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Tag: PSC Sample Paper for The Post One Paper Mcqs

PSC Sample Paper for The Post One Paper Mcqs

PSC Sample Paper For The Post One Paper Mcqs

1-What is age of SUN ?
a)- 4.6 Billion Years b)- 4.9 billion years c)-4.10 billion years d.4.8 billion years
2-Time Taken by Sunlight to reach earth?
a) 5min. and 15.4 sec. b)- 8 min. and 16.6 sec. c)-7 min. and 14 sec.
3-Great white way ?
a)-Broadway (New York) b)- New Zealand c)- Kent d)- Korea
4-Tapaimukh Dam issue is between countries ?
a. pak and India b.india and Bangladesh c. sirilanka and India c. India and china.
5-clash civilization is written by:
a. jane austen. b. leo Tolstoy c. john cerry. d.samuel Huntington.
6-Ringitt is is the currency of ?
a.Iraq b. iran c. Malaysia d.kinya .
7-Arab league established in ?
a. 20 march 1940 b-13 jan 1947 c.22 march 1945 d.23 march 1947.
8-Mao Movement is connected with ?
a. Malaysia b.Naxalites c.Assam d.mongolia.
9-Obama is US “s ———-President ?
A.55th b.47th c.39th d.44th .
10-Baitullah mehsud killed on ?
a.2 aug 2009 b.4july 2009 c.june 6 2009 d.5 august 2009.
11-Mother in law of obama is ?
a.sari nan b.marian Robinson c.sheva sate. d. reni botar
12-fifa president is?
a.john stofy b. blatter stami c.joseph sepp blatter. d. poldy vakker.
13-when karry lugar bill was passed ?
a.oct 10,2009 b.august 2009 c.july 15 2009 d.sep 24 2009.
14-A Book of 2008” A way of hope and extremism by ?
a.sameena jalal b.aysha jalal c.navena saqid d. afia adil.
15-Balck forest is a mountain range in ?
a.South korea . b.Russia c.pakistan d.germany.
16-Bill gates belong to ?
a.programing b. software .
17-protein absorbed by ?
a.neck b.tongue c.stomach d.liver.
18-the Olympic games will be held in 2012 ?
a. japan. b. usa c.china
19-continent largest ?
a.Afirca b.Australia c.Europe d.Asia.
20-who is 3rd governor genral of Pakistan ?
a-Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry b.Iskandar mirza c.Ghulam Muhammad d.Ghulam Ishaq khan.
21-who is Pakistan,s 8 th president ?
Muhammad Mian somro b.Muhammad Rafiq tarar c.waseem sajad d.Ghulam Ishaq khan
22-what was the name Quaid,s first wife ?
a.pami bai b.manabai c. emibai d.satibai
23-first constitution of Pakistan was made in ?
a. 16 feb 1959 b.12 march 1953 c23 March 1956 d.14 june 1950.
24-The renowned another of the spirit of islam and a short history of the Saracens was :
a.shiblee b.nawab mohsin c.sayed ameer ali d.sir aga khan.
25-The first issue of moualana abul kalam azads ‘AL hilal’ came out on 13 july ?
a.1912 b.1913 c.1914 d.1915
26-which are the aligned year in Pakistan‘s foreign policy ?
a.1963-1972 b.1954-1962 c.1947-1953 d.1972-1984
27-the hasni tribe is settled in ?
a.southren NWFP b.westren balochistan c.central sindh d.none of these.
28-In conection with land reforms the Punjab tenancy act was passed in?
a.1877 b.1887 c.1897 d.none of these
29-kalabag iron deposits are largest in Pakistan with an estimated reserve of ?
a.309 million ton b.509 million ton c.709 million ton d.none of these
30-The “millat and menace of indianism” is written by?
a.Muhammad Ali Rehmat ali c.shoukat ali d.allama iqbal
31-The lacknow pact was conceived by?
a.Lord chemsford b.john simon c.edward cadogan d.none of these.
32-On 7th August ,Muhammad Ali Jinnah left India for the last time and flew to:
a.Quetta b.Lahore c.Karachi d.Peshawar
33-Sir sikandar hayat khan was leader of ?
a.Muslim league b.unionist party c.congress d.non of these
34-The Pakistan forest institute, a national organization was established in ?
a.1947 b.1957 c.1967 d. 1977
35-junagadh was a small maritime sate and had an area of ?
a.4500sq km b.9000sq km c.10000sq km d.12000sq km
36-Recent earthquake of October,2005 was result of ?
a.Volcanic b.tectonic dislocation c.severe flooding d.None of these
37-Who has written the book entitled “The making of pakistan”
a.Qurashi I.H. b.Ch Muhammad Ali c.Waheed-uz-Zaman d.K.K.Aziz
38-pakistan’s ideology is based on the ideals of ?
a. Democracy b.Theocracy c.Islam d. None of these
39-The demand of separate electorate for Indian Muslims was first
accepted in the act of ?
a.1909 b.1919 c.1929 d.1935
40-Ch Rehmat Ali, the architect of the name of Pakistan,died on?
a.feb 2,1951 b.feb 12,1951 c.feb 22,1951 d.None of these
41-Hazrat Ali (R.A) ny Hazrat Abu bakr (R.A) ki bait kab ki ?
a.bait khasa waly din b.bait ama waly din c.bait ama sy 6 din bad d.Hazart Fatima (R.A) ki death kay bad.
