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General Knowledge for Public Service Exams

General Knowledge For Public Service Exams

Which sport is called “the sport of kings”?
• Horse racing
• If you are celebrating your diamond anniversary, how many years have you been married?
• 60
• In which year was the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima?
• 1945
• What is the world’s largest bird?
• The ostrich
• Are there more men or more women in the world?
• Men

• If you suffer from xenophobia, what are you afraid of?
• Foreigners
• Which language in the world has the most native speakers?
• Mandarin Chinese
• What is the most common element on Earth?
• Hydrogen
• Which nation gave women the right to vote first?
• New Zealand
• In what year did the Berlin Wall come down?
• 1989

• What is the capital of Venezuela?
• Caracas
• Which 3 countries does Luxembourg have borders with?
• Belgium, France and Germany
• How many sides does a heptagon have?
• 7
• Which is larger: the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean?
• The Pacific (is twice as large)
• What do the letters FBI stand for?
• Federal Bureau of Investigation
• What is the largest man made structure on Earth?
• The Great Wall of China
• What is the capital city of New Zealand?
• Wellington
• What year was John F Kennedy shot?
• 1963
• In Islamic law, how many wives is a man allowed to have?
• 4
• What is the capital of the Philippines?
• Manila
• In what year was Nelson Mandela released from prison?
• 1991
• Riga is the capital of which country?
• Latvia
• What do the letters IBM stand for?
• International Business Machines
• If you are celebrating your Silver Anniversary, how many years have you been married ?
• 25
• Which travels faster: light or sound waves?
• Light
• What is 55 in Roman Numerals ?
• LV
• What color do you get by mixing blue and yellow?
• Green
• What is the capital of Switzerland?
• Berne
• Name 3 US States that start with the letter I.
• Illinois, Indiana, Idaho, Iowa
• What animal is the symbol of the World Wildlife Fund ?
• Panda
• How many zeros are there in a trillion ?
• 12
• What colour are the 5 Olympic rings ?
• Black, blue, red, green, yellow
• What number do the Roman numerals CD represent ?
• 400
• What is the capital of Columbia ?
• Bogota
• How many squares are there on a chess board?
• 64
• What colour are a baby’s eyes at birth ?
• Blue
• In which year did man first land on the moon?
• 1969
• Which planet is the fifth from the sun?
• Jupiter
• What is 40% of 40 ?
• 16
• What is the capital of Peru ?
• Lima
• What do the letters BBC stand for?
• British Broadcasting Corporation
• In which year did the Channel Tunnel open ?
• 1994
• What is the legal drinking age in the USA?
• 21
• How many men have walked on the moon?
• 12
• From which country does Nokia, the mobile phone company, originate?
• Finland
• What is the capital of Turkey?
• Ankara
• Which is heavier, gold or silver?
• Gold
• How many legs does a butterfly have?
• 6
• Which is the biggest state in the U.S.A.?
• Alaska
• What is the capital city of Norway?
• Oslo

General Knowledge For Public Service Exams

MCqs For CSS & Public Service Exams

MCqs For CSS & Public Service Exams

1) the silsilah chishtiyah was founded in sub continent by whom?A) kh. Bahaud din naqshbandi
b) kh muinud din ajmeri
c) sh. Bahaud din zakria
d) none of these

2) when shah waliullah died?

A) 1162
b) 1762
c) 1862
d) none of these

3) who was appointed the first principal of darul ulum deoband?

A) maulana mamluk ali
b) haji muhammad abid
c) maulana muhammad qasim
d) none of these

4) who floated the idea of establishment of anjuman-e-hamiat-e-islam?

A) maulana shibli
b) kh. Hamid ud din
c) munshi charag din
d) none of these

5) all india national congress was established by a british civil servant in 1885. Name the officer

a) madan mohan
b) lord dufferin
c) a.o hume
d) none of these

6) viceroy lord curzon divided the bengal in east and west on:

A) 19th may 1905
b) 19th june 1905
c) 19th july 1905
d) none of these

7) which year proved the turning point of the muslim destiny in the history of india?

A) 1905
b) 1906
c) 1907
d) none of these

8) where the annual sessions of national congress and muslim league were held

A) dehli
b) bombay
c) lucknow
d) none of these

9) who was the author of emergence of pakistan?

A) i.h quureshi
b) waheed-ud-zaman
c) muhammad ali ch.
d) none of these

10) when sir stafford cripps announced his farmula to seek the co-operation between
the national congress and muslim league?

A) march 30,1940
b) march 30,1942
c) march 30,1944
d) none of these

11) when the simla conference under the presidentship of lord wavell was ended?

A) june 14, 1945
b) july 14, 1945
c) august 14, 1945
d) none of these

12) by whom the farmula of 3rd june 1947 to divide india was announced?

A) lord atllee
b) lord wovell
c) lord mount batten
d) none of these

13) who was the first president of consituent assembly of pakistan?

a) quaid-e-azam
b) liaquat ali khan
c) sikandar mirza
d) none of these

14) under whom leadership the consituent of 1956 was passed?

A) liaquat ali khan
b) ch. Muhammad ali
c) sikandar mirza
d) none of these

15) when the consituent of 1973 was proclaimed?

A) april 12, 1972
b) march 23, 1973
c) august 14, 1973
d) none of these

16) when indus water treaty was signed between india and pakistan?

a) 1960
b) 1962
c) 1969
d) none of these

17) in which constitution the presidential and parliamentary systen at centre and provinces were adopted respectively?

a) 1956
b) 1962
c) 1972
d) 1973

18) when was the 18th ammendment bill passed by national assembly?

A) april 12, 2010
b) march 12, 2010
c) may 12, 2010
d) none of these (8th april 2010)

19) how much amount was allocated for the agriculture sector in the 7th five year plan?

A) rs.13600 million
b) rs.14600 million
c) rs.15600 million
d) none of these

20) which pass connects para channa and kohat with afganistan?

A) khyber pass
b) kurram pass
c) gomal pass
d) none of these

MCqs For CSS & Public Service Exams