one land on right side,other quarter of bridge is on left side,what is the length of the bridge? 180m
95..rope of 20m cuts into two parts so that one part is 2/3rd of the other part,what will be the length of longer part?13.3

Important Mcqs Sample Paper For Public Service Commission One Paper Mcqs Type Exam