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Social Security Officer Mcqs Past Paper

Social Security Officer Mcqs Past Paper


1. Battle of Plessey fought in?

2. Quaid-e-Azam resigned from Congress in?

3. Quaid-e-Azam joined Muslim League in?

4. Why Quaid-e-Azam asked for direct action day?

5. Founding Objective of Muslim League was?

6. Arya Samaaj was founded in?

7. Pakistan became UNO member in?

8. Who is foreign Minister of Pakistan?

9. Shortest period of Governor General in Pakistan was of?

10. Name of Governor General after Nazim-ud-Din?

11. Boundary line b/w Pakistan and Afghanistan called?

12. Which country is in East of Pakistan?

13. Founder of Muhammadan educational conference in 1881?

14. Who was viceroy at time of partition of Bengal?

15. First Constitution of Pakistan was made in?

16. Highest civil award of Pakistan?

17. Anjuman-i-Hamayat-i-islam was established in ?

18. Liquat Nehru Pact?

19. Mohenjo-Daro located in?

20 (a) Punjab (b) Sindh (c) Balochstan (d)NWFP

21. Fourteen Points was presented by Jinah in?

22. Who was chairman of the Indo-Pakistan Boundary Commission?

23. National Flower of Pakistan?

24. National Animal of Pakistan?


25. Gorbachev was the president of which country?

26. UNO formed in?

27. Longest river of world?

28. Largest Desert of world?

29. Largest island of world?

30. Largest ocean of world?

31. Capital of Argentina?

32. Capital of Australia?

33. Nairobi is Capital of?

34. Currency of Indonesia?

35. Riyal is currency of?

36. CPU is abbreviation of?

37. UK stands for?

38. NATO stands for?

39. ATM stands for?

40. Who wrote “Hayat javeed”?

41. Who wrote “Hamlet”?

42. Who wrote “Paradise Lost”?

43. Who is writer of “Old man and the Sea”?

44. Shakespear was a Writer of which Century?

45. Who led Pakistani Cricket Team in World Cup 2011?

46. Old name of Myanmar?

47. Spain literally mean?

48. (a) Rabbit (b) lion (c) lord (d)

49. Lioner Messi is a famous player of?

50. Pakistan lies of the tropic zone of?

(a) South (b) West (c) East (d) North

51. When Barack H. Obama was awarded with Noble Prize for peace?

52. Cusec is unit of?

53. Light Year is unit of?

54. Who presented Law of Falling Bodies?

55. One Horse Power is equal to ___ watts?

56. Cathay Pacific is an airline of?

57. Which city lies in two continents?

58. Which city is called city of canals?

59. Only country within country?

60. Boxing day is observed on?

61. How many Bones are in a human body?



62. Entice

63. Mettle

64. Microcosm

65. Absurd

66. Modicum


67. imperious

68. Luxuriant

69. Memorable

70. Impose



72. Concious

73. Comply

74. Conferred

75. Deaf

76. Daily exercise is beneficial _________ health.

(Correct the spellings)

77. (a) Schedule (b)

78. Schzar

79. We _______ watting for two hours.

(a) have been (b) was (c) had (d)

80. We __________ them yesterday.

(a) will meat

81. see that ________ come in meeting.


82. In beliver of mother, who is called “Umm-ul-Miskeen”?

83. In beliver of mother, who is called “Tahirah”?

84. Who was called Sword of Allah?

85. Who built the kaaba for the first time?

86. How old was Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) when his mother died?

87. What is the name of the first mosque of Islam?

88. Which is the first Surah of Quran?

89. Total number of Chapters and verses in Quran?

90. How many Makki Surahs are there in Qur’an?

91. How many sons Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S) had other than Hazrat yousaf (A.S)?

92. Which important event mentioned in the quran occured one year before hijrah in makkah?

93. How many prophets are mentain in Holu Quran?

94. Name of the sixth Kalimah?

95. Who was the commander of the infidels in Battle of Uhad?

96. The famous book of Fiqh ” Kitab-ul-Kharaj” was written by?

97. When the truce of Hudaibiya took place?

98. How many Asma-Al-Husna in last two verse of sura ” Al-Hashe”?

99. Ayat of Quran confirm the Islam Religion is a complete religion?

100. Important event occur in 2 hjiri in ramzan?

Social Security Officer Mcqs Past Paper