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Tag: Pak-Studies Mcqs for PSC Exams & Lecturer

Pak-Studies Mcqs for PSC Exams & Lecturer

Pak-Studies Mcqs For PSC Exams & Lecturer

01. Moplah`s contribution is that

a. They took part in Khilafat Movement
b. They went to Kerala to organize anti-British movement
c. They were Arab tribes on the Malabar shores who seized ships of East India company
d. They remained involved in a guerilla warfare with the British Government

02. Arya Samaj was founded in 1875

a. To protect the interest of India
b. To revive and reform Hindusium
c. To cooperate with the British Government
d. To be a social organization working for the good of the poor

03. In the election of 1945-46

a. In NWFP, the Muslim league got majority and won the Muslim seats
b. Muslim League formed ministry in NWFP with Dr. Khan Sahib as the Chief Minister
c. In Bengal Muslim League won 89 out of 110 Muslim seats and formed ministry with H.S. Suhrawardy as Chief Minister
d. None of the above

04. For what purpose Muslim League changed its manifesto in 1913 ?

a. Became hostile towards the British
b. Demanded self-government suitable for India
c. to remain aloof from Indian politics
d. To criticise and oppose the Hindu community

05. Who seconded the Pakistan Resolution from Punjab ?

a. Nawab Muhammad Ismail
b. Dr. Muhammad Alam
c. Abdul Hameed khan
d. Syed Zakir Ali

06. The kanpur Mosque episode took place in August 1913. Its result was

a. It made the Muslims feel ignored by the Indian Government
b. The Muslims were disappointed by the Hindu Press
c. They decided to leave India and migrate to neighbouring Muslim countries
d. It created political awakening among the Indian Muslims

07. On may 28, 1920, Khilafat Committee passed a resolution in support of Non-Cooperation Movement started by Mr. Ghandhi with the result

a. It created amity between Muslims and Hindus to work together to get their grievances redressed by the Government of India
b. It could not be activated due to Hindu – Muslim differences
c. The Congress opposed the movement
d. By and large the Muslim community did not want to get Hindu support

08. Indicated the main reason for the failure of Land Reforms in Pakistan

a. Landlords got stay order from courts
b. Landlords surrendered hilly lands
c. Landlords got favour from Consolidation Wing of Board of Revenue
d. Landlords tranferred land in the name of their family members

09. The Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam was founded in 1884, with the objective

a. It was for social gathering among Muslim of Punjab
b. To help Muslims to secure Government jobs
c. To encourage non-communabal approach to provincial problems
d. To defend Islam against the onslaughts of the missionaries and to provide western education along with religious instructions

10. Ex-state of “Amb” is famous for

a. Tidal Forests
b. Natural Forests
c. Artificial Forests
d. Beta Forests

Answers :

01. A , 02. B , 03. C , 04. A , 05. B
06. D , 07. A , 08. D , 09. D , 10. B

01. Sindh was conquered by Mohd bin Qasim during the _____ period

a. Umayyads
b. Abbasids
c. Tulun
d. Idrisids

02. Mohd bin Qasim was the nephew of __________

a. Sulayman bin Abdul Malik
b. Abdul Malik bin Marwan
c. Walid bin Abdul Malik
d. Hajjaj bin Yousaf

03. Raja Dahir was the ruler of ________

a. Lahore
b. Dehli
c. Sindh
d. Depalpur

04. Debul and Alor are the names of _______

a. Places of Ancient Sindh
b. Old Gardens of Sindh
c. Ancient bulding
d. None of them

05. Who was Sisakar ?

a. Wazir of Hajjij bin Yousaf
b. Wazir of Mohd bin Qasim
c. Wazir of Raja Dahir
d. None of the above

06. Mohd bin Qasim tortured to death in a prison in Iraq during the caliphate of ___________

a. Sulaiman
b. Walid
c. Yazid
d. None of them

07. In 133 A.H / 750 A.D. the Abbasids overthrew the __________

a. Safvids
b. Mughals
c. Umayyads
d. Meds

08. The Abbasids Governor ______ came to Sindh in 140 A.H. / 757 A.D.

a. Hisham
b. Walid
c. Musa
d. Yasir

09. In 367 A.H / 777 A.D , Subuktigin , a Turkish slave became the master of __________

a. Lahore
b. Multan
c. Depalpur
d. Ghazni

10. Mahmood`s first important battle was fought against ______ near Peshawar in 8 Muharram 392 A.H 25 November 1001 A.D.

a. Jaipal
b. Sukhpal
c. Anandpal
d. None of them

11. Abu-al-Fath Daud was the Ismail ruler of __________

a. Lahore
b. Multan
c. Sindh
d. Depalpur

12. Mahmood set out on the expedition to Somnath on 17 october _______

a. 1023 A.D
b. 1024 A.D
c. 1025 A.D
d. 1026 A.D

13. Mahmood breathed his last sigh on 30 April ______

a. 1024 A.D
b. 1026 A.D
c. 1028 A.D
d. 1030 A.D

14. In ______ A.D the first battle of Traain was fought between Mohd Gauri and Rajputs under the command of Govind Rai brother of Prithvi Raj, Mohd Gauri defeated in this battle.

a. 1189
b. 1190
c. 1191
d. 1192

15. In _____ A.D the second battle of Train was fought and Rajput defeated in this battle.

a. 1190
b. 1191
c. 1192
d. 1193

Answers :

01. A , 02. D , 03. C , 04. A , 05. C
06. A , 07. C , 08. A , 09. D , 10. A
11. B , 12. B , 13. D , 14. C , 15. C

Pak-Studies Mcqs For PSC Exams & Lecturer