42-shaibe abi talab mai Hazarat Mohammad (S.A.W) aor AP (S.A.W) kay sahabi kinty arsa tak mahasra mai rhay?
a.1 year b.2 year c.3 year d.4 year
43-Us awaleen sahabi ka name btaen jin ko AP (S.AW.) ka habib kaha jata hai.?
a.Hazrat Zaid b.Hazrat umar c.hazrat usman d.Hazrat Abu bakar
44-Haj kay doran kitny Khutby hoty hain?
a.2 b.3 c.4 d.5
45-Zakat on Silver ?
a.51 ½ tola b.52 ½ c. 54 ½ d. 56 ½
46-Kalima Tayyaiba is mentioned in Quran?
A.4 time b.5time c.6 time d.2 time
47-Hazrat Khalid Bin Saeed, the first writer of?
a.Quran b.Hadees c.Wahi d. Aqwal
48-City of mentioned in Holy Quran.?
a.sham b.makkah c.kufa d. Rome
49- Siparas starts with Bismillah.?
a.5 b.7 c.8 d.9
50- Ghazawahs described in Holy Quran?
a.5 b.9 c.11 d.12
51-Who is the first Hafiz of the Holy Quran?
a. Hazrat Hamza. B.Hazarat abu baker c.Hazrat usman d.Hazrat Ali
52- last surah of Quran ?
a.Yaseen b. Al-Nass c. Al- Kausar d. Al-Baqrah
53-Surah Fatiha contains —————aayats.
a.5 b.6 c.7 d. 8
54-The major part of Quran is revealed at ?
a.morning time time c.evening time d.night time
56-First complete Madni Surah is ? b.Rehman c.Baqarah .
57- Jehad was allowed in?
a.1st hijrah b. 2nd hijrah c.3rd hijrah d. 8 hijrah
58-Qibla changed in ?
a.10 nabvi b 1st hijrah c. 2nd hijrah d.9 nabvi
59- Imam Bukhari died In ?
a.232 b.244 c.252 d.256
60-Shab-e-Barat is celebrated on the ——– night of Shuban?
a.10 b.12th c.14th d.15th
61-Osama Bin Laden: Date of Death?
a.1 may 2011 b.2nd may 2011 c.3rd may 2011 d.4th may 2011
62-Jacob Zuma won elections in?
a-South korea b-South America c. South Africa d. Muammar
63-G-20 Summit was held at Pittsburg, USA in Sep ?
a.2005 b.2007 c.2009 d.2010
64- India will hold the Common Wealth Games in ?
a.2007 b.2008 c.2009 d.2010
65-Timeline of withdrawal of forces from Iraq by Obama…?
a.2009 b.2010 c.2011 d.2012
66-urdu mein nazam ka bani?
a.wali dakni b.Nazir akbar abadi c.akhar rayaz
67-urdu mein maktoob naveesi ka aghaz kis nay kiya ?
a.sir sayed ahmad khan b.shah wali c.ghalib
68-safer dar safer ka writer kon hai?
a.Bano qudsya b.faiz c. ashfaq ahmad
69-baap ka ghuna kis na likhi ?
a.hakeem shuja b.ahmad fraz c.qateel shifai
70-indlas main ajnabi,khana badosh ka writer kon hai ?
a.javed ahmad b.imtiaz ali taj c.mustansar hussain tarar
71-Mirza Qutub ud din Aibak nazm_____ ka juzv hai.
a.Israre khudi b.hali kay khatut c. Shahnama Islam
72.———-1911 mein Sialkot mein paida hue aur lahore mein wafat payi.
a.faiz ahmad faiz b. ashfaq ahmad c.qateel shifai
73-Khakim ba’dehan mein khaakon ki tadaad?
a.4 b.6 c.8 d.10
74-chand ham aser mash’hoor adeebon k____hain?
a.Misry b.shair c. khaakay
75-Mushtaq Ahmad yousafi ki tanz o mizaah ki____kutab hain?
a.2 b.3 c.5
76-barology ? of gravitation b. study of glands c. study of life.
77-Anemometer records?
a. altitudes b. velocity of wind c. humidity.
78-measures viscosity of liquids by?
a. Viscometer b.Pyrometer c.Dasymeter
79-1 horse power is equal to ?
a.740.7waats b.742.7waats c.745.7 watts
80-Unit of magnetic flux is Weber?
a. Tesla b. Becquerel c.Farad
81-Unit of electromotive force in ?
a. Watts b.unit c. Volt.
82-Sunlight is composed of ——–colours?
a.five b. six
83-Optical fibers work on polarization of electromagnetic?
a. waves b. waves c. energy
84-Weight of proton = 1.66 x 10 power ?
a. -20 b. -27 kg c. -31 kg
85- One million cycles per second is called?
a. carat b. m/s c. Megahertz.
86-NTP stand for ?
a.non time permanent b.not time pick c.normal temperature pressure
87-BTU stand for?
a.basic time unit b. base tempal unit c.british thermal unit
88-chose the correct speling ?
a.Ingenuous b. Concientiousnes. C. Honearey.
89-Akhtar was broken ——–from his old friend?
a.with b.of c.away.
90-Cajole ? aynonyms
a.warm b.doubtful c.lure
91-If 12 years are added to 2/3 age of Rani ,she will be 3 years older then today.what is rani,s present age?
a.25 b.27 c.29
92-wich number will come next.
a.26 b. 28 c.32
93-insert the missing numbers?
5 ? 14 10 9 7
a.18 b.16 c.12
94-The number , whose 7% of is 21 ,is?
a.500 b.400 c.300
95-10 men can construct a building in 40 days .how long will it take 20 man to do this work ?
a.20days b.30 days c.40 days.
96-what is the capital of the country Barbados ?
a.Lisban b.Bridgetown c.Georgetown
97-what is the currency Belgium ?
A.dollar b.Ruble c.belgian franc
98-what is the name of sayria’s news agency ?
99-New Zealand discovered in ?
a.1436 b.1645 c.1642
100-There are how many muscles in human body ?
a.600 b.580 c.680

PSC Sample Paper For The Post One Paper Mcqs